2019-5-23 Resource Access Meeting Notes



Andrea Loigman

Regina Frindt

Kimie Kester

Schwill, Carsten

Cheryl Malmborg

Katharina Haas

Emma Boettcher

Kai Sprenger

sthomas (Deactivated)

Sharon Wiles-Young

Cate Boerema (Deactivated)

Joanne Leary

David Bottorff

Angela Zoss (Old)

David Larsen

Discussion Items

  • Reminder - no meeting on Monday 5/27
  • Will we have a quorum for 5/30?  (I understand this is a national holiday in Germany and a religious holiday for some folks elsewhere).
20minReportsUpdate and questions on current state of reporting

SIG members are better aware of how reporting is being developed and have a process for further input

20minCirc rulessthomas (Deactivated)Location in circ rules con't.Review wireframes for Location-related menus in the Circ Rules Editor. Seeking agreement/feedback. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1KHUbTZcrqZeFNHoyI6l1zL_sMFSSnayT/view?usp=sharing
15minPermissionsUpdate on permissions functionality, con't.Update RA SIG on current situation for permissions and determine next steps for POs


Meeting Outcomes

Functional Area

Product Owner

Planned Release (if known)

Decision Reached


e.g. loans, fees/finesNamee.g. Q4 2018, Q1 2019Clearly stated decision
  • Other use cases identified for teams:
    • Workflows (e.g. patrons submit tickets and they are moved to a given team)
    • Teams might be able to solve difficult privacy issues. We have several institutions where personnel works "across" libraries...
  • Other permission features requested:
    • Ability to see which users are associated with a given permission set so you can quickly look at who's in what and move student workers out of the permission set when they have graduated, for example  UXPROD-1744 - Getting issue details... STATUS
    • "View all settings" permission that allows user to view (every) settings page but not edit


May 27 will be cancelled, May 30 will be cancelled unless we hear otherwise (up to Emma Boetcher)

Angela Zoss assessment team at Duke and reporting SIG
update on reporting SIG

  • Reporting SIG master spreadsheet - all current entries have been transferred to JIRA

  • Master spreadsheet now frozen and new reports being added directly to JIRA

  • REP is for all reporting tickets, tags are also helpful to filter, functional area for Resource Access as well

  • happy to keep collecting reports

  • work is now transitioning to create prototype reports using the data warehouse

  • data warehouse is under development in parallel with FOLIO, relational database, starting with high priority reports in JIRA

  • locating and identifying data elements, once mapped out, pushed to developers

  • developers build structures into data warehouse, postResql dB

  • only including data elements that are needed and don't retain info that isn't useful, good privacy practice, but intention is to eventually have pretty much everything in the LDP (Library Data Platform)

  • developers build test data to run and test reports

  • protyping group build SQL queries to retrieve data that users would want - stored in github for now

  • benefit of SQL and reSQL is a variety of tools are possible to use, including MSAccess, etc.

  • API documentation: https://dev.folio.org/reference/api/

  • finding gaps, such as renewals, where it's not possible to run the report based on data being stored

  • hard coding essential reports with explicit SQL query

  • right now copy and paste SQL from github into whatever you use and then rely on SQL guru

  • first line of defense to reach out to the person who built SQL query

  • Reporting SIG potential discussion of building a reporting interface

  • documentation as to how to connect MSAccess, tablaeu, etc. and other tools to the LDP

  • long term would love to see one or more instituations to go all in on open source tool to build reports

  • DWB has serious concerns about assumption that LDP will be a snapshot overnight with 12-24 hours behind, eventually to be able to push that out more frequently

  • dependent on a streaming messaging service that got pushed back in development/tabled

  • folio apps won't necessarily retain a full history of all record changes, whereas the LDP should (except when decisions are made for privacy purposes)

  • Andrea believes we are missing a number of vital reports, such as fines and fees stuff, show me all people who are blocked for x, y, or z and we need to review as a SIG

  • Are all in app reports included in the master spreadsheet, given that they require live data?

  • label "appreport" lets you look for in app reports in jira

  • Carsten - data aggregation layers?

  • LDP is supposed to be fairly performant but data aggregation may well be helpful to optimize and developer may have it on his radar

Cate re teams and permissions

  • teams and permissions-could you lock down things like bills owned by law library by team rather than specific permissions

    • or ability to update particular fields

    • Andrea feels may not be worth the overhead of maintaining the lists

    • workflow app could also be included, such as which teams could edit workflows, etc.

    • will start with Acquisitions

    • users will be able to be assigned to multiple teams

    • need ability to view who is on what team, who all has been given a particular permission set, and ability to remove them or add them - Cate will add this to the backlog

    • Carsten-Teams might be able to solve difficult privacy issues. We have several institutions where personell works "across" libraries...

  • basic CRUD permissions are there

    • several apps we have granular permissions (like Users)

    • several apps have all-or-nothing permissions and will need to be broken down into more granular permissions

    • you can assign specific permissions or create permission sets and assign them

    • user interface is not good, stories in place to refine and improve interface

  • what do we still need?

    • lots of action-based permissions including overrides, canceling requests, etc.

    • blocked on the architecture of how to achieve this, FOLIO does not support it yet so we need that functionality in place

    • teams

    • field restrictions such as within the user record

    • permissions within settings to let users view settings but not edit any of them

    • DWB all settings view and all settings edit would be ok

    • Andrea all settings edit would not be acceptable to technical services staff at Duke

Sean re locations and circ rules

  • needs a little time to discuss possible inconsistencies in presentation of location data attributes in circ rules

  • by and large you would expect to use codes when building circ rules, but maybe names also need to appear at the location level

  • does name/code vs code/name matter since they are reversed on circ rules vs item record

  • type-ahead works for both code and label

  • there is now a multi-select in circ rules is useful and then you need a "done" button

  • Cheryl-what does the "set location anchor" do? It lets you set a circ policy for multiple locations regardless of above hierarchy (so you can set something for microforms across all locations or set the anchor to lock it within the hierarchy

  • leave location details to a later discussion in the build