2019-8-12 Resource Access Meeting Notes



Discussion Items

5 minHousekeepingAndrea Loigman
  • Notetaker - Kelly Drake
  • We’re going to be joined by some folks from MM on either 8/15 or 8/19 to talk about what we need for ‘bound withs’.  You may want to take a look at UXPROD-1241, UXPROD-1856 or even UX-172.
  • No meeting September 2nd (U.S. Holiday)
30minFines/feesDiscuss calculation of overdue fines

Confirmation that PO knows how to calculate overdue fines and can document the process for the devs.

Rolling or Fixed Profiles are slightly different, but due date in both will be used to calculate due date. 

The Grace Period can be specified with a number plus (minutes/hours/days/weeks/).   If a grace period is specified then overdues fines will not be calculated until after. 

Reviewed Fine Policy options

Overdue fines calculation needs the following inputs

  • Library calendar
  • Loan - due date including time
  • Return date - including time
  • Recall date - including time
  • Grace policy (if applicable)
  • Overdue fine policy - and all the specified parameters and fees

Long term loans are due at the end of the day.

Short term loans are due at the end of the hour, or specified interval. 

Do libraries need to forgive fines for renewals or do they calculate a fine amount at renewal?

  • Chicago - not an issue. As long as the item has not aged to lost there are no fines.

Holly then reviewed several overdue fine calculation examples.  

  • Questions regarding whether or not library closed hours can/should be included in the grace period for recalls. 
    • For MVP - grace period option to count closed days is bundled with option count closed days option for calculation of overdue fines. (uses or not uses the library calendar). 
    • Future release to separate out the two options.

Question regarding Recall Fee vs Overdue Fee.  

  • Does the Recall due date overwrite the original due date? (if so then overdue fee might not be calculated)
  • This seems to be a greater issue - which takes precedent; recall fee or overdue fee?  Or do some libraries charge both?

Meeting Outcomes

Functional Area

Product Owner

Planned Release (if known)

Decision Reached