2019-10-17 Resource Access Meeting Notes



Discussion Items

5minHousekeeping Andrea Loigman
15minInventory Charlotte WhittISBNs in inventory

Determine how ISBNs should be handled in Inventory in terms of display and searching

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15minUser notesUser notes from check-out appDetermine to what extent patron notes will need to be visible/accessible from the check-out app. Questions from UA SIG.
30minCirc rulesCate Boerema (Deactivated)Circ rules update and plansGoal is to do a review of circ rules as it currently exists and as Filip designed them and questions about next steps . . . what is/isn’t done, what’s planned and how to deal with post-MVP development.

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No meeting Monday, October 21

Calendar doesn’t allow opening/closing times except on the hour and half hour (i.e., it’s not possible to set a closing time for 11:45 PM).  Cheryl will poll the group via Jira to see how big this issue is for other libraries than Chicago.  This also affects hourly due dates, since they can be truncated to closing time, opening time the next day, or closing the following day.  Cheryl will bring up this issue next Thursday. Erin will facilitate this meeting as Andrea will be away.

ISBNs are a repeatable element in the inventory.  Inventory searches by ISBN search across all (and right truncate to handle ISBNs with extra information, e.g. “ pbk.”, at end of number).  Inventory handles both 10 and 13-digit ISBNs and may eventually be able to search with either 10 to 13 and find either form.  There is also a field for invalid ISBNs.  Searches will be able to be done in MVP with or without hyphens (and it won’t matter whether the record has either form).  Relais D2D (https://www.oclc.org/en/d2d.html) uses ISBN searching, and that may mean it will need to convert between 10- and 13-digit forms of ISBNs in MVP for searches of the catalog via z39.50.  D2D is used by Chicago, Cornell, Duke, and Lehigh.

Should patron notes be handled as blocks?  The title, type, and date should display in the accordion (not just a counter).  The title is more important than the type if space is a consideration.  Emma will follow up on this.

Cheryl Malmborg is the new PO for circulation rules.  Syntax for Circ Rules on Github (https://github.com/folio-org/mod-circulation/blob/master/doc/circulationrules.md).  UXPROD-2130 (https://folio-org.atlassian.net/browse/UXPROD-2130 ) is on Lost item fee policies, overdue fine policies, and loan limit policies in circulation rules editor.  Outstanding circ rules features have to do with implmenting features from Filip's original vision in https://discuss.folio.org/t/loan-rules-ux-iteration-4/834.  

Institutions should read the documentation and try to implement their rules and policies in FOLIO.  It is functional, and Chalmers is using it, so it is testable.  Testing can be done by checking items out and viewing the applied loan policy (it displays right on the checkout page).  Feedback should be given within RA SIG to help prioritize remaining work.  Chalmers had a positive experience. 

Test Loan Rules Feature was not ranked highly by all, but it really needs to be in place before "go live."

Issues with specifying loan rules by library were discussed.  Demonstration of using "OR" logic was hindered by paucity of records in inventory, but was successfully demonstrated.