2023-02-09 Meeting notes



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5 minAnnouncements

CAVAL in Australia is live on FOLIO via Index Data.

Simeon Warner, Jenn Colt, and Kristin Martin  have been working on a definitions document. The document is being reviewed next week and will be discussed at Product Council next week.

The prioritization and roadmap group met yesterday to discuss tools; pilot tests of tools are being planned.

The onboarding group is incorporating comments to the introductory presentation.

The China FOLIO community is hosting a hybrid conference March 1 to March 3. More details to come.

60 min SIG Updates
See below.
5 minTopics for upcoming meetings
Topics coming up is equitable access to reporting tools. Also coming up is a review of the definitions document (next week) which will feed into a review of modules.

SIG Updates

Metadata Management (Felix Hemme (regrets) and Raegan Wiechert)

  • For the past few meetings, we have been going over the items in our SIG “parking lot,” deciding whether or not the topic still needed to be discussed. We are now in the process of prioritizing the remaining items and figuring out how to go forward.
  • Link to parking lot: https://folio-org.atlassian.net/wiki/display/MM/MM+SIG+Parking+Lot 
    • Some are large: tenant level/user level settings

Consortia (Noah Brubaker & Corrie Hutchinson)

  • Corrie Hutchinson has agreed to serve as a co-convener for the Consortia SIG.  Corrie will bring a deep understanding of academic library needs as well as an industry perspective from her current role with Index Data.
  • The consortia SIG is currently organizing activities and will be focusing on areas of needed development in resource sharing (Cross Tenant Unmediated Requesting) and Acquisitions, in addition to completing a review of existing JIRA requests
  • We are making another effort to introduce the idea of liaisons from the consortia SIG to raise awareness of consortial needs reporting back to the consortia SIG activities happening across the other FOLIO SIGs to help align needs of consortia with development efforts within FOLIO.

SysOps (Ingolf Kuss [absent])

  • Recent group meetings focused on personal experiences with release upgrades, installation process, operation and data migration. Special topics in chat:
    • Nolana upgrade observations 
    • Using mod-erm-usage-harvester v4.2.0 with hazelcast clustering
  • Topics in data migration subgroup:
    • boundwiths with e-readers. Running into duplicates during nightly updates (@Duke). Loans & Orders. How to load noncirc loans. Loading closed orders first, then paid invoices.
    • Nolana installation with upgrades in ebsco migration tools (@Stanford)
    • general topic “how are boundwiths done in FOLIO”
  • Topics in network traffic control subgroup: 
    • Group defined main scopes: 
      • Analyze: Defining test cases and writing penetrations tests for FOLIO APIs
      • Protect: Find and document tools and configurations of findings to protect FOLIO at the network level
      • Monitor: Track network traffic and identify possible treats
    • Test Environment is set up by Leipzig
    • Testing scripts will be created in the base of Schemathesis (in progress)

Implementers (Tara Barnett)

  • Implementers has done two focused meetings so far this year: one on Courses, one on Upgrades.
  • We are listing our upcoming topics here: https://folio-org.atlassian.net/wiki/display/COHORT2019/Topic+Calendar+and+Idea+Bank and trying to share as appropriate in channels. Up next is Label Printing!
  • Anyone is welcome to lead, suggest, or participate in these “sessions.”
    • One question we are asking at every focused topic meeting is “What are we doing with this information? How are we sharing?”
  • Implementers has drifted from our original purpose, and is re-evaluating the goals/purpose of the group. If the needs this group fulfilled originally are being served by other SIGs, should we disband (or rebrand)?

Support (Anya Arnold and Debra Howe)                             

User Management (Maura Byrne)

  • We’ve met once in the past month, and we’ve discussed the following:
    • We discussed (asynchronously) adding a new index for middle name in the User search.  We discovered that middle name doesn’t factor into a user search, so middle name needs to be included. Patty will write a ticket.
    • UIU-2218 was brought to our attention.  It states that user data gets put in the wrong field when a fee/fine is applied.  We’ve decided to hand that over to RA.
    • We found out that custom fields may not show up as filters in user search.  It may be a limit on custom fields.  We’re looking into it.

App Interaction (Martina Schildt)

  • In AI we continued to discuss solutions used by libraries to manage library workflows
    • There was one presentation by Jenn Colt from Cornell on using Prefect for managing workflows | meeting minutes
    • Jeremy Nelson from Stanford presented on using Airflow for bibliographic workflows and data loading | meeting minutes

Acquisitions (Dung-Lan Chen)

  • Order Version History UAT ran Jan. 18-26; Dennis did a presentation on the overview of the UAT and results & Q&A with SIG on Feb. 7
  • Dan Huang and Maccabee Levine of Lehigh presented “Lehigh's Patron Driven Acquisitions JIRA workflow” (Jan. 24, 2023)
  • Discussed Implementers Topics

#80 - discussed if navigation between invoice and invoice line screens should run parallel or similar to navigation between PO and POL screens (Dennis to add JIRA)

#82 - discussed language selection in organizations app. The selection should only contain current (living) languages and country names as a selection option in the UI (Dennis to add JIRA)

  • Marina Schildt presented “FYRO requirements analysis of the German networks and their libraries” (Feb. 3, 2023)
  • Launched ACG SIG survey seeking feedback to help improve experiences of those involved with the SIG, survey opened on Feb. 1 and will close on Feb. 14.

ERM (Martina Schildt & Martina Tumulla)

  • The ERM SIG discussed the need to assign agreement types | meeting minutes
    • The ability to assign user configurable agreement types will be developed 
  • The SIG started discussing further implementers topics | meeting minutes 
    • Filter on agreements alternative names
    • Ability to intentionally disconnect link between e-resource from external KB and e-resource in local KB or block fields from being updated
    • Support e-resource search on ISBN regardless of presence of hypens in the query and the data
    • Allow license term note without a set term value

Resource Access (Jana Freytag and Cornelia Awenius)

  • PO Assistance group
  • Notices:
    • Multiple fee/fine charges or actions (pay, waive, transfer, error or refund) on a single patron notice
    • Patron notices to proxy
  • Fee/fines:
    • Unassigned fee/fine/patron block features
    • UI: Show columns on Fee/fines option
  • SIG Survey

Reporting (Angela Zoss and Sharon Beltaine)

  • Forum Title: FOLIO Reporting in Practice
  • Index Data released Metadb version 1.0.0 January 24, 2023. Metadb is a reporting platform that will eventually replace the LDP1 (Library Data Platform) software.Reporting SIG members contribute to Folio-Analytics derived tables and reports to help FOLIO institutions meet their reporting needs.
  • We have developed new Goals for 2023
  • The Reporting SIG is still interested in a dedicated PC meeting to talk about equitable access to LDP1/Metadb hosting options for reporting.
  • We have launched a Review Board to help coordinate Folio-Analytics GitHub pull request efforts more systematically. Will involve rotating membership and regular training to help people feel more comfortable working with GitHub and participating more actively in SIG.
  • We distributed a survey to our members based on the SIG survey developed in the Conveners group. Responses were overall positive but suggested a need for quicker onboarding to both FOLIO and reporting. Excited that SIG Conveners group is also interested in working on onboarding.

SIG conveners (Martina Schildt)

  • After creating a SIG survey to get feedback on our work as SIG conveners we start sending that survey out and getting feedback | SIG survey
  • In our next meetings we will work on a joint SIG onboarding process as well as on a definition of SIG membership
  • Meetings: we meet every 8 weeks on Tuesdays at 11 am ET

Wiki space | we have an open Slack channel #sig-conveners

Chat log

00:14:29	Charlotte Whitt:	Corrie Hutchinson is with Index Data.
00:16:52	Maura Byrne:	BRB
00:18:37	Maura Byrne:	I’m back
00:19:22	Ian Walls:	thank you Tara!
00:21:08	Anya N. Arnold:	It was a share n care place
00:30:09	Charlotte Whitt:	Here the link to the Support Dashboard: https://issues.folio.org/secure/Dashboard.jspa?selectPageId=11117
00:31:01	Dung-Lan Chen:	Thank you, Charlotte!
00:38:38	Dung-Lan Chen:	ACQ SIG meeting agenda wiki - https://wiki.folio.org/display/ACQ/Agenda+and+Meeting+Notes
00:45:31	Sharon Beltaine:	Forum Title: FOLIO Reporting in Practice
Time: Wednesday, February 22, 2023 at 11:00am Eastern U.S. time
To Register: https://openlibraryfoundation.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_O0-8c003R-eDOyXlQKzvVg
Librarians will discuss real-world applications and experiences of FOLIO Reporting with the open-source LDP software
00:55:38	Jana Freytag | VzG:	I need to run to another meeting, have great rest of the week everyone🐝
00:56:16	Martina Schildt | VZG:	Reacted to "I need to run to ano..." with 👋
00:56:24	Carol Sterenberg:	Thank you!