2019-5-9 Resource Access Meeting Notes



Andrea Loigman

Kai Sprenger

Joanne Leary

Sharon Wiles-Young

Darcy Branchini

sthomas (Deactivated)

David Larsen

David Bottorff

Emma Boettcher

Jana Freytag

Katharina Haas

Kim Ammons

Kimie Kester

Magda Zacharska

Rameka Barnes


William Weare

Mark Canney

Holly Mistlebauer

Discussion Items


30minLocations in circ rulessthomas (Deactivated)Adding locations/location-details to Circulation Rules

Sean provided a demo of locations setup in Circulation rules; location details: Campus, library, collection, area, section. 1. Deep collection nesting for locations. 2. Distributed collections copies in different libraries. 3. Combination of both issues.

Demo of creating circulation policies to meet the location details above. Showed the key value pairs in circulation rules editor and relating them to policies.

UI question and how to code locations- yes libraries use codes; type of policy with locations and hierarchies how to encode, how to navigate-pull down, search, select multiple locations

5minRenewalsEmma BoettcherRenewals and due date schedules

-When renewing rolling loans with due date schedules, what dates should FOLIO check to make sure they fall in the due date schedule?
Notes: This is H but I need a response by 5/14, so it may be less pressing than other H items.

Renewal dates and due date schedules–for fixed use the loan system date will renew from; for rolling loans have fixed date cap so the renew would add to current due date until hits date cap

Will send an email with use cases to get answers – Sean will help Emma with some of the questions

20minNoticesDarcy BranchiniTokens in notices

Determine the use of locations/effective location in notices–

Patron notices why do we need barcode token operator needs an unique identifier to help identify user (both barcodes and patron id are in user management record–looking at more fields in user management - University Id)

All contributors token- what happens if there is no primary contributor (author) --if there is no primary checked then get the first in sequence that will be primary; if no contributor then it would be entry–Questions for metadata management

Other questions: Check in receipts: do you need dates of when check in and back dated date; for fines just check in date

date and time always needed - best if for long terms loans drop the time; can we identify long term from short term, is it in the loan policy table? FOR now just have date and time

Number of renewals and cap – do patrons need the number of renewals on the notice, show how many renewals patron made? Last renewal date would be good to have on patron notice

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