2023-01-05 Meeting notes



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5 minAnnouncements


For PC review, new module that corrects security defect in mod-config with a new module called mod-settings.
Mod-cofig stores permissions for apps, ex: in LDP, stores connection details for databases, in Users, stores list of users who cannot be edited (admins.)
Security flaw - only 2 permissions read/write, and they apply to all modules – if you can write to one, you can write to them all.

TC discussed TCR-24 yesterday and will do the technical review,

Fixes the security flaw by implementing a separate module rather than fixing the existing module; will also use a more modern framework. Deprecate mod-config eventually.
Admins can change other users settings and their own.
3 permissions for each scope -- read, write, delete. Can now read some, write others, etc.

For other dev teams to use this, there will be a migration guide to move off of mod-config onto mod-settings, but doing so not required. Define permissions, change paths, handle new error states that didn’t exist before.

PC members will look at the above document. Kristen posted to the PC channel and Mike and Charlotte can answer questions there. A formal vote will take place next week on whether to include in the Orchid release.

60 minKnowledgeWare's work on multilingual functionality for the FOLIO platform

KnowledgeWare work supporting FOLIO LSP.pdf

Middle East libraries need multi-language functionality
Kware vision --  trying to create a language agnostic platform 
Challenge -- At the library data level, FOLIO is a singular language platform

Dynamic translation engine/app for FOLIO interface and VuFind implementation
Multilingual not just at the user level, goes deeper Into library defined policies, controlled vocabularies, branch names, user groups, etc.
Currently includes Arabic +12 other languages
Classic Arabic is the default, but also allows for localization – terms used in libraries differ from country to county or region
Translation app allows library to change term used according to local needs
Embedded ability to check Google, & Microsoft translation tools and update local terminology, then check what it looks like in the interface/context

As a user, can change language on the fly – no need to go to Settings
Documentation is also translated
FOLIO Admin can set default language for tenant, but user can change their own default

Regarding inclusion in flower releases, TC had concerns because it requires changes to the underlying system. Need to loop back on this with TC and talk about it more

Middle East FOLIO users could not wait to implement this functionality, but Kware is also happy to talk more with us and work with the community.

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