2023-01-19 Meeting notes




Discussion items

5 min


  • mod-settings vote results - 9 yes
  • All SIG members are invited to the Acquisitions SIG meeting on Tuesday, January 24, at 1 PM ET. Dan Huang and Maccabee Levine will be presenting on Lehigh's Patron Driven Acquisitions JIRA workflow. Details will be added to the Acquisitions SIG Agenda and Meeting Notes page.
  • To implement the full set of SIP2 standard messages in the existing FOLIO edge module UB Mainz has contracted Index Data and funds that work.

The SIP2 work from Index Data will also fold in work from Spokane Public Library.

Tim Watters from the Library of Michigan passed away this last weekend. Information about a memorial is being gathered.

Technical Council is having issues getting information for the review of mod-bulk-operations.  (The team submitted it for review before the functionality is complete.)  No decision yet; it is still in process.

The Prioritization and Roadmap team is starting its work next week, Wednesday the 25th at 9am Eastern U.S. time. The membership is heavy on large, U.S.-based ARL libraries; broader participation is welcome.

50 min

SIG Update

Please add your notes to the SIG Updates Document

SIG representatives
30 min

Functional Review of new Functionality/modules - reboot

Draft Functional Requirements for new Modules

Summary of feedback on evaluation process

Kristin Martin 

In the past, we have struggled with a definition of "app" — the harder we try to define it, the slipperier it gets. (See discussion at the tri-council meeting...the Technical Council has struggled with this as well.) How do we add new functionality to FOLIO without adding to technical debt? There are ideas for the Memorandum of Understanding that can be taken back to the Community Council.

The timing of the reviews, relative to the release schedule, is difficult—particularly when taking into account the Technical Council process. (The TC tried to work its processes without consideration of the release schedule, but the reality is that development teams are timing their schedules to make the release schedule. This has a tendency of having multiple requests come in together.)

Can this process be turned into guidance for development teams rather than a stamp of approval?

Can the PC be responsible for working out what broad functionality is needed for an LSP and then charge the SIGs to take care of the definition and quality assurance?

There are competing interests: welcoming new people and keeping processes going; adding functionality but not adding complexity; wanting new, efficient processes but having existing stuff that didn't go through any process; etc.  Tied to this is also how the project is managing its technical debt.

Kristin asks for someone with new energy to pick up the work from here. Some product owner perspective would be helpful (acknowledging that product owners are already very busy). Community members are invited to talk to Kristin if they have questions or ideas (without a commitment to lead the group). We will bring this up again at a future PC meeting.

5 min

Future agenda topics:

January 26: Onboarding, reports/discussion from Technical Council and Product Council

SIG Reports

Metadata Management (Felix Hemme and Raegan Wiechert)

  • Nolana PO update (Inventory) and outlook on upcoming features in 2023
  • No meeting January 5th and 12th

SysOps (Ingolf Kuss)

Work is going on in the subgroups 

Implementers (Tara Barnett)

There is planning for a special session on course reserves.

Support (Anya Arnold and Debra Howell)

As of Jan 19, 2023

User Management (Maura Byrne)

  • User Management eased into the new year by having a free-form meeting with no set agenda.  During that meeting, Patty gave us updates on several JIRA tickets.
  • We canceled yesterday’s meeting, due to Patty’s inability to attend.  We were going to discuss more use cases for teams, but that will wait until later.
  • There have been discussions about adding an index for middle name.

App Interaction (Martina Schildt)

Acquisitions (Dung-Lan Chen)

ACQ SIG had a two-week holiday break in December (three scheduled meetings canceled) & shifted Friday meetings scheduled for 2023 to accommodate Dennis’ sprint reviews mtgs conflict. What we have discussed since the last PC SIG updates -

  • Discussed Implementers' Topics # 64-73 & 76-79.  We will come back to the skipped ones later when the persons who entered the topics can join the discussion; example of topics recently discussed - Receiving against closed POs; Orders: API for third-party vendors; Invoices: Display of funds not always available without scrolling to the right; Orders: warning before opening POL with unassigned funds, etc.
  • Revisited briefly "processing invoices against previous fiscal years”
  • Demo order history progression functionality & Q&A;  UAT for order version history is currently running from 1/18/23 – 1/26/23
  • Planned upcoming presentations -
  1. Tuesday, Jan. 24, 2023 - Lehigh's Patron Driven Acquisitions JIRA workflow (Dan Huang and Maccabee Levine @ 1 pm Eastern)
  2. Friday, February 3, 2023 - FYRO presentation by German Networks (@ 9 am Eastern)

ERM (Martina Tumulla & Martina Schildt)

In ERM SIG we have continued to discuss issues around Agreement lines. The Agreement line user interface was discussed and we looked at editing multiple Agreement Lines on a single screen.

Resource Access (Cornelia Awenius)

  • Cornelia serving as a co-convener since mid-December 2022
  • With Holly Mistlebauer retiring we lose another PO
  • Discussion of open and in-progress fee/fine features to wrap them up
  • A group from Germany has taken on reminder fees
  • Comments/notes on loans
  • 10 answers to the SIG survey

Reporting (Angela Zoss)

  • Reporting SIG will host a FOLIO Forum in February (February 22 @ 11am Eastern)
  • We have developed new Goals for 2023
  • The Reporting SIG is still interested in a dedicated PC meeting to talk about equitable access to LDP1/Metadb hosting options for reporting.
  • Regarding in-app reports and the role of the Reporting SIG: There are reports that are built into different FOLIO applications. Those reports are designed by the functional area SIGs in conversation with their POs and development teams. The Reporting SIG is not involved in that process, but we would be available to consult if there are SIGs that would find that helpful.
  • We are starting a review board to help coordinate our GitHub pull request efforts more systematically. Will involve rotating membership and regular training to help people feel more comfortable working with GitHub and participating more actively in SIG.
  • We distributed a survey to our members based on the SIG survey developed in the Conveners group. Expect results in two weeks.
  • Two of our members from Germany have started a reporting subgroup for German institutions. It sounds like there is a lot of interest so far.

Chat Log

00:18:21	Angela Zoss:	I have a conflict and need to leave at 10
00:18:38	Kristin Martin:	Thanks - you can go next.
00:20:01	Kristin Martin:	yay, Sharon!
00:27:50	Maura Byrne:	BRB
00:31:33	Karen Newbery:	I need to drop off for a local meeting. Thank you!
00:41:08	Felix Hemme (ZBW):	I'll drop off, thanks everyone.
00:47:20	Anya N. Arnold:	Thank you all - see you next week
00:48:24	Ian Walls:	further justification to moving away from timed releases to functionality-based
00:55:16	Brooks Travis:	Same for me
00:57:00	Brooks Travis:	Because the tension that led to this entire question was a concern that the deployment complexity of the system was increasing
00:59:54	Charlotte Whitt:	But that concern should not prevent the even larger goal of making FOLIO a flexible system, which can honor both very large institutions like the LoC, and regional institutions with some local defined workflows; e.g. the German libraries.
01:00:31	Brooks Travis:	I agree with that
01:03:12	Brooks Travis:	I think I meant to say that we were, perhaps, over indexing on that concern
01:03:24	Tod Olson:	++competing concerns
01:03:33	Maura Byrne:	+1 Tod
01:12:06	Brooks Travis:	I’d very much be open to participating more regularly in a more asynchronous discussion. I just can’t fit any more meetings into my week