2019-10-24 Resource Access Meeting Notes



Discussion Items

5minHousekeeping (OLD ACCOUNT) Erin Nettifee
10minCheck-inHolly MistlebauerViewing overdue fines at check-in

Should the check-in page indicate if an item that was checked in is overdue? If so, how?

Review / demo of calendar interface
30minCalendarCheryl Malmborg
Determine if 1/2 hour increments are sufficient.

Meeting Outcomes

Functional Area

Product Owner

Planned Release (if known)

Decision Reached



RA SIG 10-24-19

  • Reminder: please complete the item record card sort survey that Cate sent out.
  • The Fines subgroup completed their review of fine/fee reports; distilled to essentials, and will send to the Reporting group
  • No meeting on Thursday 10/31/19

Holly – questions about displaying the fine information on the check-in screen:

  • Should there be an indicator that the book was overdue? Yes
  • Should the fine amount be shown? Not necessary to show the amount, but we would need at least an indicator that a fine existed, and would need the ability to link to the fine from the check-in screen

Cheryl gave a detailed demonstration of setting up a calendar

  • Calendars are linked to service points
  • Some bugs exist:
    • to make a closed day, there are two choices, “Closed” and “All day”. They appear to do the same thing.
    • Currently, you can’t have a closing time after 11:59:59 pm. You have to make the next day open from 12:00am – whatever the actual close time is in early morning. You then make another segment on that day open the regular hours (for example 8:00am – 11:59:59pm)
  • Some functionality / accessibility problems exist:
    • Can’t display more than 10 service points
    • Color-coded information can present a readability problem (white on yellow is worst offender) and an accessibility problem for color blind or low vision users
    • Graphical interface is good in concept, but we need the ability to manually enter values (accessibility compliance if nothing else)
    • Can’t use any open/closed values except on the hour and half hour; this is an issue for some libraries
  • You can display up to 10 service points; many libraries have more than that (this is a known problem; Cheryl will verify the status)
  • A function to clone settings is not yet available
  • NB: CHROME browser is the only one that Folio has been tested on; other browsers may work, but not guaranteed
  • Please send Cheryl test scenarios for calculating due times for 24-hour+ library hours