2023-04-06 Meeting notes





Discussion items

5 minAnnouncements?

 30 min

WOLFCon updates:

  • Contract is finalized for August 22-24 at the Rubenstein Forum, University of Chicago
  • Need a FOLIO project liaison (or group) for WOLFCon planning
  • Need to decide PC meetings around WOLFCon (could be August 21 or August 25)

Jesse Koennecke is the lead for content across all of the OLF projects. The FOLIO project needs a liaison to the WOLFcon planning group for its portion of the program; last year there were three people in that role. The local planning group will need to know well in advance what the needs for "shoulder" meetings are for the project before and after the main WOLFcon event (e.g., council meetings for the projects). Ideally, the FOLIO project would submit its contact names to the WOLFcon planning group by .

The FOLIO project itself needs to decide what its meeting schedule is going to be (both during the conference as well as before/after). Would it be more effective to have meetings before the conference to avoid burnout after the conference? For planning purposes, it is helpful from the European perspective to book travel over the weekend. What would we want to get out of a Product Council meeting before/after WOLFcon? Also need to consider cross-council activities. (For U-Chicago's planning, WOLFcon is happening between academic terms, so there may be spaces available in the library for council meetings that otherwise would not be open.)

30 min

Product Council/Product Owners


Out of a meeting looking to recruit Product Owners came an idea to ask SIG subject matter experts to work on the development of features so a feature is ready for developers.  The Resource Access SIG is scheduling meetings to work on this: fill out the description process with user story details, how to work with Jira issues, etc. This meeting is one of the existing RA SIG meetings.  The idea is to move this activity from Product Owners to SIG members. This is a chance to get SMEs more involved in the PO activities.

Is it the product council's role to ensure SMEs are engaged with Product Owners? Jira can be intimidating if it hasn't been used before. That can be a role for PC. Is there a set of slides for how to create Jira issues with this activity? This varies by SIGs—some SIGs have templates for Jira issues, for instance.

There is the Getting Started for Product Owners page.

5 min

Upcoming topics:

  • Next week: TriCouncil meeting to take place regular PC time. Agenda is here: 2023-04-13 Tri-Council Meeting
  • SIG Update meeting postponed until 4/20/2023

  • Expected topics are the review process and the terminology document

  • For a future PC meeting, an exploration of workflow in FOLIO and what tools libraries are already using, perhaps on along with the SIG update.

Chat log

00:44:02	Brooks Travis:	We could ask the SIGs to include updates on these efforts, specifically, in their reports.
00:45:59	Maura Byrne:	is there a set of slides about how to create a JIRA ticket or the preferred method of writing a user story?
00:47:17	Jana Freytag:	I think Julie had something on that. I'll ask if she can share them!
00:49:50	Tod Olson:	Support SIG documentation on report bugs to Support SIG: https://wiki.folio.org/display/SS/Production+Libraries+-+Reporting+Bugs+to+the+Support+SIG
00:50:28	Tod Olson:	Doesn't really go as far as people are asking.
00:50:38	Jana Freytag:	brb
00:52:24	Jana Freytag:	b
00:55:54	Alexis Manheim:	POAP = Product Owner Assistance Program?
00:56:10	Maura Byrne:	Reacted to "POAP = Product Owner..." with 👍
00:56:23	Jana Freytag:	Reacted to "POAP = Product Owner..." with ⛪
00:57:06	Tod Olson:	brb
00:59:35	Maura Byrne:	+1 Brooks
01:01:02	Gang Zhou | SHL:	+1 Brooks
01:05:24	Ian Walls:	what if PC was the place where Product Owners get together to decide what their individual dev teams are working?  their individual components are ultimately what shape the Product FOLIO LSP
01:07:17	Anya :	The tickets if they have any hope, need to have the requirements and broken down in Jira
01:09:58	Jana Freytag:	brb
01:11:22	Jana Freytag:	b
01:14:19	Ian Walls:	I would love some feedback from folks (outside this meeting) as to whether my suggestions or thought experiments are useful, or unhelpfully tangential.
01:19:14	Maura Byrne:	There is a wiki page for POs:
01:20:30	Jana Freytag:	RA - PO assistance group Achive: https://wiki.folio.org/display/RA/RA+-+PO+assistance+group+Achive
01:21:01	Jana Freytag:	+r 🙃