2022-10-06 Product Council Meeting notes

Late start at 10:00 AM Eastern!



Discussion items

5 min


  • SIG Conversations check-in - any issues/questions?

Scope criteria group: functional criteria group has a doodle poll out to volunteers for a meeting time along with some pre-work to review before the meeting. FOLIO builds group has not met yet (julie.bickle just returned from a break).

SIG conversations: Kristin Martin reported that she had interesting conversations with hers. Alexis has reached out to schedule others. Martina reports that app interaction will discuss on Monday and product owners on Tuesday.

Community Council has asked PC members to reach out to people on the three concerns/opportunities. Remember that responses can be anonymous.

Kirstin introduced Paul Kloppenborg from BSZ Konstanz, a group of 80 libraries in the south of Germany. Paul is the project lead for the libraries to join the FOLIO community.

Get questions to Alexis for the FOLIO-in-China meeting on October 20.

40 min

Documentation support and engaging new members

Situation: Marcia Borensztajn's contract to manage documentation is ending

CC considering intermediate and longer-term solutions to documentation

What can PC do to help support the effort?

Purpose: brainstorming

dracine has been the PC liaison to the documentation working group. With the Morning Glory release, the documentation has caught up to the software release. There is some funds remaining in the grant that could extend the contract for a short number of months, which might be used for a transition period. There are new partners that have come to the project with people that can work in the FOLIO project. As these partners are onboarding, the Documentation Working Group can be a good area to start becoming familiar with the project. (Testing is also a good area for new partners to work on.) Having new partners review and comment on the documentation as they come up on FOLIO brings information from people that have fresh eyes on the project.

A documentation advocate is importing. The critical role is keeping the momentum going and being the liaison to Product Council and others. The documentation working group relies on the release notes from the product owners, and sometimes there is clarity that is needed. One way to address that problem is to work more closely with the SIGs on describing what the functionality is and how it is supposed to work. A "position description" (scope of work, what the tasks are, and how much time is involved — perhaps starting with a product owner description?) is needed. This role is similar to a product owner in many ways, particularly in coordinating issues that come up from various libraries using the software. We can't split an "overview" role over many people because it is important for one person to have the broadest view.

An extension to Marcia's time would be helpful for working out the transition to a new person or a new form.  At the end of Marcia's agreement, she was working 5-8 hours/week. It feels like we are not working with all of the information we need at this time.  Noting that Leipzig initially funded the documentation specialist position.  Sometimes from an institution money is easier to give to the project than a person's time.

There are concerns that the testing structure needs to be revamped to focus on tests that check whether the system is doing what it needs to do rather than "working".

CC is going to continue to discuss this.

5 minFuture topics

Discussion about the setup of the Morning Glory reference environment.

Oct. 13: SIG updates/Roadmap plans

Release Planning and using the Jira dashboards to track releases (Harry Kaplanian)

Oct. 20: China Q&A: from Alexis from Slack:

Due to great interest in the Updates from the FOLIO Community in China WOLFcon presentation, the Product Council has scheduled a follow up Q&A session with members of the FOLIO China community.  The session will be held on Thursday, October 20th at 9:30am Eastern during the timeslot for the weekly PC meeting and is open to all.
More information on the FOLIO China community can be found on the Benevolence Team’s wiki page.
We are asking those with questions to submit them in advance. Please send them to me via slack or email by Tuesday, October 18th. I will share them with Lucy Liu, Gang Zhou, and others who will respond during the session.

Meeting chat log

00:09:25	Kristin Martin:	https://docs.google.com/document/d/1-F613EM2d4pOwgRQobRQyS0k5T2T9RjoprNcfA_NLa0/edit#heading=h.m83ixy3abjcu
00:11:56	Karen Newbery:	welcome!
00:11:57	Maura Byrne:	Welcome!
00:12:03	Kristin Martin:	Welcome!
00:12:16	Charlotte Whitt:	Big welcome \o/
00:12:17	Peter Murray:	Kirstin: could you put his name in chat, please? (If he wants it recorded in the minutes)
00:12:33	Sharon Wiles-Young:	Glad to have you with us!
00:13:45	Kirstin Kemner-Heek:	Paul Kloppenborg, BSZ Konstanz
00:14:19	Kirstin Kemner-Heek:	and, me, Paul Kloppenborg (BSZ), I am the Project Leader for FOLIO
00:14:33	Peter Murray:	Thank you!
00:18:24	Dracine Hodges:	https://docs.folio.org/
00:29:19	Kirstin Kemner-Heek:	Some of the new partners already have done a huge gap analysis and made the decision pro Folio. So, it is a good idea but maybe they can do bit more as well.
00:39:41	Brooks Travis:	I almost wonder if an SA is a better map?
00:39:47	Brooks Travis:	Solution architect
00:40:10	Dracine Hodges:	Maybe. Is there a PD you can point to?
00:46:36	Owen Stephens:	I don't really know if this helps, but in an Open source project I worked on, OpenRefine, we had a 6 month contract at the value of $25,000 USD for migrating documentation to a new platform, re-structuring and re-writing where necessary. I don't think this is a direct equivalent to what is needed here but this was done by a less experienced person with a background in archives & libraries
00:46:49	Owen Stephens:	This was the notice for the hire https://openrefine.org/blog/2020/04/23/documentation-hire.html
00:47:31	Brooks Travis:	Could we develop a “salary” range for the position?
00:48:09	Owen Stephens:	That $25k was not a salary but a value for the contract - how many hours were to be worked was not specified, but rather the outcome was defined
00:49:11	Brooks Travis:	This gets back to my “providing mechanisms to fund resourcing for directed activities at the project level” issue…
00:49:14	Marc Johnson:	Is partner a synonym for members?
00:50:10	Kirstin Kemner-Heek:	Yes
00:50:49	Marc Johnson:	Brooks, I agree, that’s a capability the community needs.

I think that’s a CC topic rather than a PC one.
00:51:10	Karen Newbery:	have to run
00:51:16	Ian Walls:	I would recommend to sticking to defining the roles that we need done, and how much time we'd like to do that job
00:51:42	Ian Walls:	institutions can then donate time in kind, or fund a contractor, or pool resources through FOLIO SMLLC to hire a contractor
00:54:05	Charlotte Whitt:	+ 1 Kirstin
00:54:20	Brooks Travis:	@Ian What mechanism exists for that last one? I agree, this is out of bounds for this council, but I feel like I have to keep asking. I’m unable to attend CC.
00:54:35	Martina Schildt:	+1 to the onboarding meeting
00:55:19	Ian Walls:	I wouldn't confine ourselves to looking for engagement just from institutions who are Members of FOLIO SMLLC
00:56:34	Brooks Travis:	I’d like to raise a general concern regarding set-up of the MG reference environment, probably for discussion next week. I’m expecting this will be a cross-council discussion ultimately
00:59:00	Marc Johnson:	Ian, who would you want to engage with that aren’t willing / able to be members?
00:59:35	Ian Walls:	well, ByWater is not a Member
01:00:01	Marc Johnson:	That surprised me
01:00:07	Maura Byrne:	+1 Kirstin
01:03:07	Brooks Travis:	I need to jump.
01:03:20	Dracine Hodges:	Thanks for the discussion.