2019-11-14 Resource Access Meeting Notes



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5minHousekeeping Andrea Loigman
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10minPatron noticesDarcy BranchiniPatron notice - from address

Decide if from address needs to be configurable. Is a no-reply address sufficient with contact information in the notice or do we need valid from addresses so patrons can reply to an email rather than clicking the contact us link.

15minPatron noticesDarcy BranchiniPatron notice - next steps/prioritiesOpen discussion on patron notice reporting. This will be a first conversation to start to understand what is needed, desired, etc.
10minWolfconAndrea LoigmanExpected attendance and meeting topicsHow many are planning/hoping to attend?  Review of suggested meeting topics.

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Darcy: Reports for notices. Darcy's notes are available here: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/17uOoG1Qc3flyFPMEa4g1Jg_G1lVmYxrw1ATZdYNteek/edit?usp=sharing

Errors with FOLIO reports. Possibly errors building notices or sending notices. Logs will be helpful but probably not sufficient. Should be a report that can be run occasionally.

Has anyone tested notices? Works in FOLIO testing and snapshot.

What do we need captured in logs? date/time, notice type, exact wording. GDPR - logs have to be deleted after a certain amount of time.
Is notice information available from user record, loan record, or item record?

Will we have ability to send notice again from whatever screen? If logs capture full wording then possible to resend. Important to have exact wording available to settle disputes.

Should we allow patrons to opt out of notices? Most say 'no' but no opposition to allowing a tenent setting for sites that desire this. Easy workarounds exist for cases where email notification is undesirable.

Should we allow patrons to select notice format? Not every site will have SMS. Also, SMS message format may have less information than email or print notice. Seems to be agreement from many sites that this feature is desirable.

Do we want feature to record or track whether recipient clicks on notice or not? Many sites uncomfortable with this level of tracking by libraries.

Do we need to scope 'notices to be sent'? If FOLIO system doesn't use (as OLE does) then not necessary to build initially

From address for notices. General setting for all locations or configurable at library level? Would be great if this could be configurable at library level.

Andrea: How many are planning/hoping to attend WolfCon?  Please review or add to suggested meeting topics. Please read/view Cornell's circulation usability testing  - 2019_09_FOLIO_Circulation Report.pdf