2019-6-27 Resource Access Meeting Notes



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5 minHousekeepingAndrea Loigman
10minLoansEmma BoettcherAnonymized and closed loansAt what point is information like patron group, effective location, etc. "frozen" on a closed loan? At anonymization? When closed? And what data is captured - values for those fields at the start of the loan, or at the end?
45minRequestsCate Boerema (Deactivated)Re-ranking requestsReview gap analysis ranking on UXPROD

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e.g. loans, fees/finesNamee.g. Q4 2018, Q1 2019

LoansEmma Boettcher
Though information such as patron group or item's effective location may change over the course of the loan, it is most important for reporting to know what those values were at the time the item was loaned, as opposed to when the loan closed. Very important for reporting, perhaps less important for viewing closed loan details.



Reminder to update our Experience and expertise page

Reminder to add your institution's info to the Ave/Peak Notices in Bulk tab of the Patron Notices doc


On the loan details screen, closed loans; at what point are details fixed or frozen? For example, "patron group" or "material location". Group agreed details should be fixed at the time of the loan close. For statistical reasons it is paramount that details are captured so that reports can be run on important elements like "patron group" at the time of the loan. The loan details screen display is not as important but logs need to be accurate. For example, if an item were checked out by a graduate student - that fact needs to be captured - in spite the fact the student subsequently becomes an alumnus.


Together we reviewed several UXPROD features in the gap analysis to determine whether they can be reranked.
UXPROD-1558: Auto Ordering of Request Queue Based on Type. Can wait due to low utilization of both hold types (recall and hold) simultaneously.
UXPROD-113: Fulfilling delivery requests. Would it be possible to do a lite implementation for go-live? Need to record the fact patron is requesting delivery. Also, need to do notification about delivery method. What can we do minimally for go-live?
UXPROD-1320. Configure Allowable Item Statuses for Request Types. Group agreed when Custom Statuses are available in FOLIO then this feature is more desirable.
UXPROD-923: Requests in-app report: Pick list. Is the CSV export adequate initially? Includes all information needed.
UXPROD-236: Requests Permissions. Permissions for basic CRUD functions can be done easily. Permission for Action-based (e.g. cancel) will have to wait.
UXPROD-925: Requests in-app report: Hold shelf clearance. Is the CSV export adequate initially? Need to know what fields are available.
UXPROD-1242. Manually Reorder Request Queue. Need auto-sorting for institutions with both recalls and holds.