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UXPROD-1041 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Thin thread version - API only no UI settings.

UXPROD-4302 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Cornelia Awenius 

Thin thread - Tom Trutt


Anonymization of request data (see loan data)


Magnus A/LiU



AnonymizationCostum anonymization
low priority (question)

Should be on its own settings page: anonymize all (closed loans/requests/fees/fines, circ log, ...) and single anonymization ; Possibility of "partial anonymization" of loan history, (background - service for users to be able to view their loan-history, but to delete titles they do not want to have stored)


SIP2-162 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Scheduled: 2024-02-22


Tim & Jakub & Axel

all / WOLFCon23
Check in/outPerformance

ARCH-16 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Revisit if any other performance issue comes up

ok for now

We continue to worry about what performance times we'll see once the fall semester starts, when we will suddenly become much busier.


David Bottorff/UChicago
Magnus A/LiU 

Check in/outPerformance

ARCH-15 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Revisit if any other performance issue comes up

ok for now

At Chicago, performance is generally fine, but we continue to have periodic cases where the checkout screen resets in the middle of a patron transaction. It may be related to the session timeout setting; Chicago is experimenting with removing the timeout entirely (rather than a long setting of 10 minutes) to see if this eliminates the problem.


David Bottorff/UChicago
Magnus A/LiU 

Fees/FinesActual Cost

UXPROD-2572 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Have a separate discussion on actual costs in the SIG meeting

more refinement is needed here

Waits for Cornelia Awenius

Very high on our wish list

Cornell (modified)

Erin Weller/MSU Tom Paige / 5C Olga K. / Douglas College

Fee/FinesFee/fine export - transfers

Tom TruttThe current transfer system needs to be expanded, and refunds needs to be implemented.


Five Colleges

InventoryMetadata management

UXPROD-2035 Need to see check out count on item record

Staff want check out count to be to be easily identified when opening an item record.

Lehigh University

Wellesley College

MultipleBulk edit records

UXPROD-120 - Getting issue details... STATUS

In Process

ask Magda for another update to bring in our requirements

280 Kiwi points

From an RA perspective, we want this for reserves.

Also used for moving items in and out of special locations/storage.

Interests for presentation: Permissions on bulk edit

MultipleNote + staff slip refinements

UXPROD-2252 - Getting issue details... STATUS   UXPROD-1392 - Getting issue details... STATUS UXPROD-2188 - Getting issue details... STATUS UXPROD-1710 - Getting issue details... STATUS UXPROD-1920 - Getting issue details... STATUS UXPROD-2384 - Getting issue details... STATUS

In draft, need refinementTom Trutt - Working with CU staff to see if these are needed and refine them, will bring back to SIG.
Patron/staff user experience


Douglas College

MultipleAnonymous user ID token in notices and staff slips

UXPROD-2435 - Getting issue details... STATUS UXPROD-1830 - Getting issue details... STATUS UXPROD-1831 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Tara Barnett 

When placing requested material on hold shelf, the library may want to not expose the name of the patron. Instead a code based on e.g first letter and 

A configurable token is needed for patron notices and staff slips. This also need to be exposed in Hold shelf clearance report and of course in the user record.

MultipleThree-part item state

UXPROD-1037 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Have a separate discussion / restart the discussion

First discussion: 2024-02-08

Tom Trutt - PO

Removes the need for Special Library Cards. More accurately describes an item's current status.

CDL considerations


David Bottorff/UChicago

Lehigh University

MultipleCancelling claim returns
DavidStaff now can only close a loan and mark an item missing or bill the loan as lost once the item has been claimed returned.Staff need to be able to cancel a claim return and revert the status of loans, notices, and fees/fines to their state prior to being placed on claim. A patron reports returning an item, it is placed on claim, and then they find it and still have the right to keep it.UChicago
MultipleAutomatic renewals

UXPROD-2375 - Getting issue details... STATUS

UChicago currently uses a semi-manual process to perform automatic renewals via API (needed both for customer service and because of performance impact of renewals on FOLIO). Having a built-in feature would be more foolproof and reduce staff time.


Magnus A/LiU


Five Colleges

Douglas College

Lehigh University


MultipleRecently returned item status

UXPROD-3652 - Getting issue details... STATUS

UXPROD-527 - Getting issue details... STATUS

deferred until 3-Part-item-State implementation

NoticesClaim return notices

Staff need to be able to send notices to patrons about the ongoing claim return search process and the final outcome of the claim process.UChicago
NoticesText delivery

UICIRC-117 - Getting issue details... STATUS

We'd like to have the option to deliver some notices via text message, particularly time-sensitive ones like short term loan courtesy/overdue notices.Five Colleges
NoticesMultiple items on a request notice for a single patron

UXPROD-2188 - Getting issue details... STATUS



Douglas College

PermissionsMore granular permissions

Staff can see other Staff members but not users ; Or employees can only see users but not employees

Another Use case: Ability to check out without having full access to users app.

(OLD ACCOUNT) Erin Nettifee proposal on permissions



Nina Morgenstern/hebis (esp. fee/fine permissions)



Automated printing process

Printing administration

Printing of Screens

FOLIO-3742 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Printing of return receipts or other defined by settings (it is a regional legal requirement)

A Printing administration would be used to log unprinted notices for reprinting and for follow ups

Printing of screens is needed in some cases to print user data to be in line with GDPR



Five Colleges

RequestsFilter requests by item effective location

UXPROD-2285 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Looks like no further refinement needed

Per JIRA, this is one of the most highly ranked remaining Requests features. We'd also like to be able to print just notices that we haven't already printed–does anyone know if there's already a feature for this?

Add a filter on the left menu filtering by items effective location

Not having this has proven to be a major source of aggravation for access services staff at Cornell since our 7/1 go-live date


Erin Weller/MSU

David Bottorff/UChicago


RequestsSort Pick Slips by call number

UXPROD-4462 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Susan Kimball

Tom Trutt

When Pick slips are printed from the Requests app, they need to be manually sorted by location, then call number, a time-consuming processFive Colleges
Requests / multipleRecall requests need to alter notice policies

Tom Trutt - Back end (as part of sorted slips and anon) 
Items that are recalled need to send a different courtesy and overdue notice template and needs to send it on a more frequent schedule (notice policy) than a standard loan. Patrons need to receive clear communication beyond the initial recall notice that an item has been recalled and will have overdue fines charged.



Douglas College

Requests / BookingsAdd a new type of request - Booking, which will allow to request an item for specific date/time in the future

UXPROD-3822 - Getting issue details... STATUS

UXPROD-3823 - Getting issue details... STATUS

UXPROD-3824 - Getting issue details... STATUS

UXPROD-3825 - Getting issue details... STATUS

UXPROD-3826 - Getting issue details... STATUS

UXPROD-3827 - Getting issue details... STATUS

UXPROD-3828 - Getting issue details... STATUS

We have quite big equipment collection that circulates a lot. In addition to the regular everyday use, many of those items are needed for different college events and requested in advance by faculty and students. We desperately need a way to place bookings on those items in Folio. Those bookings should be taken into account when items are checked out to other users.

All bookings are done by staff, so external interface is low on our priority list. Currently patrons submit their requests via a simple form on our website.

Douglas College


UsersSearch performance

Somewhat outside of RA SIG, but the users search in the user app remains frustratingly slow



Users/Check outReading room only check outs

UXPROD-1835 - Getting issue details... STATUS

seems to be needed only by European libraries, is discussed by Leipzig and National Libraries of Italy and Sweden

This topic was discussed in the implementers SIG:

2023-11-28 FOLIO Implementers Meeting Notes

Mainz, hebis

GBV, UChicago


Allow courses to have a  temporary loan type that applies to all items placed on reserve for that course

UXPROD-3792 - Getting issue details... STATUS

5C / UMass top Courses priority (Gabe Stetson)



Bulk add items to a course

UXPROD-3979 - Getting issue details... STATUS

5C / UMass second Courses priority (Gabe Stetson)

Douglas College



Allow Users to Add Items to Course by Using an Item Search, Rather than just a Barcode

UXPROD-2774 - Getting issue details... STATUS

5C / UMass third Courses priority (Gabe Stetson)

Douglas College


Allow Addition of Electronic Items to a Course, Without Needing to Create a "fake" Barcode.

UXPROD-2775 - Getting issue details... STATUS

5C / UMass fourth Courses priority (Gabe Stetson)

Douglas College



When removing an item from a reserve list, check if item is on reserve for another class, and require confirmation for removal if found

UXPROD-3901 - Getting issue details... STATUS

5C / UMass fifth Courses priority (Gabe Stetson)

Douglas College

Wellesley College

CoursesIt would be great to be able to sort by more than just course name, course code, and section in the courses pane.  Also, it would be good to be able to add fields to that view (like number of students, location, etc)

5C / UMass (Gabe Stetson)

Douglas College

CoursesTemporary loan type is automatically removed when an item is removed from a Course

Mentioned in Reserves Slack channel as a desired feature (Migena Rrapushaj - Villanova)

Users/Check outIt would be great to have an Action on the User record that allows you to initiate check out to the user in question. This is a feature in Koha that is used frequently by the library.

UIU-1038 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Molly Driscoll Linked feature was closed, but Actions menu contains shortcuts to new requests, fees/fines, and blocks, but not Check out.

WHU - Otto Beisheim School of Management

MultipleCheck in AND Check out note (General circulation note) OR duplicate notes action

Libraries often use the same text for check in and check out notes. We discussed on slack the possibility of either having a general circulation note that is visible at both check in and check out, or adding the ability to duplicate a circulation note.

One use-case I've heard is wanting to have a pop-up specifically for reserves items.

Check outApply the “Opening time offset” setting consistently


Folio pays attention to the offset setting only if the Due Time falls during the closed hours/days. Make Folio always check the offset setting when an hourly item is checked out, so the behaviour is consistent.Douglas College
RequestsConfigurable ability to place requests on Aged to Lost items

Tara Barnett
SPL would like to be able to place requests on aged to lost items, which is currently not allowed. They need this for several reasons, including that aged to Lost items are often returned, and high demand items generate new purchases.Spokane Public Library
RequestsSet hold expiration at the time of request

Tara Barnett
CU Boulder would like to be able to set the hold expiration date at the time of placing the request for ILL items. This is because many libraries hold ILL items on the hold shelf until the items themselves are due.CU Boulder
Check InAdd pop-up for Suppressed state items

Tara Barnett
SPL would like to have a configurable option for pop-up notices to flag suppressed items at the point of check in.Spokane Public Library