2024-02-08 Product Council Agenda and Meeting Notes

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Feb 8, 2024


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Note taker:

  • @Charlotte Whitt, Jennifer Eustis, Martina Schildt, Owen Stephens

 Discussion topics





Decisions and Actions





Decisions and Actions

5 min



@Paul Moeller is organizing the Asian-Pacific meeting - to be held on 2/21 (2/22)


5 min

Intro and overview of Evaluation Process for New FOLIO Functionality process

@Kristin Martin

The process was described by the Scope Criteria WG. The PC is in general working on app level. This is defined in the FOLIO Terminology document. MOU on code. Functional values defined by the PC.

Technical criteria defined by the TC.
There is a link in the TCR criteria to the PC’s doc Evaluation Process for New FOLIO Functionality

The PC do not deal with

  1. (insert)…

  2. (insert)…

  3. code not distributed by FOLIO

The TC is planning to start TC reviews before the PC review to ease the time pressure for development teams.

PC maintain a decision log


40 min

Discussion/Retro of Evaluation Process for New FOLIO Functionality pilot



See the cards in the retro board.

The general rule will be, if a PO is in doubt of a presentation for PC is relevant, then ask.

The PC is interested in early information, and ideally before the app/module is build.

Harry pointed out, that much development is happening by vendors for given customers. Kirstin Martin underlined, that the PC’s role is to provide qualitative input and make the planned work even better for everyone.

Jennifer Eustis suggests that the PC outline a document on what PC is interested to know about new apps/modules.

Martina Schildt like the idea to have a page to collect feed back on the misc. new work. This could maybe be the documents listed under the Decision log site.

Maccabee explained that the TC is working in the direction to do the evaluation more objective, and less subjective. TC is trying to stay out of the way of the PC, and is not judging the functionality.

Alexis found it important that the PC was informed, and had a change to approve new work in good time before the TC Review process.

Documentation writers are trying to follow up on all new work planned by the Community, and are tracking the PC and TC review process.

Peter Murray suggests if the presentations of new apps/modules in an edited version could be posted on the FOLIO YouTube channel. Kristin Martin liked the idea, but that would probably be more interesting, when the app has been developed.

Kristin Martin suggests that an early presentation of a new app/module, then should be followed up by a planned follow up meeting, which can be entered into the PC’s Future Topics list.














@Kristin Martin will start write up the outline document - adressing the feed back from the meeting.

Will follow up in 2-3 weeks from today.






5 min

Future topics


The PC’s Future Topics list is open for everyone to add new topics.


 Action items