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 Working group status


The proposed prioritization process was approved by PC in the following meeting: 2022-11-17 Product Council Meeting Notes. The FOLIO Prioritization and Roadmap Working Group has taken over the task to manage the FOLIO feature prioritization process.


The prioritization working group is to propose a new process for identifying priorities for new development in FOLIO that is equitable, transparent and clear. The group will consider how to get input from the community on priorities, taking into consideration institutional as well as SIG requirements. 

The group will as part of this process investigate possible tools that could be used for rankings or votings. For this purpose it may research ways of prioritizing in other open source or commercial projects.


JIRA will no longer be used for institutional rankings, as it is not seen as the appropriate tool. The existing JIRA rankings will be exported and made available in a spreadsheet for historical purposes only.

We may need a way to import rankings back into JIRA.

There was a pointing process introduced for Kiwi that was based on JIRA rankings, as only R1 and R2 features made it into a spreadsheet for institutions to point on. With JIRA being no longer used for rankings, there is either a new process or a new tool needed (open source tool).

The working group will submit the proposal to the PC by .

Working group members


Anya Arnold

Tod Olson

Jana Freytag

Martina Schildt

Debra Howell

Jacquie Samples

Martina Tumulla

Marie Widigson

Michelle Futornick

Thomas Trutt



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If you have any questions or are interested in participating, please contact the conveners Jana Freytag or Martina Schildt.


Fortnightly meetings on Wednesdays, 11 am Eastern U.S. time via Zoom: