2022-03-10 Product Council Meeting notes/SIG Conveners Meeting



SIG Updates Google Document: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1268qg6EoxMwgqnmQkgeUycZkZJQs-No4rJr5xizvamw/edit#heading=h.yf2owioibw1u

Discussion items

10 min


FOLIO Roadmap published

Subgroups table - reporting on groups

Updates on module evaluations

  • The Roadmap group is available to talk with groups about how this works and to refine the contents based on input from SIGs.

  • Review of the bulk edit pilot is withdrawn, review of the MARC authorities user interface is done.  The technical evaluation of the Translation app is a big one that is hung up; concern is that this would make three ways that translations are handled in FOLIO (questioning whether this is an architectural direction that we want).
  • Is there anything that would be helpful from the PC to move along the Translation app ( TCR-9 - Getting issue details... STATUS )? The issues surrounding it are technical and architectural in nature.  Part of the concern is that it is coming to TC fully baked without much input from the community.
  • A comment that we need to make sure there is room for experimentation.  We also need to be clear in communication back to the developers when new functionality is proposed.  In addition to encouraging innovation, we need to be clear about things that impact the whole platform are up to a supportable standard.  It might make sense to schedule a follow-up for Product Council as the TC review gets underway (including understanding the complexity around the decision).
15 min

BugFest for Lotus (presentation)

There are still test cases to be claimed; anyone interested can contact Anton Emelianov (Deactivated) for a Testrail account and instructions on how to run the test cases.  See slide for details. Details about the bugfest are on the Bug Fest R1 2022 Lotus page.

New for this release are the automated test cases being managed by the AQA engineers.  70 tests are covered now; the expectation is to have a full smoke test of 180 automated tests for Morningglory that can be run in hours rather than having the overhead of coordinating people taking days. 

55 minSIG UpdatesSee notes below
10 minFuture agenda topics

Capacity planning role and resources - revisit role and responsibility of this group

Update from priorities-for-development sub-group in 3-4 weeks.

Demo of the checklist/tracking application by the Open Access group (a few weeks away from having something developed).

SIG Updates

Open Access (Björn Muschall)

  • OA Request app making very good progress in development
    • People and Journals as separate tabs and classes of information
    • Add OA properties in Agreements app (Supplementary properties) - if linked also displayed in OA request app
    • Add Correspondence
    • Add Charges
  • We had a demo on Invoices from Dennis and discussed integration with Invoices, i.e. create basic invoice records from within the OA request app.
  • We’re in discussion about task based processes with the aim of a flexible functionality for doing checks and tracking what has been done (in fourth pane)

User Management (Maura Byrne)

  • There have been somewhat few agenda items for meetings this year, so we’ve agreed to try diminishing the number of meetings to two a month (first and third Wednesdays).  We will reserve the off Wednesdays for now, in case there is something very important or time-sensitive that can’t wait for a regular meeting.
  • We went over the Juniper documentation for the Users app and the Users section of Settings.
  • We wrote up some requirements for UXPROD-242, which asks for the ability to protect some fields from a large User Import.

Resource Access (Jana Freytag)

  • Regular open discussion rounds on issues regarding circulation
  • Making service points inactive - UXPROD-1562
    • Discussion on: How we control what's displayed and not displayed as a pickup location in the discovery interfaces
  • Reporting cross Meeting

Reporting (Angela Zoss) - sorry, can’t make it this month

  • Trying a new SIG meeting schedule: 2nd and 4th Mondays at 10am Eastern, 1st and 3rd Thursdays at 2pm Eastern. With alternating SIG meeting schedule, we will be able to cover less material in SIG meetings and will have a bit of a harder time coming to consensus. Will probably rely on asynchronous communication to keep SIG conversations moving forward.
  • Very active period for query development, mostly porting LDP queries to Metadb. Planning a release of our query repository to coincide with Lotus release. 
  • Have still been doing some general training in SIG meetings. Covered Git and Github in February.
  • LDP software has a recent pre-release version (1.6.0-beta1). No specific news on Metadb, but still in active development and expecting a beta version in the near future.

Metadata Management (Felix Hemme, Raegan Wiechert)

  • Charlotte presented on UIIN-1920 (advanced search in Inventory) and collected feedback from various SIG members. As soon as the advanced search has been implemented, user acceptance testing will take place.
  • Inactive locations: Erin Nettifee visited MM SIG and presented on UXPROD-3562 (inactive locations). As a result, inactive locations will display at the bottom of the locations select list with prefix “inactive” in italics, see ticket for a mockup.
  • Call number browse: Magda asked which call number type (Dewey etc.) should be supported by the browse function at the beginning and created a survey to get feedback on this. 
  • MM related use cases for data sync: Martina and Charlotte presented on this topic and shared a survey to collect feedback from the group, like in other SIGs as well.

Consortia (Noah Brubaker)

  • Consortia SIG had Ian Ibottson and Owen Stephens discuss ERM functionality in relation to consortia.  We had an overview of existing functionality and began identifying some questions and opportunities for the consortia SIG to provide input on ERM functionality needs and use cases.  Thanks to Martina Tumulla for making the connections for this to happen.
  • The consortia SIG otherwise has been working through functionality requirements for a consortia admin tool for managing tenant configurations.

Accessibility – dormant at this time

SysOps (Ingolf Kuss)

Implementers (Ian Walls)

Recent meetings have discussed the upgrade to Kiwi and any surprises/pitfalls therewith.  Interest has been expressed in having a special meetings on the topics:

  • Circulation Rules Showcase
  • How to Plan Your Data Migration (joint with Data Migration Group)

Support (Anya Arnold and Debra Howell)

Privacy (Carsten Schwill and Adam Chandler)

SIG Page: https://folio-org.atlassian.net/wiki/display/PRIV/Privacy+SIG+Home

  • Working on Data Disclosure document for code repositories

Public Library (Adam Murray)

App Interaction (Martina Schildt)

  • The App Interaction SIG continued discussing Dashboard use cases. Next steps are:
    •  Owen will extract key use cases from the use cases list and discuss the effort with developers
    • create UXPROD stories that can be cloned to get started 
    • Move forward User Management use cases 
  • In last App Interaction meeting Maura gave as a demo on the latest User Management functionality
    • Delete users
    • Custom fields
    • Preferred names
  • Data Sync wg: the data sync working group asked SIGs to take part in a survey to learn about acceptable delays for data to be in sync
    • For some use cases 5 minutes were fine, some would even allow 15 minutes or up to several hours
    • Especially the RA use cases ask for updates in less than 5 seconds
    • The pub-sub approach can solve those use cases that allow at least some minutes of delay
    • There is currently no solution for the use cases needing instantaneous updates -> working group is wrapping up and planning to present approach and findings to the relevant groups

Acquisitions (Dung-Lan Chen)

  • ACG SIG officially shifted every other Friday meeting schedule to accommodate Dennis’ schedule conflict with the development team after conducting polls for making the change in both ACQ SIG and ERM channels.  Updated meeting schedule has been posted on ACQ SIG and Community Calendars
  • Darci Rueda helped make changes in ACQ SIG wiki page to be more standardized with the rest of other groups (ACQ SIG decided to mainly communicate thru slack channel instead of via email mailing list)
  • Highlights of the Lotus release was presented in one of ACQ SIG February meetings
  • We had a week in Feb. that we didn’t meet when Dennis was away.  The discussions in ACQ SIG since the last SIG Convener update have been focusing on managing voucher export, etc. plus continuing on topics on Implementers Topics list which happened to be several invoices related topics in a row … making progress on moving along what’s on the list!

ERM (Martina Tumulla & Martina Schildt)

  • The ERM SIG meets fortnightly.
  • The latest Discussions were focussed on implementers topics. Those topics were:
    • Warnings for expired licenses on agreements
    • Multi-valued terms for licenses
    • Requirement to be able to search over all indexed fields with one search
    • Preset filters

Meeting Chat Log

00:03:51	Maura Byrne:	I wanted to hear the piano music
00:05:59	Jesse Koennecke (he/him):	https://wiki.folio.org/display/PC/FOLIO+Roadmap+2021-2023
00:09:31	Kristin Martin:	https://folio-org.atlassian.net/wiki/display/PC/Product+Council+Sub+Groups
00:11:33	Tod Olson:	I'm making a reference from the TC subgroup page to the PC subgroup page, and copying some of the FOLIO Scope Criteria info.
00:33:08	Maura Byrne:	BRB
00:36:09	Anton Emelianov:	https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1uVEDx7u2V4ynXK9IFCQ5e38TgxgeII4NL3FxVRr7h6E/edit?usp=sharing
00:37:37	Kristin Martin:	That works!
00:39:36	Maura Byrne:	I’m back
00:41:59	Kristin Martin:	need to step away
00:44:32	Kristin Martin:	back
00:45:45	Tod Olson:	I can cover Reporting, but the notes are pretty self-explanatory.
00:46:45	Jesse Koennecke (he/him):	We can swing back to reporting if you have anything to highlight.
00:47:40	Brooks Travis:	Any updates on MetaDB availability and implications for LDP app?
00:49:07	Jesse Koennecke (he/him):	We will swing back to reporting at the end.
00:50:28	Charlotte Whitt:	Brooks - It shouldn't have any impact on the LDP app. It may have an impact on the queries people run.
00:53:41	Owen Stephens:	Thanks
00:53:50	Owen Stephens:	I’ll definitely watch that
01:09:24	Charlotte Whitt:	I did check with Nassib, and he wrote to me:
01:09:49	Charlotte Whitt:	MetaDB will not significantly impact the LDP app other than making more data available for reporting.
01:09:55	Owen Stephens:	Glad I’m not the only one to occasionally say “Metalib” (a blast from the past for me) instead of metadb!
01:10:12	Charlotte Whitt:	Nassib Nassar  4:35 PM
Metadb is under development.  It is running in production with ReShare, and we are currently testing it with FOLIO.  FOLIO libraries are running in production with LDP 1.x and/or LDLite.
01:10:13	Tod Olson:	: )
01:10:42	Charlotte Whitt:	4:36
LDP has a nascent community website:  https://librarydataplatform.org
01:15:10	Anya:	Thanks