2019-7-11 Resource Access Meeting Notes



Discussion Items

5 minHousekeepingAndrea Loigman
15minNoticesMultiple items single notice/increments for sendingBetter understand the expectations and interdependencies around requirements of these tightly linked issues. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/13Xnb7j-xt0CZrgD9zRuH3OBX_bxR8FNl94F52Lom9gM/edit#gid=0
10 minCreation of MVPHolly MistlebauerAt the D.C. meeting the Product Council charged the Capacity Planning Team to identify a Market-Viable Product (MVP)
  • Hopefully this isn't new news to you!
  • MVP will be a solid set of features–technically sound with good performance
  • Many features identified as needed at go-live will not be included
    • We don't have enough time to do everything between now and January 1st
    • But we will identify workarounds for missing go-live features
    • Each institution will need to decide if the MVP plus workarounds will be o.k. for them
  • The POs will take the information from these ranking exercises to identify priority order and nominate top features for MVP
  • After the Capacity Plan is created, additional cuts will most likely be needed–the Capacity Planning Team will work with the POs and SIGs to figure out what to do
  • Devs will be reallocated as needed to get the work done
30 minFees/FinesHolly Mistlebauer  Re-ranking fee/fine features

Review for Fee/Fine UXPROD features for possible re-ranking

(Please open the spreadsheet at https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/17muqftBy3M1BRA4bedbSHeUI1v8oG4KCMES1uf3QG1k/edit?usp=sharing to work along with Holly)

Meeting Outcomes

Functional Area

Product Owner

Planned Release (if known)

Decision Reached


e.g. loans, fees/finesNamee.g. Q4 2018, Q1 2019


RA SIG 7-11-19

Darcy discussed the criteria for having multiple items on a single notice:

  • For long term loans, all items due on a single day get included on notice (note: this could mean MANY items)
  • Receipts for checkouts: triggers would be clicking “end session,” starting new session by doing a patron search, or reaching default session timeout
  • Receipts for returns: bundled by session; session times out automatically if a new session is not started
  • What about notice receipts for self-checkout? Whether a notice gets sent at all would be set up ahead of time. Not in development yet.
  • We need an issue to enable toggling sending receipts on/off, and to batch multiple items.
  • Courtesy reminder notices – how close to due date/time should they be sent? Can determine for loans measured in days, but minutes is difficult. Would be nice to have, but concentrate on daily loans for now.


State of development: the current situation is that we have too many go-live issues and need to identify the ones that are the highest priority in order to have a market-viable product (MVP). The Capacity Planning Team is trying to resolve performance issues and come out with an MVP by January 1. The product would satisfy basic needs or provide workarounds. Libraries would decide whether they want to go live on that basis. The highest priority after January 1 is to fix bugs and to work on needed features. On 8/19/19, the team will present what they have so far to the Product Owners.

Fine Fees: Holly asks us to look at the Fine Fee Ranking spreadsheet (link above) and note the ones highlighted in yellow. Is the ranking correct? If not, change and update in JIRA. Ranking scale: highest number is the most important. Some discussion about the behavior of Claims Returned: fines should be suspended when a CLMR status is applied, but the fine is only calculated after the item is returned/discharged. Need to have a discussion on whether/how to charge or not charge fine.