2019-12-9 Resource Access Meeting Notes



Discussion Items

5minHousekeeping Andrea Loigman
10minRequests / Item statesRequest blocked based on item statusDecide behavior when request cannot be placed because of item status
15minClaim returned
Decide which types of requests, if any, to allow for claim returned items
10minStatus historyEmma Boettcher
Explain split feature to group, ask to evaluate whether both parts are cap-mvp. Deadline Wednesday.
5minHRIDsAndrea Loigman
Advise MM SIG of a preference for number of characters
5minMaterial typeAndrea Loigman

Should material type be a required element?  UXPROD-2178 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Meeting Outcomes

Functional Area

Product Owner

Planned Release (if known)

Decision Reached


Loans, RequestsEmma Boettcher
Do not allow requests of any type on items with the status claim returned
RequestsCate Boerema (Deactivated)
Approval of modal that displays when no requests of any type can be created on an item.

presented by Emma Boettcher; wireframes attached

Notes (please feel free to add what I missed)

  1. Request / Item states
    1. preventing request for certain items: does the pop-up "Item cannot be requested" work for everone? (Yes)
      1. Question Elizabeth Chenette: Notification for Parton? (Emma: Yes)
    2. Andrea: the request button is at a strange position and the name of it is not intuitive enough (maybe Cate Boerema (Deactivated) can have a look at it?)
  2. Claimed Returned
    1. Cancel Requests automatically, if they are on status claimed returned? (No)
  3. Status history
    1. UXPROD-283 split up into UXPROD-2175 and UXPROD-2181
    2. Emma asks the group to upgrade the rankings on the split Jira entries
  4. HRIDs
    1. MM wanted to put max 8 digits for HRIDs
    2. Rather more than less
    3. only numeric characters are counted
    4. we should go with the largest number of digits
  5. Marterial type
    1. UXPROD-2178 - Getting issue details... STATUS
    2. how does the material ty affect our loan rules?
      1. in MM it is not a required field
      2. Cherly and Andrea will have a talk about this further and will come back to the group