2019-4-1 Resource Access Meeting Notes



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30minPatron noticesTokens for patron notices

Need to refine/finalize the list of tokens available to patron notices - DRAFT

25minRecently returnedEmma BoettcherTrigger actionsdecisions on what triggers the flip from recently returned to available & how that is scheduled

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e.g. loans, fees/finesNamee.g. Q4 2018, Q1 2019Clearly stated decision


Patron notices (Darcy)

Tokens for patron notices:

See spreadsheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/13Xnb7j-xt0CZrgD9zRuH3OBX_bxR8FNl94F52Lom9gM/edit#gid=0

Out of the box notices vs. custom; custom needed.

What tokens are necessary?

These are the fields for patron notices (not staff slips); we’ll have a part two conversation about staff slips.

Loanee vs. borrower. Borrower please.
Borrower: Courtesy, Overdue, Recall, Hold
Requester: Confirmation and Awaiting Pickup for Recall, Hold, Page
Names: Drop the honorific: Mr., Mrs., Sir, etc. [still used in Germany; most would like to ditch them]
Last/family name; first name;
Preferred first name? Some institutions are using this extra field, no field currently on user record
Gender: Gender-neutral title: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gender-neutral_title
Suffix: Sr., Jr., etc. needed

Call numbers:
Body(?), prefix, suffix, enumeration, volume, chronology, caption(?), copy
Clarification needed: enumeration, chronology
Do we need number of pieces? Description of pieces? (Ex: two pieces: CD + booklet)
What about Accession number: Yes, this is needed, but this can reside in the call number field.

Title, subtitle, author, barcode
Any other fields needed?
Author field vs. contributor? Title, subtitle, contributor, barcode;
Should this be item or instance? This should be item (though this information is coming from the bib record; call number could be coming from holding; barcode from item?

Shelf/shelving? Necessary? Yes?
Effective location (Ex: something might live at one location at the holdings level, but one particular item is house at another location)
Business logic to determine this, code, FOLIOname, and discovery/display name.
Need for institution, campus, library, location varies by institution; let’s make all hierarchy levels available; in some cases it will be embedded in another field
Also: Service point requested pickup

Fee/fine: [skip]
[Return date will be needed for fee/fine]

Contact (Library information, not patron):
Patron-facing addresses for various locations

Due date/time; request expiration, hold expiration
Add original due date and new due date? We might want this to emphasize this in with a recall.

What about logo? Do we need to be able to pull in an image?
Insert URL: Discovery layer? Patron account?

Partials or snippets:
“A way to define reusable information such as header, footer, signature or contact information block.”

Anything else?
What about custom fields? Will these be available as tokens?
Loan: number of times borrowed
Loan: initial borrow date
Loan: number of renewals
Loan: type

2nd topic: Recently returned (Emma) was not discussed today.