2019-8-29 Resource Access Meeting Notes



Discussion Items

5 minHousekeepingAndrea Loigman
  • Notetaker - Rameka Barnes
  • Reminder - no meeting on Monday
30minItem HistoryEmma BoettcherStatus history for an itemSolicit feedback on wireframe, data about actions tracked, length of time to keep data
15minMissing itemsEmma Boettcher
Decide how an item is marked as thoroughly searched (automated or manual)

Meeting Outcomes

Functional Area

Product Owner

Planned Release (if known)

Decision Reached


Item stateEmma BoettcherQ4For immediate development, prioritize seeing history of item (rather than history by service point or by action)
Include title in table to make it more readable. Effective location, call number block would be nice depending on space constraint. 
Include renewals
Include actions from discovery layer (e.g., patron pages an item)
Preference not to limit time span of data, but needs to be at least as long as longest loan period if you are limiting it. 1-3 years minimum.
Show destination service point (also show on item record) - less helpful historically, but if showing it on item record seems odd not to show it on audit

Item stateEmma BoettcherQ4Long missing: can be applied manually or in batch, but not automated process
Long missing: can be applied to items without their first entering the Missing state (e.g., to Available or In transit items), but not to checked out items


Item History- Emma Boettcher

Emma reviewed the current information that is displayed on the item record.  Currently shows item status and item status date.  Group wanted to add most recent checkin for item, checkin date, service point and person who checked in the item.

Emma introduced a new feature (Audit app) as a second feature of the item status history. The audit app shows actions history of item.  There would be a link directly from the item record itself to the audit app that shows actions that are recorded.  Audit apps is search and filter

 Audit app needs to include the following:

  • Needs- in- transit needs to know where it was going- need info for both screens
  • Item barcode at top to save space on screen
  • Title, call number and current effective location

How much data needs to be stored over time? Have it display most recent (increment to be set) be able to go further back if needed.

Missing Items –Emma Boettcher

Missing to long missing automated (after a period) or manual?  Manual

Long missing can only result from Missing? There are occasions when it would go straight to long missing

Darcy:  Staff Slips

Token should be scanned action date and time Last scanned date

Is the ”Last scanned service point” needed for staff slips? No. Darcy will get rid of this token