2023-05-25 Product Council Meeting notes



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5 minAnnouncements

Voting for Council memberships is open until May 29. Contact Jesse Koennecke if you have any problems with the survey (or didn't receive the message).

Two new product owners: Amelia Sutton (Users app): U-Mass ; Tom Trutt (Item States): Cornell University.

Also discussion of a new development team called "MOL team" that is working on MARC record templates Getting issues... . https://www.mol.pl/ "MOL NET+ is a cloud-based application for school libraries available since 2014."

Duquesne University is live on Full; Alvernia University is live on Full; Notre Dame Law- is live on Full.

FOLIO Jira upgrade happening this Saturday morning Eastern U.S. time.

 30 min

Council reports

Technical Council

Community Council

Product Owners

Technical Council 

  • Consortia additions ( mod-consortia , ui-consortia ) approved
    • concerns from Security team and suggestions how to address
  • Browser support draft from TC
    • We are continuing to refine the statement in order to make it clear that our goal is for FOLIO to run well on a standards-compliant browser, and that we have chosen Chrome as a reference implementation of a standards-compliant browser (i.e., we specifically don’t want to exploit anything particular to Chrome).

  • FOLIO Project Technical Objectives & Initiatives
    • Accepted and will work out how to update and make use of this document
    • Based on much input and responding to both aspirations and current pain points
    • Similar issues as with Roadmap
  • Reviewing processes: planning breaking changes, tracking officially supported technologies in releases
  • Changes in progress for Java version, Kafka,
  • Monitoring AWS costs
  • ideas for possible budget surplus

Community Council 

Report from meeting March 27 to May 22 

  • Treasurer's update: funding is stable, with a plus of approx. $150,000 - $200,000. Ongoing discussion on how to spend this money
    • Discussion of PC's thoughts - aspects:
      • support for product owners, developer advisor, tools for the roadmap planning
    • Discussion of TC's proposal - topics:
      • FOLIO reference environment, community developer advocate, security audit, privacy, innovation grant, GitHub Actions migration
    • Result: Discussion will be continued via Slack and follow up on the next CC (June, 12, 2023) meeting before going back to PC/TC
  • Council elections: PC/TC election polls are still open!  CC has made the decision to continue with reduced members. All nominees accepted and no election necessary.
  • Work on:  Evaluation Process for FOLIO Modules 
  • Finalization of the document about FOLIO terminology  
  • Wolfcon planning: discussion in CC. FOLIO planning group was formed.

Product Owners 

  • POs and dev teams continue to work on Poppy issues and refine features for "Q" release 
  • User Acceptance Testing is in progress or complete for Title-Level Requests (TLR) and Consortia
  • POs met with Jenn Colt to discuss JIRA and how the Roadmap team can align with how POs use JIRA
  • POs met yesterday to brainstorm WOLFCon session topics (see ideas: 2023-05-24 Product Owner Meetings). Some of the session ideas, like tutorials on searching Jira/Confluence as well as best practices for creating issues, might be areas where Product Council might want to help.
  • Two new assistant POs: Tom Trutt - Cornell (Item States) and Amelia Sutton - Five Colleges(Users) 
    • Kicking off onboarding 
  • Patty W. will be leaving her role as Users app PO. 

30 minWOLFCon topic generation

The first deadline for submissions is June 15. For meetings of the Councils, the thought is to have them the day after the WOLFcon scheduled dates (likely to be held in the University of Chicago library). This doesn't prevent Council meetings from happening during the WOLFcon dates (e.g. talking about the release management group and the new critical release process). Another session idea is a roadmap update and a review of the roadmap process. Another possibility is a cross-Council discussion of the module review process. FOLIO's approach to reporting could be a good topic; reporting has been treated as external to the system...what is the project's responsibility to provide connections and tools? Kristin Martin to start a list of ideas for sharing/forming proposals before the ideas are submitted to the FOLIO planning group

5 min

Future topics:

Data Import (next week)


ARLEF library directors got a message from Christopher Spalding on improvements coming to data import. Kristin Martin is gathering ideas in the 2023-06-01 Product Council Meeting notes agenda.

Chat log

00:06:42    Kristin Martin (UChicago she/her):    https://folio-org.atlassian.net/wiki/display/PC/2023-05-25+Product+Council+Meeting+notes
00:08:17    Anya N. Arnold:    Will miss you
00:11:14    Tod Olson:    https://folio-org.atlassian.net/wiki/display/FOLIJET/MOL+team
00:11:18    Anya N. Arnold:    Duquesne University is live on Full 
Alvernia University is like on Full
00:12:27    Aaron Trehub (Auburn):    https://www.mol.pl/ = it's Polish.
00:12:35    Owen Stephens:    https://www.mol.pl/?language=en
00:12:44    Owen Stephens:    "MOL NET+ is a cloud-based aplication for school libraries available since 2014."
00:12:51    Anya N. Arnold:    Noter Dame Law- is live on Full
00:12:52    Owen Stephens:    "Libra NET is a cloud-based solution for medium-sized public, academic, museum and company libraries"
00:14:09    Owen Stephens:    https://issues.folio.org/issues/?jql=labels%20%3D%20mol
00:14:33    Owen Stephens:    Those are all tickets with the “mol” label and all relate to MARC Bib templates
00:20:15    Owen Stephens:    Developer advocate/coordinator
00:20:53    Owen Stephens:    We’re also waiting on some feedback from the CC about the funding I believe
00:21:34    Owen Stephens:    Simeon Warner posted “I hope to get CC to a point of giving a steer about which options look promising and how we should explore in more detail”
00:21:50    Alexis Manheim:    Reacted to "Simeon Warner posted..." with 👍
00:23:40    Anya N. Arnold:    Yes- folks want to use FireFox and Edge
00:24:40    Brooks Travis:    Edge should just work
00:25:50    Anya N. Arnold:    It was FireFox - that particular issue
00:26:01    Gang Zhou |SHL:    Support recent 1-2 release for Chrome Firefox Edge
00:26:13    Anya N. Arnold:    And yes it was a safari bug
00:27:00    Owen Stephens:    IE was a pain the whatever - always issues!
00:27:16    Brooks Travis:    Internet Exploder!
00:27:23    Tod Olson:    Reacted to "Internet Exploder!" with 😄
00:27:26    Owen Stephens:    Reacted to "Internet Exploder!" with 😃
00:27:29    Gang Zhou |SHL:    Reacted to "Internet Exploder!" with 😄
00:28:01    Owen Stephens:    Tbf a lot of Strauss waltzes sound like that to me 🙂
00:28:16    Brooks Travis:    That’s a clip for the YouTube channel 🙂
00:29:48    Tod Olson:    Re browser support: Folks are welcome to join #tc-browser-support if they would like to participate in the discussion.
00:30:25    Owen Stephens:    I’m having some issues accessing the voting 🙁
00:31:42    Owen Stephens:    Thanks Alexis - doing that now!
00:32:14    Owen Stephens:    I think the closure of the CC elections might have caused an issue
00:37:27    Owen Stephens:    I’d be happy to do a bookstore crawl in Hyde Park instead 🙂
00:37:42    Tod Olson:    Reacted to "I’d be happy to do a..." with 📖
00:38:54    Owen Stephens:    I think the other side of the searching jira/wiki was not just making the most of search, but for those entering the data making the jira issues / wiki information findable by adding the right information to the tickets/wiki pages when they are created
00:39:09    Owen Stephens:    Replying to "I think the other si..."

That aspect should also be part of the proposal
00:39:26    Maura Byrne:    Reacted to "I’d be happy to do a..." with 📖
00:44:12    Maura Byrne:    Replying to "I’d be happy to do a..."

If a walk is desired, we could also do a random statues tour of the campus and environs.  We had one of those walks for the staff once.
00:44:20    Gang Zhou |SHL:    Reacted to "I’d be happy to do a…" with 📖
00:48:39    Owen Stephens:    I wonder if a Roadmap session would be of interest to attendees?
00:48:51    Kristin Martin (UChicago she/her):    Yes, we definitely have that!
00:50:19    Owen Stephens:    Reacted to "Yes, we definitely h..." with 👍
00:51:05    Ian Walls:    not having reporting as part of FOLIO is a massive set back, and isn't good for the marketability of the product
00:55:26    Gang Zhou |SHL:    Reacted to "not having reporting…" with 👌
00:55:32    Gang Zhou |SHL:    Reacted to "Yes, we definitely h…" with 👍
00:59:51    Kristin Martin (UChicago she/her):    https://folio-org.atlassian.net/wiki/display/PC/2023-06-01+Product+Council+Meeting+notes
01:02:44    Boaz Nadav Manes (Lehigh):    Thanks Kirstin and all