2019-9-26 Resource Access Meeting Notes



Discussion Items

5minHousekeeping and announcementsAndrea Loigman
20minRequestsRequests on new statusesFill out request type matrix for statuses claim returned, declared lost, withdrawn, long missing, lost and paid, withdrawn
20minClaim returned/lostEmma BoettcherClaim returned and declared lost: allowed actionsConfirm prevent/allow/allow through override response for loans actions like change due date
15minItem displayCate Boerema (Deactivated)Call number in item displayGet RA input on call number in item display 

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LoansEmma Boettcher
Prevent change due date for declared lost, aged to lost, and claim returned. Prevent renewal for claim returned; allow renewal with override for aged to lost and declared lost

It shouldn't be possible to request items with these states:

  • Declared lost
  • Aged to lost
  • Lost and paid
  • Withdrawn
  • Long missing

See updated whitelist here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1jaID-HGft3q4YzJq6Ycy2ejWByAIvou3Zyyw4ko87YI/edit#gid=0

Item display
  • Reviewed this mockup: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1TZSqjQC0ZoNRat6cSB0YIT2WVmcIKTjG/view?usp=sharing
  • Goal of redesign is to make room for Call number accordion
  • This will require rearranging some things so we might take this opportunity to rearrange the item record so the data organization is more sensible overall
  • Feedback:
    • Add Effective call number block and Effective location to the Item data section at top (read only)
    • Show it also in the Call number and Location accordions
    • Remove the call number type from the Call number block display.  Even here in the item record, it is not helpful and is visual clutter.  People are okay with having to work out mentally which one applies.
  • Layout of mockup is an improvement but it would be good to do a card sorting exercise to get more feedback on what belongs where
  • General UI feedback:
    • One person reported finding the whole inventory UI maddening
    • One person didn't have a problem with it
    • One person didn't like the pane header dropdown (too hidden for all these important functions)
    • Several people thought the Title was not prominent enough (it's in grey at the top of the record) 
    • People didn't really like the idea of adding the effective call number to the record header because it was not prominent and also because you can't copy from there
    • We didn't know what data was displaying after "Holdings" in the pane header dropdown.  I found out later this is the holding record call number.  We should discuss if that is helpful or not.


David Larsen - Asked everyone to inform their Reporting SIG representative the need to have the patron ID included in the GDPR compliancy.

Cate Boerema - Requests- Request Type Matrix

  • Should Hold, Recall, Rush Recall, Page, and ASR statuses be applied to items that are Declared Lost, Aged to Lost, Lost and Paid, and Long Missing.  Group decided NO to all

Emma Boettcher - Claim returned/lost - Discussed Loan actions for new statuses for claim returned, declared lost and aged to lost items

  • Declared lost for new statuses- Question of whether or not to allow change for Aged to lost items status.  Decided to allow change of status but do not add new fees unless no fees exist already.
  • Change due date for new statuses- Questioned whether or not to allow a change of due date to Aged to lost items.  Before changing the due date to lost items one should check to see if new due date is outside of aged to lost threshold.  If so, change the status and handle fines according to fee/fine policy for renewing aged to lost items.  If not, do not change status of fines.
  • Renewals for new statuses - Changed Claim returned from allow through override to Prevent.  No renewals for Claim returned items.

Cate Boerema - Item display - Call number in item display - Discussed

  • Display of Call Number block on circulation screen for type, prefix, call number, volume, enumeration, chronology and copy number.  Call Number accordion is the same as the Location accordion. Does this need to be moved to the top of the Item Data Record?
  •  Is the Holdings Call Number data needed as it is the same as the Item Call Number data.
  • How effective is the Call Number block on the Item Data Record?  Would be useful in quick look so should it be located in both the Item data block and Call Number block?
  • Suggestion to have the title (instance) information at the very top of the record be displayed in bold as it is currently not easily seen.
  • Need to be able to copy and paste information displayed in the Item data block.
  • Comment that the entire Item data page is hard to read and navigate.
  • Cate suggested putting together a survey to decide where we want sections to be on the Item data page.
  • The display of items on this page is complicated and will need to be discussed in more detail.