2024-05-2 Product Council Meeting Notes


May 2, 2024


  • @Alexis Manheim @Jennifer Eustis @Martina Schildt @Paul Moeller @Gang Zhou @Brooks Travis @Jesse Koennecke @Owen Stephens @Martina Tumulla @Christopher Spalding @Tod Olson @Lisa McColl @Lucy Harrison @Ian Walls

  • Notetaker – @Martina Schildt

 Discussion topics





Decisions and Actions





Decisions and Actions

5 min



  • Complimentary WOLFcon registration links for FOLIO member institutions are out now


15 min

Follow up re; China Community issues

@Alexis Manheim

Need volunteers for time bound group that will help frame the issues and advise on next steps

  • 2 volunteers to be part of that group so far: Paul Moeller and Jennifer Eustis

  • this will be a limited time investment

  • would be good to have other non-PC members

  • Jennifer: volunteers from China Community are needed to run the meetings

  • a lot of the issues of the China Community will be solved by upgrading to the latest release, so that would be the first advice: upgrade to current release

    • many issues cannot be backported

  • Question: what is the goal: manage product side only or manage technical side as well? It will depend on this decision whether TC members should be part of the group

    • proposal: hold off this decision until China Community will decide to upgrade to current version and until we have a volunteer from China Community

@Alexis Manheim reach out to potential volunteers from China Community
@Alexis Manheim get in touch with @Paul Moeller and @Jennifer Eustis to start group on China Community issues

30 min

Discussion of the State of FOLIO doc

@Alexis Manheim

The Community Council posted a draft State of FOLIO doc on slack earlier this week. Thoughts, feedback?
The PC also needs to review the 2023 Things that Could be Better About FOLIO for action items.

Feedback on draft State of FOLIO

  • Alexis would like to change wording on and will add a comment to the document draft State of FOLIO

The Product Council, under its charter, ‘manages’ the roadmap through compilation and distillation of all of these different development activities, while not directing the development resources. Whenever possible, the Product Council has compiled documents from organizations who are funding (and/or doing) development for FOLIO to support an informed roadmap for the community. The PC uses this information to support a Roadmap that needs updating with each release.

  • Jennifer: what is the goal with this document? Who is the audience?

  • Jennifer: has issues with how PC task is described; it is slightly confusing; is PC well represented?

  • Alexis: the document is very long, depending on the audience that it is meant for

  • Owen: reading was positive; reasinably good summary of state

    • development happens through organisation’s funding and work

    • by funding and contributing work institutions influence what is being developed

    • document may not be too long for the complex content

  • Ian Walls in chat: Libraries are empowered to make FOLIO be what they need it to be... but they have to exercise that power through a commitment of resources

    • Tod, Gang Zhou, Owen and Alexis agree

  • Tod agrees to Owen

    • most open source projects have large companies that do the majority of the development

  • Jesse: docuemnt can be a useful foundation

  • Alexis: maybe restructure or add a table of contents - will make a comment

    • question: how often will the document be reviewed and updated?

    • question: where will it go? On the webiste?

  • Lucy Harrison in chat: Yeah there are several places where specific numbers are mentioned that will quickly be out of date

  • Tod in chat: Having a data on the document is a very good thing!

  • Jennifer: are there other ways to show the history?

  • Owen: did not read this document to give milestones of history of FOLIO

    • there was a page on FOLIO history on the website

    • better definition of what the document is for is needed

    • coming back to Alexis point: it is worth defining where the document should go - that would indicate whether it is too long

  • Lucy Harrison in chat: I need to run to another meeting but thank you fr letting me lurk!  We are developing the website for OpenRS right now and grappling with some similar issues https://openrs.org/   We haven' tposted our governance doc yet since we're still working on that

  • Alexis: when and how will the document be presented to the marketing team - if it is to go on the website

  • Everyone is encouraged to read the document and make comments

  • Alexis and Kristin will follow up with Mike about the way the PC is conveyed in the document


5 min

Future topics


The PC also needs to review the 2023 Things that Could be Better About FOLIO for action items.

  • what action items should the PC take from the survey

  • everyone is invited to have a look at the survey in advance

New ACQ voting process - discuss feedback of ACQ SIG (is already future topics list)

  • ACQ SIG will have feedback after Quesnelia release


 Action items