2019-11-4 Resource Access Meeting Notes



Discussion Items

5minHousekeeping Andrea Loigman
  • Meeting schedule for November.  No meeting 11/28, but what about 11/25?
  • Reminder: fill out User Record Card Sort.  Due by Friday 11/8
  • Reminder: Please send Cheryl test scenarios for calculating due times for 24-hour+ library hours
  • WolfCon 2020 - Texas A & M (College Station, TX) January 22-24
10minItemsEmma BoettcherMissing items, withdrawn items

If an item is missing or withdrawn, can it still be checked out?

15minCall numbersEffective call number block on request recordhttps://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1rcXHY-3HoGifjhjJdFVM56Fvev9Znzan

Review effective call number block on request record and decide:
1. Should the label be "Effective call number block" to be consistent with the item record or just call it "Call number" here?
2. Along those lines, for some reason, effective location was labeled "Shelving location" on the request record. Should we change that while we are in here?
3. Call number isn't present as a column in the request search results. Does it need to be?
4. If yes:
--- Does it need to be sortable? Use case?
--- Label?
5. Note: current thinking is that each page displaying the call number block will assemble the correct elements in the correct order (instead of storing the assembled block or creating a shared utility that puts the elements together in a certain way). Why? It sounds to me like institutions may eventually want to be able to configure how their call number blocks display (elements, order, separators). If this is a possibility, we should avoid investing development effort in driving consistency at this point.
10minNotesEmma BoettcherCheck in and check out notesDecide: should check in and check out notes use the Notes feature, which allows users to reuse predefined notes?
20minDocumentationDiscuss documentation needs

Review existing documentation and work on a structure to update it.

Individual Apps: Information, Tips, and Tricks

also FOLIO App Information, Tips, and Tricks

Meeting Outcomes

Functional Area

Product Owner

Planned Release (if known)

Decision Reached


  1. "Effective call number string", since block has a specific meaning in circulation
  2. Yes rename "Effective location"
  3. No need for column as long as data is in exports and on detail screen
  4. N/A
  5. Okay

SMEs also requested that we move the Effective location down one row and have it to the left of the Effective call number string

LoansEmma BoettcherQ4
  • Ask user to confirm (or override) when checking out a Missing or Withdrawn item. Assign this ability to a specific permission
  • Reusable notes around check in and check out are a nice to have. May be helpful until "needed for" state is implemented, but not worth doing unless it's done well.
  • "Effective call number string" also applies to loans contexts


Meetings in November: No meeting Thanksgiving Day, November 28; we will meet on Monday, November 25.
Reminder: Fill out User Record Card Sort. Due Friday 11/8
Send Cheryl test scenarios for calculating due times for 24-hour+ library hours
Link to WOLFcon in College Station (January 22-24): https://openlibraryfoundation.org/about/wolfcon/. There is a call for participation: FOLIO Plenary suggestionsFOLIO meeting requests.

(1) Missing items, withdrawn items (Emma Boettcher)

Item missing and cannot be checked out; we need option to check this out;
Can we have a button on the modal, proceed with checkout? Yes.
Withdrawn? This doesn’t necessarily mean that it is suppressed.
Same option available? Make a decision pop-up here as well.
If we did check it out, would it show up in a report? An override report?
[LDP? Library data platform]

(2) Effective call number block on request record (Cate Boerema)

Create request
Call number block: prefix + effective call number + suffix + volume + enumeration + chronology + effective copy
Okay to call it effective call number block?
Let’s use the word string instead of block.
Shelving location: rename to effective location? Yes.
We do not have call number in the request search results. Do we need it here?
No, we don’t need to add it here.
For the export, the call number components will be in their own columns + call number sort code.
Heads-up: current thinking that effective call number spring will be assembled by pages that display it rather than storing it somewhere.
Request page: Can the shelving location and call number be located adjacent to one another?

(3) Check out and check in notes (Emma Boettcher)

Item record in inventory: ability to add notes and assign; are reusable notes of interest?
Notes need to stay within the app; we don’t need to see all types of notes in all apps.
This is kind of a nice to have. How would we use this?

(4) Discuss documentation needs (Erin Nettifee & Andrea Loigman)

Confluence: section labeled FOLIO app information tips & tricks;
Click on Check in to see template.
How do we want to move forward with this?
Next steps? Use Slack to communicate?
We might volunteer people on our staff; they will need a confluence account.