2019-12-16 Resource Access Meeting Notes



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5minHousekeeping Andrea Loigman
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RA SIG is better informed about the outcome and recommendations of Cornell's Usability test of circ related functions  (2019_09_FOLIO_Circulation Report.pdf)


10minTruncated loans
Determine if patron expiration date should be an outer bound on any due date calculation

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Usability - Huda Khan

Huda discussed the general findings from Circ Function Usability Testing that was recently conducted at Cornell. Five participants were asked to perform 10 basic circulation tasks.

  • The most significant finding was the universal difficulty in placing a hold request. It was unclear where or how to initiate the request, or how to link the patron and item information to make a request. Button terminology will be changed to make it clear to click the button that will complete the request (not start over, as currently interpreted). Inventory will be changed to position a “request this item” button near the top of the item information block
  • Most testers wanted to search for an item by call number; that functionality was not present in the test, but is added as part of the MVP
  • Some testers found pop-up messages confusing; too much information
  • Some didn’t understand the difference between the terms “sponsor” and “proxy,” but once understood, found it easy to select the appropriate profile
  • Good findings: working in fee/fine screens was easy and intuitive; check-in and checkout were easy; Darcy Branchini said that Cornell tester Tobi Hines found that transitioning to FOLIO terminology from Voyager terminology was surprisingly easy
  • Bottom line: there needs to be a stronger/more obvious path between searching for something and doing something with it. Button placement and labeling are crucially important.

Flash! After the meeting, Kimie reported that a JIRA issue has been created to address the problem of confusing drop-down menu selections at the top of the screen. STCOM-553 - Getting issue details... STATUS The goal is to create a more intuitive selector for placing requests or initiating other actions.

Brooks Travis brought up a problem that he encountered in doing bug testing: the patron expiration date (if earlier than the calculated due date) did not seem to shorten the due date. This is a problem.

  • In all cases, the patron expiration date, if earlier than the calculated due date, should override the standard due date. It should also trump the “minimum guaranteed loan” setting. This is a fundamental need and should be part of MVP.
  • For existing loans, a newly entered or modified patron expiration date should update the due dates on loans for that patron, in much the same way as a recall might update a due date. This would be an enhancement. (This is an issue that should probably be handled by Cheryl, who was not present at today’s meeting.)
  • Jana: we would like a pop-up alert to display when a due date has been truncated

Huda asked that we alert her to any other areas that may need usability testing, and if we have any other questions.