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The FOLIO Prioritization and Roadmap Group will manage a holistic process for developing, reviewing, adjusting, and communicating the FOLIO Community Development Roadmap (Roadmap).  At a minimum, this process should address the following key components:

  • Manage the FOLIO feature prioritization process- (
  • Recommend changes and updates to the prioritization process 
  • Work with SIGs, Councils, and other groups to identify and update roadmap themes/sub-themes
  • Establish and maintain a community driven roadmap that focuses on the priorities of global FOLIO community
  • Clarify how the Roadmap intersects with the work of the Release Planning team, testing processes, and release schedules
  • Communicate the Roadmap so it is clear what is targeted for development and what is not
  • Clearly articulate which individuals or groups are responsible for the priorities for segments of the project (i.e. who defines priorities for Resource Access, Reporting, Cross-app functionality, etc…)
  • Integrate information about external (not guided by community resources) development effort towards on/off-roadmap features into communication about priorities and progress
  • Generate and update documentation and visualizations of the Roadmap integrating:
    • Short-term view from release notes/upcoming assigned work - updated with each release
    • Long-term view of prioritization of themes and subthemes - updated annually or more frequent
      • Resourced and un-resourced
      • “Core” teams and external teams
    • Technical Roadmap, as appropriate


Members of the Working Group will be appointed by the Product Council (PC) and should include at least two members of the PC.  Additional members should be individuals active in the FOLIO community who bring energy and skills to the group. In order to facilitate strong cross-council communication, the WG should nominate representatives or liaisons to the TC and CC, either from the membership of those councils or otherwise. Members should expect to regularly commit to 1-2 hours per week and more time at focused intervals 2-3 times per year.  

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  • Slack channel: #folio-prioritization-roadmap

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If you have any questions or are interested in participating, please contact the convener Jesse Koennecke 


The Working Group regularly meets at 9:00 AM Eastern on Wednesdays.
Meeting ID: 889 2452 6057