2022-08-18 Meeting notes



Discussion items

5 minAnnouncements

Morning Glory release date is now September 21.

Three institutions in China decided to pre-pay their dues for 5 years.

15 min

WOLFCON Updates:


Full schedule: https://wolfcon2022.sched.com/

PC/CC meetings

Purpose: Information sharing

Registration is strong: 167 people in person, over 250 people total. Registration for virtual attendees will continue until Aug 30th. In-person registration closed Sunday. On August 30, there will be people setting up between 2pm and 5pm...visitors welcome. Ask at the information counter at the library where we will be.  More information will be coming at the Know-before-you-go email.

For this year's membership, EBSCO has stated that they will cover the AWS costs for the project as their financial contribution. The Community Council will be determining how the dues will be spent for the upcoming year.

See the "PC/CC meetings" document for details about the council meetings.

The Sched website is nearly finalized. There are now show-and-tell demos on Thursday morning; these are informal walk-throughs/discussions and won't be broadcast to remote participants. The China update will cover all questions about FOLIO activity in China; send any questions to Lucy to have them included in the discussion.

30 min

Update and Status on Courses App

Background and current status

Desired state and resource needs

Purpose: awareness raising, brainstorming, and searching for resources

See the RA SIG meeting notes starting in 2018 for the history of the Courses App development. The initial group met to create requirements and Jira stories. The subgroup reformed in 2019 with Kelly Drake as the product owner and subgroup convener.  Simmons provided the financial support to get the app developed with Index Data; this version went live in Fameflower.  There has not been sustained development since then. Duke needed the Courses app for the summer of 2021, and md331 (Deactivated) added additional features including support for LTI (for connecting a system to a learning management platform). There hasn't been development after summer 2021 and the subgroup has not met. The Index Data "Thor" development team is listed as responsible with Charlotte Whitt as the product owner, but there is no active development at this time.

There is a groundswell of interest in further development of the Courses app. Efforts have been made to recruit a product owner without success. There is a Jira backlog of features with interest to be developed, but these should be reviewed in light of new experiences with FOLIO and what has happened in the product space since the Jira stories were developed in 2019. To move this forward, a convener of the subgroup and a product owner are needed to shape the discussion into actual requirements for a new or existing development team. Jana Freytag volunteered to convene as part of RA SIG activities and (OLD ACCOUNT) Erin Nettifee volunteered to help on-board a new product owner. There is also a need (being seen in the Support SIG) to address issues that have come up with the app. One thing that is missing is a workflow for faculty to request items being put on the Courses app and the status of those requests.

Recommendations: go back to institutions to see what resources for a convener and a product owner are available for the refinement of feature/function development of Courses.

Product Council should review the assignments in the FOLIO Module/JIRA project-Team-PO-Dev Lead responsibility matrix to see where teams are just caretakers rather than active developers of apps.

30 min

Capacity Planning Updates

Capacity Planning didn't have a charge; a new one was drafted. This charge directly affects the PC, so PC members should review it.  Capacity Planning would need to update Product Council on its activities and impact on the project. One thing is to change the name of the group since "capacity planning" isn't something the group has done in a while; something like "release planning" would be a more accurate name. There was a period of time when the group wasn't meeting, but they are meeting again now and should have a liaison with Product Council.

The draft implies a large change in the scope and purpose of the group; the draft includes a list of ideal representations for the group.

In addition to setting the timing of releases (including the series of dates and descriptions of tasks), it also determines what gets into hotfixes (based on the technical characteristics of the bugs being fixed).

Next steps: clean up the document for further discussion next week and in-person at WOLFcon.

10 minAgenda planning/upcoming meetings

Chat logs

00:10:00	Martina Schildt | VZG:	registration page: https://openlibraryfoundation.org/about/wolfcon/upcoming/
00:10:26	Martina Schildt | VZG:	registration for virtual attendance is open until Aug 30th
00:10:28	Peter Murray:	Kirstin: I didn't get the details for the minutes about where the setup will be happening.  Help?
00:11:10	Kristin Martin:	Sounds like that will go into the Know before you Go information, so @peter, it will be okay to say details will be coming.
00:11:58	Kristin Martin:	https://docs.google.com/document/d/1GB0WIc-BxIv0byTNBWpGzzljn2TDfIKNEg95O38A_R4/edit?pli=1#heading=h.lcwyehlkpoi7
00:12:17	Kirstin Kemner-Heek:	Peter, it Would be great if You could be around at Bucerius on Tuesday at 5 pm to help us with the technical Setup. We will be at SUB Hamburg from 2 pm onwards and walk over around 16:30 pm.
00:18:32	Alexis Manheim:	I'm going to ask someone else from Stanford to go to the everything about China session since I can't go!
00:18:47	Kristin Martin:	Me too.
00:21:41	Kristin Martin:	https://wiki.folio.org/display/RA/RA+-+Reserves
00:25:54	Charlotte Whitt:	One had to be listed :-D
00:26:09	Charlotte Whitt:	But I have not done any active work on Courses
00:26:50	anya:	that is why the original group stopped meeting
00:26:54	Charlotte Whitt:	Erin, thanks. That was a very good summary
00:32:52	Jana Freytag | VZG:	I'd be happy to convene as it is part of RA.
00:35:24	Charlotte Whitt:	WOLFcon: PO work and recruiting new POs (8/31 at 4 pm CET-
00:38:13	Kathleen Berry (UMA/5C):	FC Courses https://docs.google.com/document/d/1N2xxBaPLnAgu0r3lV2-k70X0nyWMv5qsJcIN0Spy-1A/edit?usp=sharing

FC Courses top 5
00:38:53	Erin Nettifee:	Integration with LMS exists - there is an edge LTI module.
00:39:17	anya:	Some issues that just reported to me today : Course Reserves Temp location disappearing - in FOLIO UI
00:39:24	anya:	Some symptoms:
Temp location not showing in the course list view while it is set on the item.  
Temp location showing and then not showing in the same list view. 
Temp location showing for one staff at the same time another staff doesn't see them.  
Temp locations not showing in the list view and then after editing and saving the temp locations are showing for most of the items in the list. 
Opening an item without a displayed temp location on list view and there is one showing selected and "save and close" is active.  Other times "save and close" is not active. 
Items that don't have a temp location at all after being added to a course. (this may be a different problem all together)
00:39:30	Kristin Martin:	I received the following via slack:
00:39:44	Kristin Martin:	Need a workflow to automate putting items on and off reserve according to the Start and End Dates of each item. Use case: I have a couple of faculty who put a group of DVDs (somewhere between 3 to 15 items) on reserve for 1-2 weeks, rotating them throughout the semester. This is going to be onerous.
When an item is added to a course, it immediately changes its temp location. This makes it difficult to schedule items before the semester begins.
Ability to assign a default loan policy to a Course. Right now I have to add them to each item. Perhaps this is based on a loan policy that I need to write? (Did I mention that I am new?)
Another use case: some Courses have different default borrowing periods (i.e. loan policies)
Ability to sort items on reserve in a course by title, author, and call number (or even start date)
Some way to highlight items that are currently on reserve vs. future vs. past
Bulk edit. Select multiple items and change their temp location, temp loan policy, etc. in one fell swoop
00:39:52	Brooks Travis:	We need an edge-courses interface, too
00:40:20	anya:	I think it was Aaron
00:42:30	Erin Nettifee:	@brooks what do you mean? edge-lti-courses exists and can be used
00:43:14	Brooks Travis:	For discovery integration that's not LTI
00:43:41	Erin Nettifee:	you could use edge-lti-courses for that, i think....
00:43:44	Erin Nettifee:	worth more discussion.
00:43:55	Maura Byrne:	I should say that a document of desired features to start with would definitely help.
00:44:08	Erin Nettifee:	that is why we need a convener and a PO, Maura.
00:45:30	Brooks Travis:	Prime the pump…
00:45:35	Maura Byrne:	But a Google doc before the first meeting could certainly help.
00:46:27	Brooks Travis:	Is there someone from those institutions that have expressed interest recently that would be willing to take something like that on?
00:48:16	Erin Nettifee:	Maybe the follow on is for institutions to talk about whether they could provide resources, even for this initial work
00:49:03	Brooks Travis:	How much $$ are we talking, do we think… ranges. We talking 5-figures, 6-figures?
00:49:31	Erin Nettifee:	Right - you could spend money on a PO to do the requirements gathering.
00:50:02	Harry:	Nobody knows how much $$ it would cost because there is nothing documented.
00:50:27	Erin Nettifee:	+100 Mark
00:50:57	Brooks Travis:	If we assumed a scope similar to the original work? Part of this is I don't think that many of the libraries that have expressed interest here have ever paid for dev like this.
00:51:11	Erin Nettifee:	That was pre-pandemic ---- another world.
00:51:22	anya:	agree Brooks
00:51:32	Erin Nettifee:	No, there's hope if someone can agree to be a PO, Harry.
00:52:32	Kathleen Berry (UMA/5C):	that's my plan Karen!
00:54:51	Maura Byrne:	+1 anya
00:57:13	Charlotte Whitt:	We do that, yes. Kurt Nordstrom, and Mike Taylor have done some bug fixes over the years
01:03:58	RMD Cade (ze/zir):	Going to run for another meeting. Thanks everyone for all the information on Courses! Have a good day :)
01:04:20	Kristin Martin:	Thank you to everyone who joined us for the courses/reserves functionality!
01:04:47	Hannah Matecko-Conti:	Thank you for the FOLIO Course Reserves discussion, was interested in updates. Have to leave now, but very grateful for the info!
01:05:03	anya:	Jira tickets containing the word courses that are not closed : https://issues.folio.org/issues/?jql=text%20~%20courses%20AND%20status%20!%3D%20%22Closed%22
01:05:39	Alexis Manheim:	https://docs.google.com/document/d/1oO66zm0Nmfz8GNDabKtUnZFPxbdt1y9B4cSHwbb7SHg/edit#
01:05:48	Alexis Manheim:	draft charge
01:15:20	Marc Johnson:	There is no representation of the technical leads in that group today.

And there is no formal group of technical leads anymore.
01:16:07	Martina Schildt | VZG:	Thanks, that is good to know
01:19:55	Kirstin Kemner-Heek:	good Question!
01:20:37	Martina Schildt | VZG:	same here, Sharon
01:22:21	Martina Schildt | VZG:	… and who are the members
01:23:03	Kirstin Kemner-Heek:	+1 Kristin
01:23:29	Charlotte Whitt:	The members right now is: Khalilah, Harry Kaplanian, Mark Veksler, Oleksii Petrenko, Mike Gorrell, Jakub Skoczen.
01:23:51	Martina Schildt | VZG:	Thanks Charlotte
01:24:01	Charlotte Whitt:	And then lately Marc Johnsson, Stephanie Bucks and I have attended these Monday morning meetings
01:28:33	Mike Gorrell:	I need to drop - thanks!
01:28:49	Jana Freytag | VZG:	Me too, bye
01:31:21	Marc Johnson:	Right now. The responsibility for expectations management is with the POs