2023-06-08 Product Council Meeting notes





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5 minAnnouncementsAll

Election Updates

The following were elected to the Product Council: Kristin E. Martin (University of Chicago)
Martina Schildt (GBV / VZG Göttingen)
Jesse Koennecke (Cornell University Library)
Brooks Travis (EBSCO Information Services)
Charlotte Whitt (Index Data)
Jennifer Eustis (Five Colleges)

Charlotte is interested in taking on the Metadata Management SIG liaison role.

Full results shared on Slack

Reminder FOLIO Code of Conduct

TC was asked to weigh in on Browser support; yesterday, it approved a statement, and now it is ready for review and approval by the other councils.

PC voted in favor of delaying the release of Poppy. There is some ambiguity on what the next release will be named.

25 minActionable Lists: new proposal for List AppKathleen Moore 

EBSCO was getting input from Innovative sites that one of the gaps in migration from those systems was operational lists. EBSCO recognized that this is functionality that is needed across the community, and wanted to donate the effort to the open source community. Kathleen Moore is the product owner for this app. The app pulls together data from different apps across different record types and allows for operations across that data. The contents of the list (the records themselves) are static unless the list is refreshed; the data for each record is dynamic. The "build query" function shows the first 100 records that the list would contain based on the query parameters. Lists can be marked "private" so they are only visible to the user that created them. Queries also use controlled vocabularies with multi-select.

  1. Create a custom list when a report isn't available
  2. Create lists across apps and record types
  3. Enable workflows to happen on lists
  4. Access to a pre-generated set of lists
  5. Create a checklist of staff to work through records one-by-one in a list

The app right now creates apps with tens-of-thousands to hundreds-of-thousands of records. It does the list-building in the background. The query builder could be more generally useful; perhaps this can be looked at in the cross-app group.

 10 minWOLFCon planning updatesJesse Koennecke  Deadline extended June 19. There is already a robust set of proposals (56 submitted); some are shorter, some are longer (we don't have a calculation of the number of slots filled). Good representation across FOLIO, and also submissions from VuFind and GOKb. Reach out to Jesse if there is a problem with meeting the deadline or if changes need to happen to proposals. Jesse is aiming to put out a preliminary list of sessions tomorrow. Conceptually, the planning committee is okay with remote presenters but there needs to be someone on-site that is responsible for the session. The local arrangements committee looking to arrange dine-arounds and tours of the library. Reception will be on campus. Feel free to reach out to the committee if you have ideas of what you would like to do.
45 minSIG UpdatesSIG repsSee "SIG Reports" heading below.
5 minAgenda topics for the future

Onboarding Group - future discussion, will need refresh/reboot

Review of the browser support statement from TC.

SIG Reports

Resource Access (Jana Freytag and Cornelia Awenius)

  • Title-Level-Recalls recalls
  • Circ log search by item
  • open discussion rounds
  • Notices on automated fees/fines
  • Planned features for Poppy
  • Adding "User address" section to the patron notice tokens.
  • First RA SIG Onboarding Meeting planning to repeat it
  • Multiple fee/fine actions

Implementers (Tara Barnett)

  • Implementers has a session with Caitlin Stewart from the Library of Congress coming up on June 27th (See Topic Calendar and Idea Bank - 2024) Will publicize more widely when it gets closer.
  • We discussed submitting a session for WOLFcon but we’re not really cohesive enough to do a proper session. I think that having the Implementers group lead a social event (like a lunch table or something) would be more our speed, or trying to help first time attendees find a buddy from another library in sessions? I also had an idea for an asynchronous “passport” meet and greet with stickers, but I’m not sure who to talk to about this–it could be fun, or it could be a mess.

Support (Anya Arnold and Debra Howell) 

Snapshot taken 6/5/2023

User Management (Maura Byrne)

  • The SIG worked out the requirements for UXPROD-4161 - Getting issue details... STATUS , where users can configure the fields in the results screen of a user search. We’re asking that users with the proper permissions can swap out any of the standard 6 fields that currently show up with others from a list provided in the ticket.
  • We described the WOLFCon sessions we’d like to see.  I wrote up proposals for the four that we came up with.  (For any who might be interested, they’re also listed here.)

App Interaction (Martina Schildt)

  • AI is currently focussing on UX/UI topics, mainly raised by implementers. 
  • Topics/requirements can always be added here: Implementers topics | Cross-app
  • AI reached agreement on expectations related to date formatting across apps - list of observations has been forwarded to development: Date formatting

Acquisitions (Dung-Lan Chen)

Since the last PC SIG Update in late April, Acq. SIG met five times and cancelled five meetings mostly due to PO Team tied up with consortium functionalities for Q-release and away for a conference, etc.  In the five meetings we had, we discussed -

  • Implementers Topics #59 (in progress) & #74 (closed) 
  • Dennis did an informal update and let the group know about Acquisitions Board to view status of various features PO team has been working on for future releases and to get more information, etc.
  • Brainstormed for proposal ideas for WOLFcon 2023 & haven’t made any progress beyond the idea/brainstorming stage
  • The group met this Tuesday (June 6) to discuss fiscal year rollover and had Ann Crowley from Cornell and John Banionis from Villanova screenshared testing FYRO plus SIG members who have done FYRO shared their experiences and what they did to prepare for FYRO, etc.  A week prior to June 6 Acq SIG call, Implementers SIG had a session designated for FYRO which was well received and prompted Acq SIG’s own planning of a FYRO discussion which Dennis and Joe are away for a conference.  Meeting notes and recordings of our meetings are available here.   

ERM (Martina Schildt & Martina Tumulla)

ERM SIG has discussed various implementers’ topics:

  • Finding details of titles that are part of an agreement
  • Make amendments searchable
  • Ability to apply amendments or terms at a resource level
  • Ability to open a PDF document in a separate browser window
  • Ability to search/filter AGLs and display AGLs in the widget

Reporting (Angela Zoss and Sharon Beltaine)

  • Several topics submitted from Reporting SIG for WOLFcon 2023
    • Introductory sessions on FOLIO reporting
    • Panel discussion on FOLIO reporting implementer experiences for various institutions
    • Metadb overview and implementation demo
    • LDLite reporting tool demonstration
  • Reporting SIG assembling next Query Review Board
    • Review Board members check reporting queries before they are contributed to folio-analytics GitHub repository
    • For institutions new to reporting, this is a great way to get involved
    • Training on review procedures is provided
  • Report Development Teams currently reviewing JIRA issues and closing them, as issues will be tracked one the folio-analytics GitHub repository moving forward. Reports for DBS to be kept in JIRA and added to a new report cluster.
  • Reporting Development teams are working on derived tables for next FOLIO release for both the LDP1 (Library Data Platform) and Metadb
  • Reporting SIG Documentation Subgroup has completed and merged reporting section of FOLIO documentation for Orchid release
  • Outreach: Report development groups to reach out to their respective SIGs to provide updates, give demonstrations, and gather feedback (e.g., Acquisitions, Resource Access, ERM)

Documentation Working Group (Martina Tumulla)

The Documentation WG discussed the Orchid documentation release, potential changes in the table of content and possible improvements to the search functionality on https://docs.folio.org/docs/. In addition we started to talk about localization/translation of documentation content.

Chat Log

00:08:51    Kristin Martin (UChicago she/her):    https://wiki.folio.org/pages/resumedraft.action?draftId=118269081&draftShareId=8438e9a7-be44-4414-80c1-202f882e514a&
00:09:26    Gang Zhou | SHL:    congratulations!
00:10:22    Jesse Koennecke (he/him):    Thank you, Owen and Peter!
00:10:45    Maura Byrne:    Reacted to "Thank you, Owen and ..." with 💯
00:10:48    Kirstin Kemner-Heek:    Reacted to "Thank you, Owen and ..." with 💯
00:12:29    Owen Stephens:    Reacted to "Thank you, Owen and ..." with 🙏
00:19:26    Kristin Martin (UChicago she/her):    If you can share your slide deck, we will also link to it from the agenda. Thanks!
00:21:28    Marc Johnson:    I thought cross-app reporting was intended to be provided by external services like LDP.

Did I misunderstand that?
00:21:57    Charlotte Whitt:    Will the List app be available in FOLIO Snapshot?
00:22:11    Marc Johnson:    Reacted to "Will the List app be…" with 👍
00:23:09    Sharon Beltaine:    Cross-app reporting in FOLIO has been provided by LDP/Metadb since 2021
00:23:30    Marc Johnson:    Reacted to "Cross-app reporting …" with 👍
00:23:35    Julie Bickle:    Why was the Dashboard app not used for this?
00:23:44    Marc Johnson:    Reacted to "Why was the Dashboar…" with 👍
00:26:08    Harry:    We will be discussing the dashboard app with that team.  It’s certainly an area of interest here.
00:26:58    Owen Stephens:    Reacted to "We will be discussin..." with 🙏
00:27:04    Kirstin Kemner-Heek:    Reacted to "We will be discussin..." with 🙏
00:27:49    Peter Murray:    Nice work with the list of records being static and having updated record data.
00:29:37    Charlotte Whitt:    When you down load the list as a CSV file, will that be all data, or only the column selected for display?
00:30:17    Maura Byrne:    When you generate a report like this, can you further filter by one of the fields? (Patron group, for instance)
00:30:30    Gang Zhou | SHL:    what about the performence?
00:33:51    Martina Tumulla:    Reacted to "Thank you, Owen and ..." with 💯
00:36:08    Kirstin Kemner-Heek:    How is this done in a technical way? Are the queries reaching out in every apps database and do a live calculation? Where are the queries combined? Or do you work with some kind of buffer?
00:39:43    Marc Johnson:    That’s unlikely given it was mentioned it was near real-time data, which suggests it’s probably operating on a copy of the data synchronised using Kafka
00:40:16    Harry:    Gang Zhou, this is live with 8M records.
00:40:42    Charlotte Whitt:    Will it eventually be possible to search on all data properties across all apps in FOLIO?
00:40:51    Peter Murray:    Nice use of the controlled vocabulary in the query.
00:40:59    Tod Olson:    Reacted to "Nice use of the cont..." with 👍
00:40:59    Marc Johnson:    Given this app supports exporting, how does this apps functionality fit with data export?
00:41:33    Peter Murray:    Yeah...very interested in the technical underpinnings of this.
00:41:33    Charlotte Whitt:    Is the advanced search in the query builder using Elastic Search?
00:42:26    Magda Zacharska:    Replying to "Given this app suppo..."

Data export exports inventory records in MARC format.  There is no overlap here.
00:43:35    Tod Olson:    Could you explain how the "near real time" works?
00:43:36    Marc Johnson:    Replying to "Yeah...very interest…"
Taking bets that this operates on a copy of the data in a open search / elastic search with postgres storage for the lists themselves 

And those lists use a reference, which is how the lists are static but the field data is not
00:43:43    Ian Walls:    can you fetch the records as a JSON list via the API?
00:44:14    Marc Johnson:    Replying to "Could you explain ho…"
It’s almost certainly a synced copy using Kafka
00:44:41    Peter Murray:    Replying to "Yeah...very interest..."

Fun to speculate. Waiting to hear how it is done. This could be powerful beyond the lists app.
00:44:44    Marc Johnson:    Replying to "Given this app suppo…"
I thought data export was intended to eventually support exporting of any kind of record.

I guess I misunderstood
00:47:22    Peter Murray:    As a former III sysadmin, this looks really nice. The "Create Lists" was one of the powerful functions of INNOPAC/Millennium...so glad to see EBSCO taking this on for the community.
00:47:49    Kirstin Kemner-Heek:    A technical presentation would be great!
00:47:59    Peter Murray:    Reacted to "A technical presenta..." with âž•
00:48:03    Tod Olson:    Reacted to "A technical presenta..." with âž•
00:48:08    Brooks Travis:    Reacted to "As a former III sysa..." with ❤️
00:48:14    Marc Johnson:    The source isn’t in the folio-org git yet, so we can’t find out without the devs
00:49:35    Maura Byrne:    Reacted to "A technical presenta..." with âž•
00:49:50    Maura Byrne:    Reacted to "As a former III sysa..." with ❤️
00:50:07    Charlotte Whitt:    Reacted to "A technical presenta..." with âž•
00:51:48    Marc Johnson:    Maybe that technical presentation could be in the context of the TC
00:51:57    Peter Murray:    Good question, Owen. I remember when we were talking about the Workflow app and what apps would need to do to make operations and data available to the workflow system.
00:52:00    Owen Stephens:    Thanks Kathleen
00:56:43    Jana Freytag:    For our RA SIG update: I need to leave now, I'll add to the report and come to us with any question. Thank you 👋
00:56:56    Kristin Martin (UChicago she/her):    Sorry Jana!
00:57:32    Marc Johnson:    FOLIO uses different query languages, so that will likely be hard
00:58:03    Maura Byrne:    +1 Owen
00:58:14    Charlotte Whitt:    + 1 Owen
00:58:55    Maura Byrne:    BRB
00:59:35    Owen Stephens:    That’s great to hear - can you point at where it is in the code base?
01:00:33    Maura Byrne:    Replying to "BRB"

01:02:06    Kirstin Kemner-Heek:    I like that to stay with Poppy :-)
01:02:31    Tod Olson:    @Kathleen: thank you for the presentation, very interesting!
01:02:40    Marc Johnson:    There is a release meeting straight after the PC
01:02:48    Peter Murray:    Release letter conservation: +1  ;-)
01:03:57    Kirstin Kemner-Heek:    brb
01:04:11    Owen Stephens:    Need to drop off briefly
01:04:26    Debra Howell (she/her - Cornell Library):    Title Level Requests
01:04:26    Karen Newbery:    Title Level Request
01:04:35    Charlotte Whitt:    Reacted to "Title Level Request" with 👍🏻
01:05:45    Aaron Trehub (Auburn):    Need to leave for another meeting...
01:09:57    Khalilah Gambrell (EBSCO):    Need to leave for meeting. Have a great day all.
01:17:49    Harry:    Have a good day everyone!
01:20:13    Maura Byrne:    True for UM as well
01:20:26    Sharon Beltaine:    Thanks Maura!
01:20:44    Sharon Beltaine:    I'll share that back to the groups.
01:20:56    Dung-Lan Chen:    Reacted to "I'll share that back..." with 👍
01:28:14    Maura Byrne:    Perfect timing.
01:28:48    Sharon Beltaine:    I need to start my next meeting. Thanks everyone!
01:30:04    Kristin Martin (UChicago she/her):    I'm still cracking up, it seems sorry!
01:30:13    Tod Olson:    I need to drop off, thank you all.
01:30:37    Kristin Martin (UChicago she/her):    Obviously my internet is saying I should be done! Thank you!
01:30:42    Christopher Spalding (EBSCO):    Thank you Peter! Thanks All!