2024-02-1 Product Council Agenda and Meeting Notes



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5 minAnnouncementsall

Peter Murray announced that previously announced forced migration to Atlassian Cloud products for Jira and Confluence. A test migration has been done an is available to check. The locations of the Jira and Confluence will change:

More details available in Slack https://folio-project.slack.com/archives/C04DV88K1GS/p1706634064164279 and updates will be posted there.

The plan is to do the final migration on Sunday, February 4th, with Sunday, February 11th as a possible backup if there are issues.

5 minWOLFCon updatesJesse Koennecke 

WolfCon scheduled for September 24 – 26, 2024 Senate House, University of London and planning is underway. 

Planning to have "Shoulder meetings" on an additional day after WOLFCon based on the schedule used for Chicago. Majority of the feedback was positive.

Question raised by Thomas Trutt  : Could SIG meetings also happen on the additional day?

Discussion: This could happen if planned soon.Jesse Koennecke would like to hear from the community on how more "working" meetings might fit into the schedule.  Alexis Manheim asked whether it would be possible to have working meetings early or late before/after the start of the schedule proper each day.

Ian Walls asked whether there were specific advantages to having working/business meetings in person. Jesse noted can be successful if specific topics were selected rather than treating as just a normal working meeting.

Plan to have both virtual participation options and to record meetings

25 minData Import UpdatesJennifer Eustis  

Updates on Data Import:

Information and updates from ARLEF

  • Presentations from last ARLEF Meeting on Data Import

Information and updates from the working group

  • Documenting issues in a transparent way
    • Volunteers from the working group created the Data Import Topic Tracker where people can log issues. The aim is to track when issues have been discussed in the working group, if there is a related Jira, and what actions are being taken to solve the issue. This wiki page is based on the one for Acquisitions. There is a request to review this page at least once a month in a working group meeting.
  • Documenting functionality
    • Volunteers from the working group are working to create an audit functionality spreadsheet related to the deduping of the 856 field by the system, MODDATAIMP-879 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  • Administrative help
    • Volunteers from the working group have created a note taking group
    • The working group has adopted a new way of taking notes based on what the PC does where we track decisions made on topics, see 2024-1-31 Data Import Subgroup meeting
  • Updating FOLIO MM SIG
    • Weekly updates are now are part of the MM SIG

General Updates on Functionality

  • Performance/Reliability/Stability
    • Work continues on improving this for Data Import. Olamide Kolawole presented this at the last WOLFCon and is working to improve the process.
    • Slicing comes with queue management and parallel processing
  • Improvements with Poppy
    • Log improvements
    • Ability to create/update multiple holdings and items
    • Fixing bugs (see EBSCO presentation)

Asks for PC

  • Requirements: Need SMEs to provide real-life examples/scenarios/data to ensure we capture all requirements and meet users' expectations. 
  • Documentation: Data import subgroup has mentioned that the lack of documentation has been a significant challenge. We need someone who can define a plan for how to address this challenge and then have someone(s) address it.
  • PO/QA support: We would love to have PO/QA support to triage and verify user stories/bugs
  • Development resources: Folijet team is also responsible for Inventory app. There are features/bugs we would love to delegate to another team/developer so that the team can focus on more data import features. 

Several suggested actions:

  • Could the PC solidify the definition of "assistant PO"?
  • Can the PC raise awareness of the issues?

Also noted: Where stories are already written it makes it much more likely/possible for a development team to deliver the work

Action: Alexis Manheim to follow up on the suggestions made above

15 minMid-year check in and future topic prioritizationAlexis Manheim 
Future Product Council Meeting Topics
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5 minFuture topicsall

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