2024-05-30 Product Council Agenda and Meeting Notes


May 30, 2024


  • @Alexis Manheim, @Kristin Martin @Peter Murray @Charlotte Whitt @Brooks Travis @Gang Zhou @Owen Stephens @Tod Olson @Ian Walls @Martina Schildt @Kirstin Kemner-Heek @Jennifer Eustis

  • Note taker: @Martina Schildt


 Discussion topics





Decisions and actions





Decisions and actions

5 min




45 min


Work-shopping exercise for our evaluation of the Things that could be better about FOLIO survey 

@Alexis Manheim @Kristin Martin

Each PC member should choose one or more topics from the survey to review. Using the “Functionality” topic as an example/model, we will workshop how to scope, evaluate, record, and share our findings.


Categories and responsibilities

Governance (24) -- Alexis
Collaboration & Onboarding (13) -- Martina S.
Development Resourcing (20)
Market Fit & Maturity (8) -- Kristin
Balancing Innovation v. Current Features (13) --Kristin
Releases & Roadmaps (11) – Jesse
Architecture (17) - Brooks
Complexity (14) -- Paul
Ilities (11) – Gang
Process & Procedure (12) -- Owen
Documentation (18) -- Martina T.
User Experience (27) -- Martina S.
Data Import (14) -- Jennifer
Reporting (12) -- Jennifer
Functionality (33) -- Charlotte

  • PC members: Please pick one or two categories if you haven’t already

  • survey is from after WOLFCon in Chicago

  • aims:

    • follow up and try to progress or solve issues

    • lift awareness if these topics

  • Kristin Martin created the document and added columns

  • Charlotte has started to work on her category: functionality

  • Instructions:

    • add different topics in the one spreadsheet/tab

    • decide on what council should be primary lead - pick from the drop-down

    • table can be filtered e.g. by responsibility, category or importance later

    • duplicate entries should be collapsed

    • indicate status in column: “What are actions already taken in this area?”

  • To Do:

    • Add a select list for “What is the level of importance?

      • the person entering is deciding on the importance;

      • this first decision is reviewed by a second PC member

      • the select list should consist of: high, medium, low (to keep it simple)

    • As an action - where applicable: enter the relevant SIG where the topic should be discussed or belongs to

    • possibly add column that indicates whether the topic is a legacy workflow or not


  • in 2 weeks Jun 13, 2024: find someone to review level of importance and continue discussions in PC meeting

  • Final deadline by the end of June Jun 30, 2024

For a future discussion:

  • what should be our focus overall?

    • we need to look at the whole picture; not focus on development that may not be needed any more; not rebuild an old system

    • Jennifer in chat: That came up in Market Fit & Maturity section as Excessive focus on legacy workflows. It's like the best hits of old systems

    • Owen: What does an LSP look like that doesn’t do all these legacy processes? Or how we can bring a large enough community with us?

Future topics

5 min


TC request https://folio-org.atlassian.net/browse/TCR-41

 Action items