2019-9-19 Resource Access Meeting Notes



Discussion Items

10 minHousekeepingAndrea Loigman
15minAdditional Jira reviewsHolly MistlebauerReview of non-MVP jiras
35minFines/feesOutstanding fine/fee issues

Holly has several remaining questions to resolve before the user story for Overdue Fines can be completed. 

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  • Notetaker: David Bottorff
  • Housekeeping
    • preview of Inventory deck in wiki to discuss on Monday

    • call for volunteers for two small groups: fines fees in app report cash drawer (David and Erin); fast adds (Andrea, David)

  • UXPROD-242

    • Thin thread would be a field to prevent overwrite of any data in user record by feed

    • possibly may also need to update built in FOLIO user feed import mechanism

  • UXPROD-1703 circulation log

    • is all of this data being saved somewhere?

    • what we need is the data formatted in a way that we will be able to see and compare down the road

    • we need to confirm with POs that all the data is being generated and stored in a way that we can ultimately get to it

    • Jakob-stored in a number of different places in the system, you'd have to combine data from several different places, for the most part the data should be there, making sure its being collected and may need to be transformed

    • loans and fees and fines are taken care of, can the other POs make sure that the data is being stored somewhere

    • Cate: should we be logging everything? touch base with Vince as to what's being logged via audit feature as next step?

    • Check spreadsheet if a gap exists, add use cases if gap exists

  • Holly Fines and Fees

    • Holly almost done writing up user stories

    • overdue fines calculated at check-in

    • overdue fines calculated at moment of renewal when overdue fine is charged. needs renewal to be applied then fine is charged, so that overdue fine does not block the renewal doing it as a renewal session instead to prevent some from being blocked not for MVP as it would be complicated

    • overdue notices will be sent in batches. They need to be capable of being run multiple times a day (at least eventually)

    • aged to lost would also be an overnight batch process and then a separate batch process for aged to lost notices

    • should overdue policy and lost item policy appear on loan details screen, but only displays on the fee/fine details pages where a fine/fee actually incurred

    • could have a single link that would display all relevant policies, but is that easier.

    • Maybe there's a standard that Kimmi can apply

    • fee/fine details page: links to loan policy, overdue policy, lost item policy, etc.

    • Item blocks next

  • ACTION ITEMS: review inventory deck for discussion on Monday