2019-8-19 Resource Access Meeting Notes



Discussion Items

5 minHousekeepingAndrea Loigman
20minFines/feesReview more overdue fine examples
  • Final confirmation of how overdue fines should be calculated so user story can be written.
  • Discussion:  Reviewed several examples of how late fees would be calculated, including scenarios where long-term loans accrue/don't accrue fines (certain number of days late, with or without grace period, when max fine is reached, in case of recall and recall rate is defined) and scenarios where short-term (3 day or "72 hour") loans accrue hourly fines (with or without grace period)
  • HOMEWORK:  Holly will provide worksheet to group, please provide 1 overdue fine example by Thursday, 8/22
20minLost/missingEmma BoettcherStatuses for lost/missing

Decide which statuses need to be distinct and which do not

  • General consensus that distinct statuses are necessary for:
    • Patron reports they lost item (reported lost)
    • Item is grossly overdue (aged to lost)
    • Patron has paid for item (if returned, refund may be necessary; may trigger acquisitions process)
    • Item is not on the shelf (missing, want to refer patron to ILL or other)
    • Item is not on the shelf and thoroughly searched (missing, may want to suppress or trigger acquisitions process)
  • Will revisit this topic for final wrap-up
15minAnonymizationEmma BoettcherAnonymization and notices

Decide which failure is more acceptable: delaying anonymization because a notice hasn't been sent, or anonymizing and being unable to send a notice

  • Of institutions that do provide routine check-in receipt, first option is preferable
  • Other institutions are currently providing check-in receipt on-demand via screenshot, also find first option preferable
  • Current go-live functionality:  email check-in receipt will be sent when session ends (to capture all items in one email, rather than send multiple emails)

Meeting Outcomes

Functional Area

Product Owner

Planned Release (if known)

Decision Reached


Wait until check in receipts are sent until anonymizing loans
LoansEmma Boettcher
Maintain separate statuses for patron reports they lost the item, item aged to lost, patron paid for item, item is missing, and item missing and thoroughly searched. Last two statuses were discussed toward end; will ask follow-up questions Thursday