2024-04-25 Product Council Agenda and Meeting Notes


Apr 25, 2024


  • @Alexis Manheim@Charlotte Whitt @Jennifer Eustis @Kristin Martin @Brooks Travis @Gang Zhou @Jesse Koennecke @Martina Schildt @Paul Moeller @Owen Stephens @Martina Tumulla @Jenn Colt @Tod Olson @Maura Byrne @Thomas Trutt @Ian Walls @Peter Murray @Christopher Spalding @Hkaplanian @Kirstin Kemner-Heek Zule Chen, Su,Yong, Sha Jiang, Ji sanjun

  • Notetaker: @Owen Stephens

 Discussion topics





Decisions and Actions





Decisions and Actions

5 min



There will be a demo of the ECS functionality to the Metadata Management group.

@Jennifer Eustis to share details once this presentation has been scheduled

20 min

Next steps on FOLIO China Community Questions

@Alexis Manheim @Kristin Martin

Document shared by Gang Zhou

The document outlines issues in completely different areas

Need to suggest how these are dealt with.

@Jesse Koennecke could see some of these issue are perhaps already possible to support

@Owen Stephens suggested getting these into Jira to enhance visibility and ensure they are seen and managed by the appropriate Product Owner

@Jennifer Eustis agreed on getting items into Jira and noted this would certainly be helpful for issues related to metadata management and emphasised getting things into the roadmap sooner rather than later would be useful

@Charlotte Whitt suggested a small working group from the PC might help Chinese community understand the best way of moving these issues forward

@Kristin Martin suggested each issue could be categorised to know what the action should be on each issue

@Jennifer Eustis if groups were to meet with members of the Chinese community we need to find sensible times to meet that works for all attendees

@Alexis Manheim need to consider whether the Chinese community can move forward in terms of what version of Folio they are using and what work would that take

@Owen Stephens completely agree this is an issue as most active development is being done based on the current Folio (Quesnelia)

@Gang Zhou this will be an important issue for many Folio users - knowing which features they need will be on the roadmap

@Sha Jiang are there any instructions for upgrading Folio systems?

@Owen Stephens in general people do one version upgrade at a time as there can be tasks to migrate data forward across versions. Possibly we need better documentation on both how to ask about features and when they will be delivered, and also about system upgrades. Or if this documentation already exists make sure it is well signposted.

@Kristin Martin need a pathway to help libraries stay current with Folio releases

@Alexis Manheim to put out call for members to form a small group to work with China community on the list of issues and other relevant topics. Will as for volunteers via #product-council Slack channel

20 min

Planning for Authentication changes and Application Formalization

@Kristin Martin

@Tod Olson

What are the possible impacts of platform changes on FOLIO Roadmap and governance?

There was a Technical Council meeting on the 24th which described what was included in the current Architectural PoC, which was very informative:

@Charlotte Whitt was a very useful description. Still outstanding questions, but it sounded very positive

@Kristin Martin was a good meeting and informative. Question of how tightly bound the application and platform formalisation are to the changes. If EBSCO customers will be moving to this new platform (Eureka) then that is a large proportion of the North American community - so a question of whether this is the direction the community needs to travel

@Alexis Manheim still have questions from Stanford’s perspective as a self-hosted library. Will this impact on the Ramsons upgrade process? What will the local systems team/administrators need to do?

@Owen Stephens it’s important to note that the presentation to TC emphasised that no changes were needed to existing modules to make Folio work in the Eureka architecture approach

@Brooks Travis the application and platform formalisation are different issues to the Eureka architecture approach

@Kristin Martin there are going to be challenges. Need to look to see if there are any impacts on the overall roadmap, and questions of whether we will need to move the hosted/testing environments to Eureka, and if so if that becomes the ‘standard’ for Folio

@Owen Stephens something said at the TC meeting was that a driving force for this work has been the authentication and authorisation needs for Library of Congress - and that was an incredibly helpful statement as it was

Harry Kaplanian: Not just LoC but other North American organisations will have requirements around authentication and authorisation (FedRAMP = Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program). Would be good to understand what requirements are in the EU as well. Don’t expect any impact on the general roadmap

@Kristin Martin will report back to the tri-council working group

Harry Kaplanian to supply the EBSCO timeline for the use of the Eureka platform

5 min

Future topics


 Action items

@Jennifer Eustis to share details of presentation on ECS to the metadata management group once this has been scheduled
@Alexis Manheim to put out call for members to form a small group to work with China community on the list of issues and other relevant topics. Will as for volunteers via #product-council Slack channel
@Kristin Martin to report back the PC discussion on Planning for Authentication changes and Application Formalization to the tri-council working group