2022-06-16 Product Council Meeting notes



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5 minAnnouncementsKristin Martin 

Voting ends this Friday! (Harry can help if you are missing it.)

Documentation is now up to Lotus: https://kiwi.docs.folio.org/docs/

Center for Research Libraries (US) live on circ/inventory now (acq later this summer). Stretching the capabilities of "bound width". Enhancements needed for number of locations.

30 minCross-app Data Synchronization Working Group

Slide deck

Source of truth module is the Event Producer, publishing events to a Notification Channel, where other modules (Event Consumers) would be listening and processing the event. This approach is already in use in FOLIO (mod_inventory_storage→mod_search and mod_inventory_storage→mod-inn-reach).

Categories: copies of data to be updated; notify of use of data; notify on deletion; block on deletion; notify on data update. Three of the five of these categories are supported by the solution.

The slides have a description of use case that are summarized in the spreadsheet.

Next steps:

  • the group will take this discussion back as part of the process of asking the Technical Council to review this topic for the three of the five categories they have identified a potential solution (as an RFC/ADR process).
20 min

Browser support for FOLIO

  • What browsers should be supported?
  • How do we determine when a browser is supported?
  • Probably TC Topic as well
Owen Stephens 

Knowing what we mean by "support" is important for this discussion, as the community itself is not charged with supporting end-users. Product Owners would treat a rendering bug that only happens in Firefox or Safari as at most a priority-2 bug because there is a valid work-around ("Use Chrome").

Remaining discussion postponed until next week.

5 minFuture agenda topicsAll

Chat log

00:01:10	Laura Daniels:	Hello!
00:02:44	Anya:	CRL is live on circ/inventory and will be going live on acq later this summer... ( Center for Research Libraries)
00:03:02	Charlotte Whitt:	:-(
00:04:03	Maura Byrne:	That's terrible.
00:06:22	Anya:	woot
00:06:45	Owen Stephens:	Huge thanks to all those who have made the documentation happen
00:07:00	Charlotte Whitt:	+ 1 Owen
00:07:01	Martina Schildt | VZG:	+1000
00:07:19	Tod Olson:	Brilliant!
00:08:24	Gang Zhou(SHL):	https://www.crl.edu ?
00:08:31	Jesse Koennecke (he/him):	Yes.
00:08:53	Gang Zhou(SHL):	Great
00:13:54	Owen Stephens:	A norse goddess
00:14:38	Owen Stephens:	That is Sif is a Norse goddess (and a character from the Marvel Cinematic Universe🙂)
00:14:56	Martina Schildt | VZG:	🙂
00:32:29	Alexis Manheim:	like a hold?
00:34:01	Owen Stephens:	There are a couple of hands up - I don't know if that's for the current discussion
00:34:15	Owen Stephens:	But Marc and Ian both waiting to speak
00:35:26	Zak Burke:	I need to check in on another meeting but may be back :)
00:35:43	Karen Newbery:	I have to drop off for another meeting.
00:36:23	Ian Walls:	+1 to a built-in workflow system.
00:47:19	Ian Walls:	moving to a shared storage layer would help to resolve this as well.  It was a direction that FOLIO actively chose not to go early on, but I think that it's worthy of revisiting
00:48:44	Peter Murray:	This discussion also echoes the discussion of the general workflow engine from a few years ago.
00:49:33	Marc Johnson:	Items are a really good example of this.

Whilst they are being ordered and before the are received, it could be argued they are owned by acquisitions 

That the description is owned by cataloguers.

And part of an item’s lifecycle after that is owned by circulation
00:49:34	Charlotte Whitt:	+1 Owen
00:50:25	Peter Murray:	Yes, agree, Brooks.
00:51:29	Ian Walls:	+1 Charlotte; we are trying to replace the INTEGRATED library system.  what we're modeling is highly inter-related
00:52:34	Marc Johnson:	As a counter to the statements about it not being possible to establish boundaries.

A loosely coupled modular system relies on a good understanding of strong boundaries.

The dependency challenges we are having are arguable a symptom of that tension
00:55:19	Peter Murray:	Owen +1
00:56:35	Kristin Martin:	looks good
00:56:40	Maura Byrne:	it shows up fine
00:59:04	Charlotte Whitt:	+ 1000 Kristin
01:00:45	Charlotte Whitt:	It is also a technical solution on the given premises.
01:11:34	Brooks Travis:	I think there are several problems that were waiting for a proposed solution before they proceeded with solving them
01:11:49	Brooks Travis:	I would expect those to progress now
01:17:21	Ian Walls:	Councils do not have power to make code happen any specific way.  but, they do have the power of defining what FOLIO is, and if recommendations aren't met, then code may be rejected (which is a waste of everyone's time)
01:18:10	Brooks Travis:	A community-endorsed solution to the presented use-cases
01:19:39	Marc Johnson:	Well said, brooks
01:20:12	Marc Johnson:	In practice, there are significant governance challenges with what folks do with this guidance
01:20:13	Peter Murray:	Having a technical design document (or RFC) approved by TC is one way to propogate these ideas.
01:20:38	Ian Walls:	I consent to moving forward this way
01:21:09	Peter Murray:	The TC RFC process will mold this into an actionable structure.
01:21:16	Tod Olson:	Agreed, it seems like the Data Sync proposal fits the RFC/ADR process and eventually becomes part of those documents.
01:23:43	Charlotte Whitt:	Feature: UXPROD-2194
Extended browser support besides Chrome
01:23:48	Charlotte Whitt:	Created 2019
01:29:38	Ian Walls:	some good news: it's easier to get folks a UI-only development environment than a full FOLIO install, so if someone really cares about a Safari issue, it would be easier to fix it themselves