2019-10-7 Resource Access Meeting Notes



Discussion Items

5minHousekeeping Andrea Loigman
20minInventoryItem based inventory search

Approval of proposed item search in inventory

Slide deck: 

RA-SIG demo Search in Inventory - UXPROD-140 (Misc. UX)

15minReportsEmma BoettcherIn transit report

confirm that this report is exported from Inventory, and determine definition of destination service point for report

20minNoticesDarcy BranchiniReview notice triggering events and tokens for automated fee/fineconfirm use cases, triggering events and tokens to support this feature.

Meeting Outcomes

Functional Area

Product Owner

Planned Release (if known)

Decision Reached


LoansEmma Boettcher
In transit report: distinguish destination service point from request pickup service point. Define destination service point as the service point the item was sent to as a result of its last check in. Export In transit report from InventoryPermissions for reports emerged in discussion.


Item based inventory search:

  • Small Group meeting topics: search box, filters and item segment
  • What we want to have: Segmented control (like in Finance app, Orders app), default unfolded filter options (further description see also: UIIN-758)
  • No advanced search for mvp but query language search (UIIN-724)
  • For now: multi column list for results, long term: see philips ux prototype
  • Item segment (UIIN-761) (requirements were discussed in the smallgroup) please comment on the slides/questions:
    • Search terms - on Item search
    • Order of the filters
    • Other observations, comments ideas
  • Filters can be very long lists, but a search box with just the first few results should be good

In transit report:

  • If an item is in transit and a request is made on it from another service point, should the service point also be exported? And the destinations service point?
    • David: you would want to have the service point where the item was before/last and the destination service point
    • Info: last send in transit to, Pick-up service point for request
    • from where should the report be run?
      • Check-in-app, inventory (Frage)
      • Would be helpful to have automatical reports - but this is not going to happen soon
      • Should we cut the patron information and have it in inventory or do we keep them and leave it in check-in?
      • there is just patron group in the report so it can be in the inventory app

Review notice triggering events and tokens for automated fee/fine:

  • first fee/fine notices upon return or different notice send out?
    • optional would be good
    • for some german libraries it is the case, that every book in the third reminder circle is on the third printed notice
  • would you want a seperate notice for overdue and recalled?
    • yes (Frage) (I didn't get this one could someone please add it?, Thanks)