2023-12-14 Product Council Agenda and Meeting Notes



Discussion items

TimeItemWhoNotesActions and decisions
5 minAnnouncementsall
  • Last meeting of the year
  • Meeting on  
  • Tri-council meeting during PC time slot on  
  • There is now a joint Bulk Edit and Lists app working group (BELA). The most appropriate place for BELA to report to was discussed and an action agreed (see actions)

Action: No PC meeting January 4th. First PC meeting of 2024 will be  

Action: Martina Schildt will reach out to POs for Bulk Edit (Magda Zacharska)and Lists app (Kathleen Moore ) to see if it would be appropriate for BELA to report to Cross App SIG

45 minSIG Conveners

Reports are here: https://folio-org.atlassian.net/wiki/display/PC/SIG+Reports+2023-12-14

Round-robins with discussion questions:

What's one thing that happened within your SIG that is a particular accomplishment that you want to share with others?

ACQ SIG: Experience members share expertise with others through presentations and Slack

Reporting SIG: Completed queries (e.g. to create derived tables) for Poppy both for LDP and MetaDB. MetaDB full release is done well ahead of schedule

ERM SIG: Sprint development update every two weeks, so the group is well informed about what has been developed and what has been done

Resource Access SIG: Gap list working sessions instigated to identify gaps in the applications and discuss in small groups (in the SIG meeting time, but smaller groups) with Jira tickets created or enhanced following the discussion

MM-SIG: Dedicated Jira dashboard where to keep track of MM related development: https://folio-org.atlassian.net/secure/Dashboard.jspa?selectPageId=12232 

Documentation WG: Katharina Jung has taken over lead of the group. Dedication of those writing the documentation should be recognised. A lot of new writers have joined the documentation effort. Onboarding of new writers worked well. Documentation is keeping up with releases.

Discovery WG: Collected many requirements in 2023. Worked to identify gaps in existing APIs and to prioritise. But now that work is done, it's not obvious what the path forward is. WG was lacking a good connection with relevant POs. Now looking at how to move forward with a redesign of the RTAC and Patron APIs that are used by Discovery systems. Looking for feedback from Discovery service providers on the preliminary work of the group but wondering the most constructive way forward.

What's something that you are wondering about in relation to FOLIO development?

MM-SIG: How do we get updates on Jira tickets that are for small improvements but never seem to get to top of the list

Users: How can we ensure that backend and frontend validation is consistent


  • Handle updates from WGs in the main SIG meeting
  • How can we can improve communication about changes to the data in the project - impacts especially on Reporting if a data field changes 


  • When an issue is found how is does the issue progress from identification into a released fix for a Flower release?
  • How do I know where to raise issues?

What's something that you expect to be working on in the next quarter?

Sys-Op SIG: Will discussion the need to do a PostgreSQL upgrade during Quesnelia release. TC working on a communication plan

App interaction SIG: Want to improve connections with the Product Owner meeting and a way of communcating with POs to ensure they are aware of the outcomes and decisions from App interaction SIG discussions

ACQ SIG: Besides working on new features and discussing implementers topics, also working on the prioritization of implementers topics enhancement

What the PC is doing, ex: Time Zone inclusiveness.

In the new year, the PC is going to be working on scheduling a quarterly meeting at a time friendlier to those in the Asia-Pacific region.

  • Scheduling quarterly SIG Convener/PC meetings for next year.

Action: Kristin Martin to ensure  challenges of integration of Folio with Discovery services is added to PC agenda in January and initiate discussion with Khalilah Gambrell 

Action: Kristin Martin to initiate PC planning for a session on Support and Release processes in Folio

5 minFuture topicsall

See actions for more details:

  • Challenges of integration of Folio with Discovery services
  • Support and Release processes in Folio

Action items