2019-7-1 Resource Access Meeting Notes



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5 minHousekeepingAndrea Loigman
60minNoticesDarcy BranchiniRe-ranking notice and slip featuresReview for gap analysis (re)ranking on UXPROD features for patron notices and staff slips

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e.g. loans, fees/finesNamee.g. Q4 2018, Q1 2019


Darcy discussed Gap Analysis rankings for Patron notices and staff slips.  Reviewed and discussed Items needing to be addressed for Q3:

UX PROD 1797- Process patron notice emails in bulk for non real-time notices – All agreed that this is a GO-LIVE

UX PROD 1280- Paging requests individual pick slips – All agreed that this is a Go-Live- If not a go live the alternative would be a report from a service point.  Upgrade request for report to be able to sort by call number.  

UX PROD 1077- Staff slips with custom triggers and conditions:  Agreed that we are okay with three different types of slips going live:  a hold, page, and transit slips.

Can wait up to a year to go live with custom triggers and conditions if the workflow engine is in place.

UX PROD 1392- Extend patron notices to print- Some European libraries are required by law to send email. Some notices are time sensitive and would like to be able to print and send without having to search for a valid email address. Public libraries may want use this feature. More interested in a report to let us know if an email bounced or expired. Dependent on report availability

UX PROD 932- Bounced email report for patron notices- Agreed that this is a Go-Live and also have a report that shows that the patron does not have an email.  Can add if no email is entered

UX PROD 1627- Notices section on user record to list notices sent to patron- Circulation log need to exist. See discussion points below for UX PROD 1703.

UX PROD 1703- Circulation log of all actions filtered by a patron and/or a item with additional filters – Discussed and would need to identify what the log would actually do before deciding if 1627 is needed. We could use both 1703 and 1627.

Darcy sent the email below listing the items that were reviewed.  Requested that we take a second look at the rankings for our institutions.

Hi All,

If you felt that any Jira issues (Features) that we discussed today needed to be re-ranked, please do so as soon as possible:

Thank you!


No meeting on Thursday, July 4th  back on for Monday, July 8th .