2019-3-14 Resource Access Meeting Notes



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15minDemo - Patron notices Darcy BranchiniDemo on notice templates and policies
15minPatron notices - next stepsDarcy BranchiniFeatures planned for patron notices
15minManual fees/fines demoHolly MistlebauerSetup and charges, viewing history and details

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e.g. loans, fees/finesNamee.g. Q4 2018, Q1 2019Clearly stated decision


Darcy - notices

  • Demo of templates
    • Contact information still to come, and improvements to date/time
    • Long list of tokens: is the dropdown menu the right UI pattern for this? List will only get longer as more things (e.g., relating to fees/fines) are added
    • Adding different accordions for print and SMS templates (right now only email is supported
  • Demo of policies
    • Fields: Name, triggering events, template used, format, when to send & how often
      • Feedback that a status change cannot be a triggering event - you need to also add a condition to only notify the top person and not the whole queue
    • Set up request notices, fee/fine notices & loan notices in same policy
  • Questions about circ rules: what do the codes mean (each letter corresponds to a different aspect of the rule, like loan type or material type) and what does priority mean (which aspect of the rule is considered first)
  • Still to come: batch scheduling
    • Comment that it would be really nice to send notices for reserve items with short loans (specific e.g. of texted reminders)

Holly - fees/fines

  • Demo of fee/fine owners:
    • Fields: owner, description, and associated service points
  • Demo of manual charges:
    • Configure per-owner the default notices
    • Table of fines, with the fields fee/fine type, default, charge notice, action notice
    • Can clone manual fee/fine charges to use the same table (or same table + edits) for a different owner, or can set owner to "shared" and create fees/fines that are used by everyone
  • Question: if a shared fee/fine manual charge changes, does it change for everyone? Yes. (If you'd like to maintain it for a few libraries, then you need to add a version of it to the individual fee/fine owner.)
  • Demo of payment methods
    • Configure per-owner a list of payment methods: Name, refund allowed, last updated
    • Can also set owner to "shared" here
  • Straw poll on end-of-list styling: general group feedback is that "end of list" is not necessary, but having the total number (and how many out of the total number are displayed) would be more helpful & accomplish the same thing
  • Demo of users' open/closed fees/fines and patron blocks
    • Debate over whether the link to create a new block should be called "Add" or "New" - strong preference toward having a verb (since otherwise it might seem like one is viewing new blocks) or a + symbol, but "Add" is used in specific contexts when one is adding from an existing list and not creating a new object, so it may not be the verb of choice here