2019-11-7 Resource Access Meeting Notes



Discussion Items

5minHousekeeping Andrea Loigman
  • Meeting schedule for December. No meeting 12/26.  What about 12/23 or 12/30?
    • while we're at it . . . what about January 2nd?
    • Hold the December 23rd meeting and start meetings again on January 5th 
  • Reminder: fill out User Record Card Sort.  Due by close of business tomorrow (11/8)
  • Call for suggestions for topics for Wolfcon meeting sessions, both RA only and cross SIG
    • Schedule will run Wednesday morning to Friday noon
    • Hotel info should be up shortly
    • Ideas for  WolfCon  from RA SIG and Andrea will start a google sheet for these ideas
  • Homework - read/view Cornell's circulation usability testing  - 2019_09_FOLIO_Circulation Report.pdf
15minMVPHolly MistlebauerMVP slippage

Describe how and what MVP issues are slipping.
Some issues slipping for MVP (see the JIRA dashboard-manage dashboards and search FOLIO Q4 at risk and not completed); development capacity reduced in Q4 (dev teams UNAM stop working and new team starting now, vacations for other teams and changes on teams); bugs from Chalmers; carry over from Q3; feature dependencies 

Capacity planning team will be re-planning Q1 so the project can complete some of the features slipped-sprint completion has been the same even with reduction in development team work

Implementation team should look at JIRA for completion for Q4 and what will be ready and what is not completed and if not complete you will not be able to test in January–and then think about priorities of these features with capacity team

15minItem limitsHolly MistlebauerDiscuss placement of item limits setting

MVP decision for placement of item limits settings.

Vega team is working on item blocks - loan limit policy where you can set the limit in the circulation policy and this will take much development time–so instead put the item limit directly in the loan policy? One problem will cause more circulation rules and redo circulation policies once developed

Will this work for implementers? Would this permanently work for institutions? This solution sounds like it will work for most of the institutions–check with Five Colleges, University of Alabama, TAMU 

Work through some examples with circulation policies for examples with Cheryl 

20minCaiasoft updateCate Boerema (Deactivated)


Update SIG on plans and status for Caiasoft (remote storage) integration-- University of Alabama, Duke and Cornell using this system 

UXProd for this feature in MVP- SMEs and Harry, Vincent, Cate working on this integration and architecture design not happen in Q4 --Laura from Caiasoft will do the development this is the good news 

Use page request functionality for storage requests

Vincent believes that direct code should not be built instead have a Caiasoft FOLIO module 

Triggers for request and communicate to Caiasoft and send to check in FOLIO service point and will be put in transit --item delivered to campus, checkin at service point at your library, to hold shelf awaiting pick up or to delivery service point using the request logic

Service point check back in communicate to Caiasoft and trigger to deliver and in transit and once received back in storage, item will be available

Questions: about service point problem failure at check in service point what happens with an error; what about decisions on lending conditions out of storage facility approval notifications and review of conditions?

Aeon- University of Chicago, Duke, Cornell meet with Special Collections on integrations 

Meeting Outcomes

Functional Area

Product Owner

Planned Release (if known)

Decision Reached


RequestsQ1 2020

Caiasoft integration update:

  • In the diagram, we should change the "Reshelved" boxes to "Received" because "we have no way of knowing when the items are reshelved" (done)
  • Question about what happens when/if the process fails for a technical reason.  Cate will reach out to Vince and get back to the group on this.
  • Mark says, at Lehigh, their special collections are in remote storage and they need some workflow/approval before people can request/borrow items from special collections (because of their condition etc).  They currently have a homegrown remote storage system they use and a homegrown workflow that allows certain people to be notified and give approval prior to these items being loaned
    • This needs to be considered further
    • Might be good application for workflow engine
    • Might be possible to inject some logic into the integration module (assuming there will be a similar integration module for FOLIO and Lehigh's remote storage system)
    • Is there any workaround possible using check out notes, loan or request policies etc?
    • Other?