2019-9-16 Resource Access Meeting Notes



Discussion Items

5 minHousekeepingAndrea Loigman
20minSlips and noticesDarcy BranchiniPaging/call slip Discuss requirements for a paging or call slip. Decide what tokens are required. Are there any that are not available on the template editing screens? (There are... just need to verify which ones need to be added.) Verify the workflow. Will these need to be printed as received (real time) or on demand periodically or both, and a configuration is required?
35minJira reviews

Holly Mistlebauer

& Capacity planning team

Review of non-MVP jiras

Discuss and determine needs around 'essential' jiras that did not make MVP.

(OLD ACCOUNT) Erin Nettifee 

-  Fees/Fines in-app report: Balance cash drawer for fees/fines - UXPROD-845

- Enforce Patron Blocks in Borrowing API - UXPROD-1683 - Magda left a comment on the Jira that addressed my question about it, so I think this is fine (and other things are more important to spend time on discussion. - Erin

Andy Horbal 

- Patron Note on Request - UXPROD-1800 

- Resource Access View of Inventory Data - UXPROD-1742 

Andrea Loigman 

- Custom Fields (for User Record and as General Platform Feature) - UXPROD-33

- On the Fly Records / or Fast Add - UXPROD-1057

- Boolean Search (Within Apps) - UXPROD-1015 OR Advanced Search (Within Apps) - UXPROD-907

Meeting Outcomes

Functional Area

Product Owner

Planned Release (if known)

Decision Reached


Fine/fees in app reportHolly MistlebauerPlanned for Q1 2020Small group will work on defining the report so when the PO and development team are ready, the requirements have been defined already
Patron Note on RequestCate Boerema (Deactivated)
Re-rank as a higher priority issue.  Cate will reach out to Khalilah for information on Notes feature she is working on so the RA SIG can review and discuss if they meet the needs.
Staff Note on RequestCate Boerema (Deactivated)Q1 2020Need to bump rank up.  Below the line for MVP.  More complex, too big.  Planned for Q1.
RA view of Inventory DataCate Boerema (Deactivated)
Did not make MVP as it is not ready.  Not organized in a useful way. 

Custom FieldsKhalilah GambrellQ1 2020Development needs requirements so that feature can be estimated. Might be easier to add specific fields that are needed for the MVP rather than implement custom fields.  Khalilah is doing work on this now. Could be ready for devs in Q1 2020.

KG: Development requirements are linked to UXPROD-33. And we do have estimates. Is there a requirement that is critical that folks are unclear on status / approach? Please note that the team has stopped backend work on this feature to work on a po-mvp feature UXPROD-113. 

(OLD ACCOUNT) Erin NettifeeKhalilah Gambrell I think there are concerns about Q1 2020 being really full, the potential for slippage; the reliance on Users as a pilot for use in other apps. I have seen your slides. Are the requirements in a final stage that people can review? I don't know if that was clear in the conversation we had.

(OLD ACCOUNT) Erin Nettifee, most user stories have been written and are attached to UXPROD-33

On the Fly RecordsCharlotte Whitt
Workaround not acceptable.  Needed for ILL and Course Reserves.  Could minimize the amount of record created. If has clearly defined requirements when Q1 2020 rolls around this is more likey to get worked on first. 
Boolean Search and Advanced Search (within Apps)

Are both of these needed. Can one serve functionality of both.  What is the difference between these two UXPRODs (907 & 1015).  907 is syntax and 1015 is Boolean searching. 
Call Slips

Decided on workflow for a get and hold item, get and transit/route item, and get and deliver item.


  • Discussion of Jira's that did not make MVP.
  • Erin Nettifee - UXPROD 845- Decide what to work on for Q1.  There is a need for libraries to balance cash drawer for fines/fees. Some libraries have a work around for this.  Andrea suggested a subgroup was needed to work on this to define report for development team. 
  • Andy Horbal - UXPROD 1800 - Re-rank as there is no work around. Still high priority for RA SIG.   Cate Boerema - Bump up as higher priority issue. Write story and bring back to SIG.  UXPROD 1801 - Bump up rank. More complex to develop. Is below the line for MVP. It is planned for Q1 release. David - Need token for API for ILLiad.  UXPROD 1742 - Did not make MVP as it is not ready.  Not organized in a useful way. 
  • Andrea Loigman - UXPROD 33 - Not listed as MVP. Not getting all the fields asked for.  Work on requested list of fields for patrons.  UXPROD 1057 - Work around not acceptable.  This is needed for Course Reserves and ILL.  UXPROD  OR UXPROD 907 - Both are advanced searches.  Do we need both?  UXPROD 140 discuss next week meeting on Sept 23. 
  • Darcy Branchini - Staff slips/Call slips - How are these being used. Do staff use call slip as hold slip or are the hold slip printed separately.  Decided on workflow for a get and hold item, get and tansit/route item, and get and deliver item.  Unrelated question- Last scanned date time. Should always be system date/time or processed as.  Decided it should always be system date/time.

I found 4 reports in the reporting SIG master spreadsheet related to Cash drawer reconciliation. All 4 are linked to UXPROD-845.

ID437 (Chicago-Lehigh) Cash Drawer Reconciliation Report Fine/fee monies received at specific service point during

specified date/time range by cash drawer and/or operator.

Needs to be broken down by fine/fee categories. Need to show

payment type and totals by category. Run each end of day/shift

ID438 (Chicago-Lehigh) Financial Transactions Detail Report Individual listing of specific fines/fees monies

received in report ID 437. Includes item specific data and

information about payer rather than just totals by category. Run each end of day/shift

ID440 (Cornell) Fine Fee Reconciliation

Local table links fines by unit to university account

numbers, Voyager tables: FINE_FEES, FINE_FEE_TRANSACTIONS Run weekly or quarterly

ID498 (Cornell)

Fee Fine Reconciliation Accounting Office Summary Report Run quarterly