2019-5-2 Resource Access Meeting Notes



Andrea Loigman

Cheryl Malmborg

Joanne Leary


Cate Boerema (Deactivated)

Emma Boettcher

Katharina Haas

Sharon Wiles-Young

William Weare

Mark Canney

Darcy Branchini

Kimie Kester

Rameka Barnes

David Bottorff


David Larsen

Discussion Items


10minRequestsCate Boerema (Deactivated)Shelving service point on Requests CSV- Short term solution for paging pick list report is to export requests csv and filter by item status = paged
- We have said we need to be able to filter pick lists by service point and we have service point in the csv but it's the pickup service point for the request, not the reshelving service point.
- I assume we need to add the reshelving service point for this purpose (Chalmers thinks we do)
- Make sense to everyone?
- Do we want to include just the primary one or all service points associated with the item's effective location?
15minCirc behavior for On order, In process itemsEmma Boettcher
Does the system (warn or prevent) the (check out or check in) of items that are (On order or In process) (In process has been discussed re: check in, but the other combinations have not)
30minDamaged and missing piecesEmma Boettcher
Determine requirements for recording data about missing pieces & damage in Inventory (e.g., repeatable fields, is damage yes/no or free text, etc.)

Meeting Outcomes

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e.g. loans, fees/finesNamee.g. Q4 2018, Q1 2019Clearly stated decision
RequestsQ2 2019
  • RA SIG doesn't actually want to filter pick list report by service point (I have noted this in  UXPROD-923 - Getting issue details... STATUS )  We could include this column if it's easy (primary only) but it's not a priority.
  • People generally filter pick lists by library (as does Chalmers) so it seems the best solution is to add a Library column to the csv
  • People also thought it would be useful to see the location code

There were questions about whether library would usually be part of the location name.  Some people said they would do that at their institutions while others hoped they wouldn't have to asking "why should I have to put that all in the name when the location is part of a hierarchy?"  Cate pointed out that, in FOLIO today, only the location name displays on Loans, Check out, Requests etc.  We don't display all the levels.  The ability to display all levels is in  UXPROD-985 - Getting issue details... STATUS

LoansEmma Boettcher
  • Do not prevent the user from checking out or checking in items that are In process or On order, though we may want to display a warning

Conversation also turned to whether items with the status Checked out could be checked out, with the suggestion that Checked out items should be able to be checked out.

Will need to have follow-up discussion on whether to warn user about checking in and checking out items with particular statuses

LoansEmma Boettcher
  • For missing pieces, at minimum record have number of missing pieces (numeric field), description of missing pieces (free-text), and record operator and date (use date last updated). Later, make this repeatable.
  • For damaged, at minimum have a flag or set of values to choose between damaged or not damaged, and a free-text field to describe damage. Record operator and date (use date last updated). Later, make this repeatable. 
The minimum accounts for the granularity in current systems; later versions might expand on this to track not just that an item is damaged or has missing pieces, but when that damage was sustained.
Structuring the initial version of damaged items as not a flag but a controlled list would support a model similar to creating and selecting material types or loan types later on,