2023-07-25 Product Council Meeting Notes



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Phoenix is live on FOLIO, and Linköping University (Sweden) is also live as of this week as self hosting institution. 

Stanford is about three weeks away from going live, when the old system is to shut down on 8/18, and then go live on 8/29. Stanford is also testing split on taxing issues.

Chicago, Cornell and 5College have all successfully done their FYRO. 

30 min  

PC topics for WOLFcon and processes for moving forward

Spreadsheet with sessions and Council meeting topics

WOLFcon 2023 PC/SIGs ideas:

Topic: How to wrap up discussions, and get decisions done, and move on.

Jenn Colt shared an article about wicked questions, and paradoxes in agile development. A suggestion: List 'wicked' questions in the FOLIO project. 

Jenn mentioned that a suggestion like this takes time. One example is the two Summit meetings, where they had the luxury to really discuss things together. Our regular time slot is not always enough, and sometimes discussions overlap. Charlotte suggested the possibility to have extended PC meetings once a quarter / every second month. 

Tod pointed out that the PC is dedicated to handle several topics which serve as facilitating the communication within the community. The CC now only meet every second week. The TC is in practice meeting twice a week because they have a bit of a back log.  

Ian Walls finds that the way the FOLIO Governance model is architected is modelled as a commercial organisation, and not so much as an open source project. 

Evaluating the governance model would be a topic for all three councils.

In chat: Jenn Colt to Everyone (Jul 27, 2023, 3:55 PM)
WRT governance there was that “light” governance work which I haven’t hear more about but is maybe part of the summit? Idk. I don’t necessarily agree with the assertion in the question but it is something we never get answered.
I would love to even know what people think the word “governance” means. I think that would be an interesting exercise. 

30 min

Community Council, Technical Council, Product Owner, and Release Stakeholder updates

CC Update

  • Met twice. Update from Paula about the treasures report. The project has now saving for 6 months of projects.
  • Two new members for the TC (Christopher Spalding, NN (missed the name)
  • Time to change the conveners
  • Maccabee presented documents about AWS cost. 


TC Update

  • Review of ui-service-interaction (TCR-27) showed minor issues needing improvement, still under review but looks like the right direction.
  • Retrospective on RFC process recommended changes to improve process, make less heavy. Also did some administrative cleanup of existing RFCs.
  • Subgroup on Breaking Changes has defined a process to define and communicate breaking changes to affected developer and operations groups. DR-000036 - Breaking Changes gives context and links to the RFC with the process.
  • Application Formalization: VBar has presented work on formally defining an Application as a set of modules and proposed mechanisms to build this on top of existing module definitions. Follows on from presentations at last year's WOLFcon. Focus is on applications as deployable units, mechanisms for certifying and supporting multiple sources could be added later (cf. Mike Taylor's talk from last year). Discussion with TC not finished, further discussion with other councils seems likely.
  • TC has become aware of another idea for how to internationalize back-end modules. TC needs to look at it and see whether there are implications we would want to discuss. The previous analysis of internationalization didn't really provide any actionable work. 
    • Proposal was circulated in Slack in #folio-18n on 2023-07-25.

POs update

  1. Poppy release - Dashboard (https://folio-org.atlassian.net/secure/Dashboard.jspa?selectPageId=12637)
    Total Features: 150
    14 > Open
    10 > Analysis Complete
    5  > In Refinement
    70 > In progress
    12 > In Review
    39 > Closed

2. New PO: Ryan Taylor (EBSCO) will join as a Data import PO. 

3. Initial planning of WOLFCon accepted sessions 
    a. Productivity Tips for POs
    b. Creating Bugs and Searching in Jira: Effective Strategies for FOLIO
    c. Product Owners meeting
    d. FOLIO Product Owner AMA (Ask Me Anything)

4. Gathering Release notes feedback - https://easyretro.io/publicboard/5hfJUmkkV2ZVcizFWGG8293glmj1/31685873-9f62-4d3e-9b50-bfcc458afcfa 

5. Organizing a Localization Overview + Q&A discussion 

20 minSupport SIG procedural updatesCharlotte Whitt 

The support SIG has introduced a numbering label on bug tickets where the Support SIG repeatedly ask for a status, and the SIG's comments stay unanswered; like STSMACOM-715. This ticket has the labels "support", "3" (for three unanswered status questions from Support SIG) and the "5" (for five unanswered status questions from Support SIG)

In the Support Dashboard we will add a 'pie' diagram where we can easily identify these support bugs being unanswered. 

The PC wants to know how the Support SIG is planning on to escalate an issue after e.g. five times, and here one way could be to give a ping on the PO channel or raise this at a PO meeting.  

Harry asked about review of old bugs, which might not be relevant anymore. Review of these aged bugs are happening per team. Khalilah acknowledge that the team could do a new effort on addressing these old issues. 

5 minFuture agenda itemsAllNo new topics raised. 

Action items

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