2019-2-25 Resource Access Meeting Notes



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20minFee/fine patron notice questionsHolly Mistlebauer
requirements for patron fine notices
30minCirculation history: overlapping featuresEmma Boettcher
Determine differences between 4 similar circulation features (consolidate if necessary) to better aid planning

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Holly MistlebauerQ1 2019"Notify Patron" flag will be defaulted to on if patron notice has been affiliated with the "Fee/Fine Type"  (or if default exists) in the "Manual Charge Table."  User may elect to turn notification off if they want.  If a patron notice has not been affiliated with a "Fee/Fine Type"  and no default exists, the "Notify Patron" flag will not appear at all. 
  • Saves user a step–in most cases will want to send notice.

Fees/FinesQ1 2019A new field called "Additional information for patron" has been added for the purpose of customizing the information sent on the fee/fine patron notice.  The SIG has asked that this information be displayed on the Fee/Fine Details page where the "Additional information for staff" is displayed. 
  • It makes sense to display the information along with "Additional information for staff"–if we don't display it here it won't appear anywhere except on the notice.

Fees/FinesTBDAdd an ellipsis option to Fee/Fine History that allows the user to see all patron notices related to a selected fee/fine.
  • When researching a fee/fine issue, it is often necessary to see the history of what has been sent to the patron.

Fees/FinesHolly MistlebauerTBDAdd a link to each action in Fee/Fine Details to see the particular patron notices that was sent for the action.
  • Same reason as above, but allows user to zero in on specific patron notice.

Patron NoticesDarcy BranchiniTBDUsers needs a way to view all notices send to a patron.

This may already be planned, but just in case Holly added it here.