2023-11-16 Product Council Agenda and Meeting Notes



  • Note taker: Charlotte Whitt, Jennifer Eustis, Martina Schildt, Owen Stephens

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5 minAnnouncementsall

Delay of Poppy Release until 12/18/23. This delay primarily relates to two areas:

  1. ECS (Extended Consortial Support) work and
  2. RTR (Refresh Token Rotation) work - security issue. Which has been an issue for FOLIO since 2017. 
    1. Some talk about why this rush around getting the RTR work in at the same time as we are doing the Poppy release. The backend work has been ready for quite some time, and then the UI work was introduced a couple of weeks ago, and then FOLIO Snapshot and Bugfest Poppy broke. 
    2. Martina Schild surgets a Poppy retrospective in the Tri-Council meeting
    3. Harry explained that this change is a requirement for LC to go live, and that is why this needs to go into the Poppy release. Owen acknowledged that a need from the community is a good reason for pushing this forward.
    4. One of the latest changes in the UI for RTR is the implementation of a swift toggle. For Poppy the default setting will be that the RTR is not enabled, but all institutions who want to use it, can turn on the RTR functionality
    5. The TC has discussed when the old method (not RTR) is to be deprecated. This affect most modules, and important that all development team get sufficient time to do this update. 

Philadelphia Museum of Art: https://www.philamuseum.org/learn/library-archives went live on FOLIO with VuFind on 11/13/2023 (Index Data) 

10 minApplication Formalization Group update

The groups official name is still TBD.

The group has met twice, and we have written up the charter

The work in the group is a dialogue across councils, and then reporting back to our respective councils (CC, TC and PC).

The working group is to work in concert with the RFC process, but not to govern it. 

Important that the technical decision do not disturb the use of the FOLIO system. 

The re-architectural work can be disruptive for some of the planned functional development, so it's important that this on-going work is reflected in the road map.  We also need to make sure that there is a path for libraries which have already implemented FOLIO. 

Craig assured at the meeting yesterday, that these architectural changes would not affect how the different apps data could interact, as library users naturally would expect. 

35 minMeeting planning through end of calendar year
  • No agenda planning on 11/21 or meeting on 11/23 (US Thanksgiving)
  • Entity Management discussion on 11/30 - will spread the word, so all interested parties will know about this talk - also in the slack channel in #general, and also loop in ARLEF. Charlotte will talk with Gloria Gonzales and Doug ... The Entity Management Working Group was a working group under the MM-SIG. With the ongoing work for LC to be able to use BibFrame (Editor Marva and Storage in DataGraph) then actual use is now in the works. Owen pointed out, that we are now approach to look not just at production of descriptive BibFrame data, but also the task around how do we present Linked data description in the discovery systems.
  • Quarterly meetings with SIG Conveners.
    • Written reports from the SIG has been introduced in October. And for the reports in November the deadline for adding updates to this document is today, and almost all SIG conveners has added updates.
    • The SIG Conveners has expressed that the written up status was not sufficient and has expressed that attending quarterly in PC meetings would be a good solution, for a talk in more free form and feel engaged in the PC work. The first meeting will be on 12/14/2023
  • The PC working group on Re-architecture has finalised their report, and this group probably can retire, now the work has moved over to the Tri-Council working group. 
  • Quarterly meetings at Asia/Pacific friendly time
    • This we can try out in the beginning of 2024
    • The Australian FOLIO members already met with some SIG, so it would be relevant if we can try to align the schedule for all relevant meeting. 
  • Meetings in December (12/21? and/or 12/28?) Alexis will post a quick poll on the slack channel.

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