2024-05-23 Product Council Agenda and Meeting Notes


May 23, 2024


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Page for FOLIO China Community issues: https://folio-org.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/PC/pages/219217937 - will be populated on a wiki page, and then we will circle back on this at a later PC meeting.

SIG Reports: https://folio-org.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/PC/pages/108625921 Kristin Martin asked liason to for SIGs to follow up with the SIGs if reports are missing. Thomas Trutt is both the conventer and the liason for Implementers SIG.

Shared PC Google Drive - Peter has done new integration with

Brooks Travis told that 62 libraries under the MOBIUS consortia went life on FOLIO ECS on 5/22/2024. Kristin Martin asked if there was MOBIUS members, who would be interested in running for a seat at CC, TC or PC.

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State of FOLIO doc

@Mike Gorrell

Discussion with Mike Gorrell who is on the Community Council subgroup that drafted the State of FOLIO doc

The origin of the document was: How do we introduce ourself to new members, interact with new members, engage them in FOLIO activities, and the councils work. The document is written by Mike Gorrell, Christina Spalding, Boaz, and Edwin Pretz.

The goal to write up: This is how FOLIO works today. This is the things we are dealing with today. Funding is one of the critical aspects of the FOLIO work (development and maintenage). There is a paragraph about how FOLIO interact with the Open Library Foundation. A shift has happened in how new functionality are being prioritized. This is now customer driven, and dependent on funding.

Status: the document has been updated based on the Community’s comments. The idea is that this document is to be updated maybe in 12 months , so we always have an updated version of the current state of FOLIO. This document will be presented at the OLF meeting in June 2024.

Kristin Martin mentioned that in Marshall Breeding’s Library Technology report mention the EBSCO FOLIO as a brand, and ask how this document does not mention this. Mike asked if he should send the State of FOLIO doc to Marshall Breeding. Christopher Spalding explained that EBSCO FOLIO is not a notion EBSCO use. It is FOLIO hosted by EBSCO, all similar as with KoHa hosted by ByWater. Alexis Manheim pointed out that the EBSCO marketing team is using EBSCO FOLIO - FOLIO hosted with EBSCO infrastructure. Christopher Spalding underlined that EBSCO is part of the community, and asked if EBSCO could simply use ‘EBSCO’. The important point is, that we don’t want to repeat the history with Koha, where there was quite some confusion abut competing versions of KoHa, and KoHa by LibLime.

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PC action items from Things that could be better about FOLIO survey

@Alexis Manheim @Kristin Martin

Spreadsheet to add possible items to address: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1qea4hpar1XBtFJ9CJ_pgJpjdlyRYMhqe8BQqSMbwMUE/edit#gid=0

The purpose of the spreadsheet is for the PC to address some of the listed items coming from the survey, and based on the discussions/notes file action items.

One topic is the course app is missing a product owner. Also the lack of participations in the SIG meetings is listed as a topic. Kristin Martin asked how sustainable is the level of participation we are asking for. There is a general sense that people are a little bit worn out, and by now expect FOLIO to function as a tool, and not something we still need to build/develop.

Alexis Manheim will go over the listed topics in the 2023 survey and identify the topics which are under the wings of the PC, and can be addressed by the PC. A categorization of the topics will also be useful.

Jennifer Eustis asked if we could set up a frame for what is we as PC expected to do; one example is if the ask is to make Data Import faster. Another is the ERM apps functionality, which does not always meet all libraries expectation. A way to address this could be targeted conversations.

Owen Stephen raised the issue that development of apps are done very much in silos. One good example is the current discussion in Cross App SIG on how to link data from ERM > Inventory, and/or Inventory > Agreement, Agreement lines, and Licenses. Here the PC has a role, and can help the product owners to work together.

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