2023-09-21 Agenda and Meeting notes



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5 minAnnouncementsall

Alexis underlined the importance that we start on time. We will also aim to end the meeting 5 minutes earlier.

Reminder from Tom Cramer on the FOLIO Survey 2023, and all PC members to get input/feed-back from 3 people each -


15 minSubgroup Progress Reports

Re-architecting impacts: Wiki Page. The working group has had 2 meetings.- (add updates here ...)

SIG Updates: Wiki Page. 3 members met while Martina was on vacation. We looked at the Easy RetroCon board and our scope. We are starting with some easy things we can do. One of those is that the monthly SIG reports isn't surfacing problems and we want to restructure this. Jennifer is working on a template. We are trying to think how this ties in with the Roadmap. The subgroup will also look at the scope, and model for the Re-architecting work presented by Vince Bareau and Craig McNally. This new work need to be anchered in one of the existing SIG.

The SIG Updates working group, is considering if the regular SIG updates is to continue during the work of the SIG Updates subgroups work. Kristin Martin suggest that we do a SIG report in one of the upcoming meetings in October.

Jennifer Eustis is working on a template in Jira. This will be presented for the working group 9/22/2023. 

Meeting Hygiene: Meet first time yesterday, and will meet every 2 weeks. Converted the ideas from the PC shoulder meeting on 8/25/2023, and converted it to a spread sheet: a) structure, ...

Meeting times to be more inclusive for people not in Europe and US. 

15 minLists App Review Process and Poppy Release

The PC approved the List App back in Spring. The TC are still reviewing the modules defining the List App; especially the technical implications in mod-fqm (one of the modules) of the List App. TC will conduct a special meeting tomorrow. At this point the out come is not given.

Owen raised the questions: 

a) Will there be any implications for not including the List App in the Poppy release?

Kristin Martin told that the TC, and Craig McNally especially has argued that the TC Reviews should not be tied to a given flower release. While this would leave a heavy pressure on the evaluators, if a tight timeline is present. 

Harry Kaplanian will check with e.g the Bulk Edit team, and others if there are potential dependencies which indicate that the Poppy release is crucial, but in general there are customers who expect to get access to the List App.  

b) The decisions around the List App, have they followed the procedures defined by the community. 

Kristin Martin mentioned that the development of the List App has no home with any of the existing SIGs. It would be great to get that solved. Harry Kaplanian explained that the work is tight connected to the Bulk Edit work. Harry Kaplanian was not sure that the List App would be better placed in the Reporting App. For now Harry Kaplanian, think this belongs with the Bulk Edit work - this working group is also working more independently of the SIG structure. 

A discussion of the distinction between, SIG appointed sub groups, and working groups created by Product Owners. 

15 minQuesnelia release Kristin Martin 

Proposal to set the initial date for the planned Quesnelia release until April 29th - [draft] Quesnelia (R1 2024) - The date is picked to avoid conflict with Easter Holiday and Spring Breaks. The decision will be taken on the next Release Management Stakeholder (RMS) meeting 

Current and future impact of changing release dates and/or decreasing the number of annual releases. The extended Poppy release results in a rather large release, and with potential several Critical Service Patches. This will be a future topic at one of the upcoming PC meetings. 

Harry Kaplanian - historical has setting the dates for the releases been set by the development teams, and secure the availability of enough testers being present to participate in Bugfest testing. Harry underlined that the dates are not set, so they match specific customers asks. With FOLIO getting more and more libraries, it will be very difficult to predict when institutions will adopt the soft ware.

Send feedback to Kristin Martin if any concerns regarding the Quesnelia release.
5 minFuture topicsall

Future Product Council Meeting Topics
Next week (9/28): Time zone inclusiveness
Entities Management followup. Will reach out to the MM-SIG

Flower release schedule - release dates and/or decreasing the number of annual releases, and how this fit in with the re-architectural decisions.

Action items