2022-08-04 Meeting notes


Recording:  https://recordings.openlibraryfoundation.org/folio/product-council/2022-08-04T09:30/


Discussion items

5 min


Meeting Schedule for August/early Sept:

  • Cancel August 11 (and planning meeting Aug 9) and ask for written SIG updates?
  • August 18 regular meeting
  • August 25 - last meeting before WOLFCon as needed
  • Sept 1 - no regular meeting, follow WOLFCon schedule
  • Sept. 8 - have PC meeting?

August 9th meeting canceled. Other proposed schedule changes through September 8th were also approved.


WOLFCon planning:


Purpose: strengthen WOLFCon schedule, agenda creation for in-person meeting

First Cross-council planning meeting 2022/08/03 (link posted to Slack)


How can we have people become familiar with activities in the development? The sprint reviews have done this in the past, but we have discontinued them. What other ways of information sharing could there be? (Recent anecdote from a development team about how a new cross-app feature would have benefited from being shared in a sprint-review-like meeting.)

See other notes and additions to the Current draft of topics document.

10 minFuture Topics: Course reserves support in FOLIO (tent. Aug. 18)

Review the status of the Courses App and the LTI integration.  (Courses App has kept up with maintenance releases, but there has not been active development of features.)  This is an example of something that can be documented for prospective development teams that come from libraries.

Updated charge and plans for Capacity Planning

Meeting chat

00:05:32	Brooks Travis:	If you ask me something directly and I don’t reply, apologies, I’m having some device issues this morning and am going to be bouncing back and forth between my phone and computer.
00:11:23	Marc Johnson:	By subgroups are folks referring to SIGs?
00:14:45	Alexis Manheim:	No, PC specific subgroups are different from SIGs.
00:15:55	Marc Johnson:	Please can we refer to the folks working in development teams as people not resources
00:20:52	Harry:	A large amount of time seems to be devoted cap planning.  What is the goal and desired outcome of that discussion?  Especially since we just recently reviewed a proposed charter that no one objected to.
00:23:15	Marc Johnson:	Oh, so this is about understanding how funding / capacity is allocated to areas of the system and whether that is aligned with what folks need?
00:28:26	Marc Johnson:	What do folks mean by the agile workflow?
00:30:37	Marc Johnson:	Ok, this isn’t about how the teams work then, it’s about what they are producing? And how we check if it fits?
00:33:34	Marc Johnson:	It sounds like we are talking about how the loop of works in FOLIO:

plan some work -> do some work -> become aware of the output of the work -> review that work to feed into the next plan
00:35:07	Marc Johnson:	I don’t have skin in the game on what words they use, I only wanted to understand what folks meant
00:35:29	Marc Johnson:	(Because Agile is a word that is often poorly used)
00:37:05	Tod Olson:	I thought that there had been an effort to get SME more directly engaged with the development teams, so they could do some of the acceptance testing earlier in the dev cycle. I thought Anton had seen this as a way to catch issues before Bug Fest.
00:38:10	Marc Johnson:	Isn’t this what the POs coordinate today?
00:39:13	Marc Johnson:	BugFest and the kind of testing Dennis was doing are for different purposes
00:42:45	Owen Stephens:	I think the opportunities to do acceptance testing varies a bit across modules but my observation is that we are seeing less of this type of issue during bugfest than previously
00:43:03	Harry:	+1 Owen
00:43:32	Owen Stephens:	So while bugfest is still challenging my feeling (and perhaps Anton can provide analysis via the relevant Jira field for bugs?) that “specification issues" is much less common cause of bugs now
00:48:25	Martina Schildt:	There is a session planned at WOLFcon: "FOLIO BugFest Test Data Management"
00:48:46	Martina Schildt:	Friday September 2nd, 11:30am-12:30pm CEST
00:49:45	Martina Schildt:	DESCRIPTION
Audience: Anyone who is contributing or planning to participate in BugFest manual testing

Problem Statement: Over the course of the past 3 years BugFest dataset is in need of cleanup and ongoing maintenance. The FOLIO community should take a proactive role in defining and maintaining BugFest dataset.

1) Present history of FOLIO BugFest Data Set
2) Present proposed improvements for the process of managing Data Set
3) Establish a working group that will be meeting on the regular basis
00:54:11	Alexis Manheim:	Good progress!
00:54:32	Martina Schildt:	💯
00:56:48	Sharon Wiles-Young:	thanks sorry have to go to another meeting
00:57:07	Marc Johnson:	Owen, I think we need to be careful mixing “does the system behaviour line up with the test cases” vs. “does the system meet our needs”

And what the bug stats from BugFest tell us. Reduced bug counts could correlate with a slower rate of change
00:58:09	Brooks Travis:	I’d say step 1 is finding a PO
00:58:59	Harry:	+1 Brooks
01:00:08	Brooks Travis:	This would be a great opportunity, I think, to build out a mechanism for community funding for directed development
01:00:26	Alexis Manheim:	+1 Brooks
01:02:26	Jesse Koennecke (he/him):	"Courses" is on the Roadmap as a sub-theme in Resource Access
01:02:37	Brooks Travis:	That was what I thought
01:05:57	Alexis Manheim:	That's exactly what I was going to say!
01:07:20	Marc Johnson:	There are some funky boundaries in how FOLIO is structured today
01:07:49	Marc Johnson:	You’ll likely find that the view of the system that the roadmap has won’t nearly line up with the current team boundaries or app / module boundaries
01:09:06	Ian Walls:	that sounds like we're going back to the issue of domain boundaries for modules/microservices/Apps
01:11:56	Marc Johnson:	+1