2023-04-20 Product Council Meeting notes




Discussion items

5 minAnnouncementsAll

The nomination time has been extended to April 24th (Monday). Kristin is happy to talk about the PC role and refer people to others to talk about the other roles.

Eight organizations formally joined the FOLIO China community.

Update from the Onboarding Group: Stanford gave feedback to the presentation content. Now need people to step up to create videos and link to existing documents. People with experience in a "flipped-classroom" model of self discovery would be helpful.

 10 min

Terminology v.3


Vote on Terminology

Recruit members for continued work on Platform (will be led by TC)

 Kristin Martin 

There were some concerns that the simplification of the definitions went too far. There is a new paragraph at the beginning of the terminologies document that gives context for the definitions. TC accepted this version at yesterday's meeting but ran out of time to form a working group for the next stage of development.

PC accepts this version of the terminology document to be incorporated into the docs.folio.org documentation.

40 minSIG Updates

See SIG updates below.

Questions about our browser support statement and a desire to expand on this exist. There is no list of things that don't work in a Chrome environment (mark them in Jira?).

30 min

Evaluation Process for New FOLIO Functionality


review clarifications around "app" and "module"

Vote whether to adopt in 6 month pilot project

See the document for notes and current questions after the document was updated. The desire is to pilot this process for a period of time and adjust after that pilot. The newly-adopted terminology document helps clarify this. TC will continue to review at the module level to ensure that modules meet the technical requirements. PC will need a process to review the Memorandum of Understanding when an organization contributes an app. Is "Consortia Manger" the place to pilot this process? The PO is experienced with the FOLIO project and is already connected/connecting with the relevant SIGs.

We will take the next week to review the changes for potential approval at the next meeting.

5 minAgenda topics for the futureAll

April 27: Workflow engine updates from App Interaction

Priorities of PC and its roles

Update from the Reporting SIG

Status of the Consortia App

Resourcing for the Inventory App

Update from the

SIG Updates

Consortia (Noah Brubaker & Corrie Hutchinson)

  • In a recent meeting, Dennis Bridges presented the new Consortia Manager app (UXPROD-4049).  The new app meets the SIG's demands for a central administrative model that manages multiple tenants' Settings in a single-interface.  The SIG will continue to discuss how it meets identified needs, ideas for expansion, and how we can help with next steps.

SysOps (Ingolf Kuss)

  • No news. SIG didn’t meet in the past 4 weeks. Communicates via the Slack Chat #sys-ops

Implementers (Tara Barnett)

  • April’s sessions have been amazing, particularly the session on Macros.
  • Scheduled two catch up weeks in May–still have slots open for sessions if there are ideas! Some ideas I am excited about are how folks use tags, and how to make a video tutorial
  • Was pleased to see that the label printing session has been useful to others.
  • Summer Project: revamp https://folio-org.atlassian.net/wiki/display/COHORT2019/Implementation+Details ?

Support (Anya Arnold and Debra Howell)

  • Snap shot taken on 4/18


Snap shot taken on 4/20

User Management (Maura Byrne)

  • Dennis Bridges talked to us about changes that might occur in the Users app as work continues on supporting consortia.
  • We discussed two JIRA tickets
    • UXPROD-4161 - Expand the number of user fields in a user search results display
    • UXPROD-4162 - Export User records to CSV file upon user’s demand, to comply with GDPR
  • We discussed how to help recruit/retain Product Owners. Cut-and paste from the meeting notes:

Product Council had asked what SIGs could do to make it easier to recruit/retain Product Owners.  What are we doing right, where could we improve?

  • UM-SIG does a lot of analysis and determines specifications for new features.
  • A WOLFCon session on POs discussed having people be owners of features rather than an app.
  • The scope would be smaller.
  • Feature owners would coordinate with Product Owner.
  • There could be more explicit support from institutions for people doing work as Product Owners for Folio.
  • Acknowledge that it takes time
  • Make it clear that this kind of work could count toward tenure.

App Interaction (Martina Schildt)

  • Printing in FOLIO
    • whole screen via browser printing
    • Always right hand pane
    • Available since Nolana; existing bugs are known and will be fixed (e.g. landscape format does not work as expected)
  • Prepared workflow presentation for PC that is topic next week
  • Presentation and discussion of SIG convener survey results

Acquisitions (Dung-Lan Chen)

  • Joe Reimer & Aaron Neslin joined as part of Dennis’ PO team to help provide agenda items for ACQ SIG meetings and present/lead discussions, etc.
  • Joe Reimer reviewed how to participate Orchid Bugfest with the group and we ended one meeting early to allow people time to claim test cases
  • Two special topic presentations happened in ACQ SIG since March PC SIG update -
  1. Martina Schildt - “Claim level requirement analysis” (more info see ACQ SIG Agenda and Meeting Notes from March 28)
  2. Amelia Sutton - “Showcase UMass’ batch voucher export workflow” (more info see ACQ SIG Agenda and Meeting Notes from April 14)
  • Discussed use of Acquisitions Unit in Orders UIIN-2292
  • Dennis made changes to Implementers Topics page to help illuminate the status of topics submitted more clear and easier to understand which received positive feedback from the group
  • Made good progress on discussing Implementers Topics - discussed topic #81, 83, 75, 30, 84, 85, 86, 87, 88, 89 & 90
  • Reviewed design updates for UXPROD-3256 - Allow user to process invoices against previous fiscal years
  • Reviewed FOLIO Acquisitions Orchid Release Highlights (Joe & Dennis)
  • Discussed record deletion questions Dennis had for the group

ERM ( Martina Schildt & Martina Tumulla)

Resource Access (Jana Freytag and Cornelia Awenius)

  • Automated Block for Max Amount Owed Not Removed When Aged to Lost Item Returned
  • SIG Survey results and what we want to do with them
    • First: RA SIG onboarding meeting: 15th of May
  • Title level request recalls
  • Open discussion rounds
  • Notices on automated fees/fines

Reporting (Angela Zoss and Sharon Beltaine)

  • General note: We now have a lot of institutions live on FOLIO, and there are reporting systems built on top of the FOLIO data model. If your SIG knows about upcoming changes to the data model for your apps, even small ones, please consider reaching out to reporting to make sure we’re aware and ready to update our queries before the change goes into production.
  • Reporting SIG has scheduled two onboarding training meetings for new members. One covered introductory FOLIO and SIG topics (recording, slides). The next will onboard members interested in development work.
  • LDP1 and Metadb query development efforts
    • FOLIO Analytics release 1.6 in connection with Orchid 
  • Open to reporting topic ideas for WOLFcon

SIG conveners (Martina Schildt)

Metadata Management (Felix Hemme and Raegan Wiechert)

  • Orchid PO updates:
  • A detail around locations was brought to our attention: When looking up a location in settings, the user has to enter institution, campus, and library first to see a list of locations. (Note: Erin Nettifee says "there is a draft feature to address this - https://issues.folio.org/browse/UXPROD-3411") It is difficult to find a location if the exact hierarchy is unknown.
  • Today we’ll have Dennis Bridges presenting version history in the Orders app

Documentation Working Group (Martina Tumulla)

Writers are finishing up Orchid documentation and it will be available as own item at the releases menu on docs.folio.org. The Documentation Working Group discussed possible updates to the reporting section on docs.folio.org as well as enhancements about finding the pages for releases and the structure of the table of content. Our application for this year’s Google season of docs was not accepted.

Chat Log

00:06:07	Anya N. Arnold:	I have to go by 7:25
00:16:06	Owen Stephens:	Appreciate the concerns being taken on board and the addition of the text and ongoing work being planned
00:19:35	Charlotte Whitt:	It’s 10 am EST :-D
00:20:18	Owen Stephens:	Some time ago I volunteered to write a doc on this but completely failed to do so 🙁
00:22:45	Owen Stephens:	100% was Todd just said. I think this is more about prioritisation than it is about what we do/don’t support
00:23:15	Dung-Lan Chen:	Is there a page listing functions may not work with non-Chrome browser?
00:24:27	Tod Olson:	Or maybe a way to mark them in JIRA?
00:24:31	Owen Stephens:	I’d encourage us to move away from saying we do/don’t support a browser. We prioritise making things work in Chrome. Fixes that are specific to other browsers are likely be a lower priority
00:24:55	Tod Olson:	Reacted to "I’d encourage us to ..." with 👍
00:25:01	Maura Byrne:	Reacted to "I’d encourage us to ..." with 👍
00:25:03	Felix Hemme:	We've had tickets being closed as "won't do" because they were describing thinks that did not work in Chrome.
00:25:33	Owen Stephens:	There’s probably not a consistent practice between POs and over time to be fair
00:25:42	Dung-Lan Chen:	Me, too! I prefer Firefox over Chrome.
00:25:54	Owen Stephens:	But we’ve recently fixed a Safari issue for ERM modules for example
00:26:06	Tod Olson:	I mainly use Safari, and haven't run into a problem.
00:26:58	Dung-Lan Chen:	I mainly use Firefox and haven't run into any major problem, either.
00:30:00	Gang Zhou | SHL:	Reacted to "I’d encourage us to ..." with 👍
00:30:13	Tod Olson:	Here's the draft browser support page than Julian drafted back in July `22: https://wiki.folio.org/display/PC/Browser+support
00:30:14	Gang Zhou | SHL:	Reacted to "Me, too! I prefer Fi..." with 👍
00:30:33	Owen Stephens:	Who doesn’t like tigers?
00:31:02	Tod Olson:	More Sigfried & Roy!
00:31:28	Owen Stephens:	Reacted to "More Sigfried & Roy!" with 😃
00:31:36	Tara Barnett:	Reacted to "More Sigfried & Roy!" with 😃
00:32:28	Dung-Lan Chen:	Reacted to "Here's the draft bro..." with 👍
00:32:33	Tara Barnett:	My favorite animal is actually Tamanduas but there are no emojis for that. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tamandua
00:32:43	Charlotte Whitt:	I was thinking about Winnie the Pooh and his friend Tigger
00:33:06	Tara Barnett:	Reacted to "I was thinking about..." with ❤️
00:33:27	Felix Hemme:	Reacted to "I was thinking about..." with ❤️
00:37:35	Maura Byrne:	brb
00:40:15	Maura Byrne:	back
00:48:36	Tod Olson:	Sometimes even minor changes...
00:50:28	Dung-Lan Chen:	Reporting SIG's onboarding meeting was super informative and helpful! Thank you Angela and Sharon!!
00:55:03	Charlotte Whitt:	Yes, Prokopovych has been disbanded by now
00:56:14	Charlotte Whitt:	Responsibility of the apps and modules have been moved to Spitfire, Foliet, Volaris and Stripes Force
01:00:41	Charlotte Whitt:	I think exactly the same Reagan. Hopefully one day Inventory can get all the development resources it need. That’s my hope at least
01:00:45	Maura Byrne:	That’s fair.
01:03:34	Felix Hemme:	Maybe it is naive, but would the dependency list in /settings/about help with that overview?
01:04:02	Felix Hemme:	e.g. @folio/checkout 9.0.100000673 depends on:
[…] inventory 10.0 11.0 12.0 13.0
01:09:39	Owen Stephens:	There were quite a few queries from potential candidates for Season of Docs and it seemed unclear how they should proceed
01:11:27	Owen Stephens:	In another project I’m involved in, similar types of initiatives (Summer of code, Outreachy) it’s really important for candidates to be able to show their work in the community as part of their application and for there to be clear mentors working with them
01:11:34	Owen Stephens:	I wonder if this is something we are not doing?
01:12:43	Jana Freytag:	There was a mentor Programm in the first year where folks from the community outreach sig where involved.
01:13:28	Jana Freytag:	Probably not an answer to your questions, sorry.
01:14:38	Owen Stephens:	It is just a suggestion based on my experience elsewhere - it felt like people were posting in Slack looking to connect but I couldn’t find anywhere to direct them and they didn’t seem to get any responses to their queries (in public at least)
01:16:26	Martina Tumulla:	I will ask Marcia about this
01:16:31	Owen Stephens:	Reacted to "I will ask Marcia ab..." with 👍
01:16:34	Jana Freytag:	Reacted to "It is just a suggest..." with 👍
01:21:17	Maura Byrne:	Me too
01:21:56	Brooks Travis:	It was presented to the Consortia SIG a few weeks ago, and Dennis has also been making the rounds to other relevant SIGs, as well.
01:30:10	Peter Murray:	Got to run...I'm running a meeting in 45 seconds. Bye everyone!
01:30:47	Tara Barnett:	Must run too. Sounds amazing though!