2019-5-20 Resource Access Meeting Notes



Andrea Loigman

Joanne Leary

Katharina Haas

Anne L. Highsmith

David Bottorff

Cate Boerema (Deactivated)

Cheryl Malmborg

Mark Canney


Darcy Branchini

Deb Lamb

(OLD ACCOUNT) Erin Nettifee

Jana Freytag

Kai Sprenger

Kimie Kester

Rameka Barnes

Magda Zacharska

William Weare

Regina Frindt

Discussion Items

10minHoldsCate Boerema (Deactivated)Update on Hold shelf expiration reportA few weeks ago we discussed the challenge of creating a hold shelf expiration report and decided it would be helpful to have an explicit item status of "Pickup expired" set when a request is cancelled or expired while on the hold shelf. The idea was that this item status could be used as a simple filter for the report.

After much analysis, the developers have determined that setting this item status is a sizeable piece of development and there is still lack of consensus regarding the best way to accomplish it. So, in lieu of this change, the developers have proposed that we create a purpose-built hold expiration report (csv to start out). The logic for generating the report will be, roughly, find all items with item status = awaiting pickup and the request at the top of the queue != awaiting pickup. To get the appropriate request info for the report, we'll look at the request that was most recently closed while awaiting pickup).
5minPagingCate Boerema (Deactivated)what happens to Paged items for which the queue has been clearedWe talked recently about what should happen to a Paged item status when the request queue is cleared (all requests in queue are cancelled or moved). We had said we wanted the item to return to previous status value (whatever it was before it was Paged). Currently that could only be Available but the thought was that, in the future, it might be possible for the previous status to be Recently returned.

I have spoken with Marc and it turns out we don't have easy access to the previous state. We'd like to return to Available in all cases. Any major concerns?

There is also a scenario where a Paged item's queue could empty because the page request expired. I assume this is an edge case. The current implementation of request expiration would not be able to change the item status to available in this scenario. I think this is probably okay. The item would just continue to show up on the page pick list report and someone would pick it up and check it in. Once checked in, the item status would update appropriately. All okay with this?
30minPermissionsCate Boerema (Deactivated)Update on permissions functionalityUpdate RA SIG on current situation for permissions and determine next steps for POs

10minNoticesDarcy BranchiniNotices and performance


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RequestsExpired holds report
  • Logic defined above seems okay as long as we also include items where there are no more requests in queue
  • Typically you'd want to just get the items that need to be cleared from the service point to which you are currently logged in
  • However, there are some cases when you'd want to "zoom out" and include other service points (that maybe don't clear own shelves because they are unmanned, for example)
  • When we have a proper in-FOLIO report for this (as opposed to a csv) we might offer filters so you can include/exclude other service points from the report.  For the csv solution, we should just ask Chalmers what they would find most useful.
  • User story:  UIREQ-273 - Getting issue details... STATUS

RequestsWhat happens to Paged items for which the queue has been cleared
  • SIG is okay with status going back to Available even when the previous state was recently returned
  • This approach may run into issues when/if it's possible to create page requests on custom statuses (not sure if that will be possible, though).  Will need to revisit this design when we get to that feature.
  • For the case when the queue empties due to expiration, SIG was okay with the status staying Paged.  This is such an edge case, it's not worth worrying too much about.

PermissionsPermissions update
  • Made it part way through presentation
  • Feedback so far:
    • SIG thinks it is important to be able to restrict who can view/edit certain fields on the user record like home location, deceased flag, collections process started 
      • Some of these may be custom fields so we need to be able to have permission control around those as well
      • Not every field in the user record needs this - could probably identify which ones would but, again, would need a solution that works for custom fields as well
    • SIG couldn't really think how Teams would be useful outside of the acquisitions context but they will think about it and we'll discuss when we finish the presentation next time