2019-11-18 Resource Access Meeting Notes



Discussion Items

5minHousekeeping Andrea Loigman
20minItemsEmma BoettcherLoans and deleted itemsDetermine behavior when item in a (closed) loan has been deleted
30minLostHolly MistlebauerAged to lostAnswers to open questions related to Aged to Lost--need to make sure the process will work correctly for those implementing in 2020.

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LoansEmma Boettcher
Retain title and barcode on loan details when item is deleted; effective location is a nice-to-have, but the goal would be to have enough information to prevent the page from crashing & to give the user enough information to query the LDPper Nassib, item record deletion will not propagate to the LDP


Emma Boettcher- Discussion of loans and deleted items

  • Need to determine what happens when an item is deleted on a closed requests.
  • What information should be retained for a closed loan? Should consider fines/fees, whether patron has paid bill, need to collect/run statistics.
  • Question asked if records are being deleted on a large scale and the need to run reports.
  • Discussion of the effect on data being exported.  Making procedures for deleting closed requests consistent with procedures for LDP- retaining information on deleted items on closed requrests.  
  • Keep barcode, title and possibly shelving location (should be the effective location) on deleted closed requests. 

Holly Mistlebauer - Discussion of aged to lost items

  • Reviewed each field under "Lost Item Fee Policy." 
  • Discussed process of determining which loan items should be marked as aged to lost. There are three settings that impact what happens next. 
    1. Patron billed after aged to lost: Should the patron be billed now or just notified now? There will be an interval provided.
    2. Charge lost item processing fee if item age to lost by system: Should patron be charged the lost item processing fee?
    3. Charge amount for item: Should actual cost be charged or is a default cost provided?
  • Discussed steps that will take place when billing is done later.  After item has aged to lost, then patron is billed.
    1. Need to consider claims returned status at this point. 
    2. Patron will not be billed until after interval passes. 
    3. Is the report for aged to lost items manually triggered? Some libraries do bill manually on actual cost and others do not. 
    4. Aged to lost status is based on set calendar dates but billing is not. 
    5. Question asked if a date should be set for billing. 
  • Discussed steps taken when billing happens immediately
  • Discussed fee/fine action records
    1. Creating fine/fee record for Lost item fee
    2. Creating fee/fine record for Lost item processing fee
  • Holly had one important question to ask the group that will be discussed at the next meeting as time ran out for a full discussion.
    1. What does the item status become when the items is aged to lost? We originally discussed setting the status to "lost by patron" if billing was delayed and "billed as lost" when lost item was billed.